Car fixed & Free fruit • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #24 - #25

Yesterday was a fail with my project but we really didn't do a lot and Lil's out of for a while with Nanny as we had a meeting and by the time Lil's got home it was her dinner time. 

Today on the other hand was just a very slow paced day. Liam actually gave me a lie in, ths first in just over 2 years, I felt amazing and I think Liam enjoyed getting up with Lil's even though he'll never admit it.

I woke up at 9am and he made me a coffee too, I felt like a princess haha. Not long after Liam left to go and fix my car, me and Lil's spent the morning catching up on some recordings and so cuddle time.

After lunch we went to go and pick up my car which feels very odd now but its fixed which is amazing. Me and Lil's headed off to Tesco where I picked upa couple of birthday presents for her without her seeing. When we entered Tesco there was a box at the front saying that we could pick a free piece of fruit for children. I took Lilly over and she picked an apple which kept her happy the whole way around the store.

Once home we came home to Liam being a busy bee and sorting a few bits out...bless him. Hopefully we have a more adventurous week next week.



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