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Me and Mine | December 2016

Viki has been loving - All out decorations, it makes our house so cosy - Reading, I am currently reading the Christmasaurus - Anything Harry Potter, since going to the studios back in Noember it's brought back my love for it.

Lilly has been loving - Making Christmas treats with mummy - Cbeebies Nutcracker, she has watched it so many times now I swear she knows all the words - The Advent games on the Cbeebies website, she loves doing this every year.

Liam has been loving - Our homemade mince pies, he has been gobbling them down - Farming simulator still....he is seriously addicted - Hogging the bed haha, I swear we need a bigger bed.
My blog went a little messed up for a while but I believe I have sorted it out and will be posting these on the date they were meant to appear on my blog. Happy New Year.

Mummy + Me | December 2016

Another month over, and another year over. It has been the most crazy and stressful year so far but we have made it though to the end. 
December was lovely, my favourite month, just because of Christmas really. Lilly was so understanding of it all this year and was sure that Santa had forgotten her, bless her heart, but that did mean a very late night on Christmas Eve for us. 
The rest of the month went by in a flash really, we had family to visit, Christmas fayres to go to, presents to wrap, food to buy and it just didn't see like I was very organised at all. And sadly this month, my car decided that it was going to give up all together and blow a head gasket :( so it's sadly off to the scrap yard. 
The picture this month is one of my complete favourite photos of us together, it is taken from during Vlogmas when Daddy got his old Auorora AFX out, this is a kind of scalextric which Lilly found highly amusing and I managed to catch a picture of a purely amazing giggle.
I hope …

My Year in Pictures

I can't believe we are at the end of another year but I certainly am looking towards a fresh new page in 2017. We have not had the best year and we have also lost some amazingly talented celebrities too. But I want to share a few pictures that have made my year the best it could be.


Our little of snow that we had at the beginning of the year....It literally lasted half a day but we enjoyed it while it lasted

I completed my first (and only in the end) of my new years resolutions and passed my driving test. This was my second attempt and only got 5 minors.

March came Easter and Liam's 25th birthday, it was a pretty uneventful time but we did make some amazing nest cakes.

This month was the month that I finally had use of a car and wanted to us it. We took a few drives out and had some lovely days together.
We finally got some lovely weather and we took the chance to have a family BBQ for Lil's great Granddad's, we even got the paddling pool ou…

Lilly's Christmas Eve Basket | 2016

I have just finished sorting out Lilly's Christmas eve basket for this year and I wanted to share what I have included. We are out for some of Christmas eve at my parents so don't have a huge amount this year.
To keep her entertained though the day we have an activity book which I brought from Aldi last year. I believe they have sold some this year too. We also have The Snowman Dvd and The night before Christmas to occupy her before bed but to calm her at the same time.
Food / treat wise I have made a hot chocolate cone like last year an also I will be filling the milk bottle brought from pound stretcher with some dolly mixtures for a sweet treat. We also have a treat for the reindeer, we have some magical reindeer food, this is a mixture of oats, carrots and edible glitter.
Lastly as an extra I have added a Christmas teddy, this year it is a polar bear which she got with some kinder chocolate a while back. I have also included some festive pajama's to wear on Christmas e…

Currently Reading | The Christmasaurus

I finally finished reading Christmas with Billy and Me which means another book to tell you all about, this one written by the Husband of the Billy and Me's author, Tom Fletcher.
I wanted to keep on top with the Christmas books while it's socially acceptable, and just to get me into the festive season. I have started to read The Christmasaurus. I am three chapters in and am loving it already. All I know is that it is about a young boy called William Trundle who is in a wheelchair, he has a magical adventure with a dinosaur on Christmas eve. That's all I can tell you but with Christmas and dinosaurs you can't go wrong.
I know that next year there is going to be a live show for the book in The Hammersmith theatre in London near Christmas and I do believe it is being made into an animated film too. I would love to know if your going to the show at all.

Originally Published: 6th October 2016
Author: Tom Fletcher
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy / Christmas

Hogwarts in the Snow Haul | Warner Brothers Studio Tour

On the 30th of November was a dream come true for me thanks to my parents, Liam and my Auntie too. I went to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, a tour of one of my favourite film series, Harry Potter, and to top it off we went during the Christmas period, known as Hogwarts in the Snow.
I was lucky enough to get some spending money from my Auntie so I was able to treat myself to some goodies and I just wanted to share what I picked up while I was there.
I brought a souvenir Butterbeer in the backlot which is about half way through the tour, the souvenir Butterbeer comes with a tankard or stein which you can take home with you. £6.95
In the gift shop there was so much to me buy but I managed to restrain myself.
The first thing I picked up was the chocolate frog, this is in the authentic film packaging and comes with a famous witch or wizard card, I received Helga Hufflepuff. £8.95
I also picked up a Hufflepuff scarf as on Pottermore I was sorted into the Hufflepuff house and wanted to be…

Mummy + Me • November 2016

Wow! We are so close to the end of 2016, just one month left and here I am writing my Mummy and Me for November. We have have a lovely month we a couple of little outings and everything kind of falling into place.
We attended our local Christmas light switch on a couple of weeks back where Lilly also saw Santa, she wasn't too sure of him and just did a tiny wave, she also went into a human snow globe which she was super excited for. Its an inflatable dome with fake snow in and a festive picture at the back, she loved jumping around and throwing the snow around too.
I finally feel like I have gotten there with sorting the house and bills out for the next month which has taken a stress off of my shoulders, the only thing is that I still have my car up for sale but hopefully soon it will go so I can get a new one. I luckily have amazing friends who take me and Lil's to nursery in the morning and Liam takes me to pick her up.
You can certainly tell it's November with the weat…

I can't play with's for boys

Lately Lilly has been coming out with the idea that she can't play with something because 'It's for boys' and this really gets to me.
She has always loved her toy cars and we have always let her play with them, it keeps her entertained for ages but lately she has been reluctant to play with them. We then asked her why this was and she told us that she didn't want to play with them as they are boys toys.....I was so shocked and upset for her to think that.
Another time she has mentioned this is after nursery one day. She had been playing with babies (as usual) and told me that one of the boys wanted to play with them too, she told me that she didn't think that he should of because he was a boy and dolls are for girls.
both times I have explained to her that she mustn't think like this, I hate gender prejudice and I didn't think that I would have to deal with explaining to her at such a young age (only 4). I will always let my daughter play with toys that…

A Day at Port Lympne

Back in September we visited Port Lympne Animal Reserve in Kent for Lilly's 4th birthday and wanted to share our day with you all.
We booked the tickets online the day before as it was cheaper to do so but for the three of us it was still £58.67 which to me is quite expensive, that does include the safari truck adventure to the African experience. 
On her birthday we wanted to make a full day of it so we left at about 9am to get there for  close to 10am which we did.
When you first arrive you have to cross a bridge across the road to the main entrance where you walk past a small baboon enclosure with one in, he seemed very happy to be sitting there watching people come in and out and Lilly got very excited to see him. 
Once in the park there are two enclosures which we thought were closed but at the end we found out that Liam's favourite animal was hiding in there.....but we'll come back to that. 
We sorted everything out and did the toilet business, Lil's had a play …

We Will Remember

We will remember....
This time of year is so important to me, I not only pay my respect to the fallen and remember.
I will remember the stories of my Grandad fighting and being in a prisoner of war camp which to me is heartbreaking.
I will remember the photos and stories my Dad has shared with me from his time as a soldier.
I will remember the news stories from when I was younger with all the soldiers in Iraq and the terrifying scent shown.
Each and everyone one of them in my eyes is a hero, they deserve respect, remembrance and a huge thank you for what they have done.
So today, when the clock struck 11am I served two minutes silence in respect to each and every soldier from past present and future.

Currently Reading | Billy and Me & Christmas with Billy and Me

I am getting through the books this year which is so rare for me, I am usually a really slow reader but it seems to help with my anxiety at night.

This currently reading I have two books to show, Billy and Me and Christmas with Billy and Me, I thought that it will take me at least a month to read the main book which will put us into December to coincide with Christmas. I have been holding out to read this book for month because of this reason.

I have only just started reading this story so can't really tell you a lot about the story or anything,

This was Giovanna Fletcher's first novel of many. I love how she writes and am looking forward to getting to know a new set of chanracters.

Originally Published: May 23rd 2013, November 6th 2014
Author: Giovanna Fletcher
Followed by: Christmas with Billy and Me, Always with Love
Genre: Romance

Lilly's favourite books • Aged four

Me and Lilly have a few minute's together every night to read a bedtime tale and every night I get her to pick her book. As she seems to pick some of the same ones often I wanted to share her favourite books with you.

Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
We both love anything to do with the authors/illustrators of the book but Monkey Puzzle seems to be the one she turns to at the moment.
Monkey Puzzle is a story about a lost monkey and a butterfly who is trying to help. It is a rhyming story which helps children learn about animals through size, colour and characteristics.
The Dinosaur that pooped a lot by Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher
This is one of my favourites too, the story was part of last year's 'World Book Day' so was only £1 when we got it. 
The story is about a boy and his dinosaur travelling through time and space but unsure how to get home, we find out how at the end. The story obviously contains the word Poo and pretty much every chold see…

Mummy + Me | October 2016

October is over for another year and I am so excited for the two months ahead of us, bonfire night and the build up to Christmas. 
October has been a pretty good month apart from my silly banana car braking down twice, the first time I actually had to be towed home.....not good. I am now looking to get it sorted and selling it on for a more reliable car for me and Lilly. 
We had a lovely week during half term, we had some lovely family days together and did lots of baking too. We made cheese sconestiffin mess and honey choc chip cookies.
Another thing that happened during this month was that Lilly got prescribed some glasses as she is long sighted. She has been so good in wearing them so far and loves swapping between her Frozen pair and her Rapunzel pair.

I hope that November brings me luck with my car and that it is a good as this month, if not better.

Halloween Basket 2016

I have finally gotten around to creating and sharing Lilly's Halloween basket/bucket. We have used a cauldron this year as it fits everything perfectly.
I love creating this every year as we don't go trick or treating around our area, we create a lovely day with treats, Halloween specials of her favourite programmes and crafts to do. I also want to create a spooky dinner as well for her.

In her basket/bucket this year is - A Halloween pumpkin torch with bat lense, Tesco £1.50. - A Halloween pumpkin sippy cup £1. - A Sweetie cone for a treat, all Halloween themed. - Monsters sticker and activity book, Aldi 99p reduced to 49p. - Room on the Broom. - Little Miss Sunshine and the Wicked Witch.
Have you made one of these for your little one? if so what do you include?

Me and Mine | October 2016

This is my first time linking up to this and am super excited to, I love capturing memories and smiles within a photo.
Liam has been loving: - His programme Fast n Load being back on - Playing farm simulator - Getting his Mondeo back on the road - Selling his old car (bitter sweet)
Viki has been loving: - Girl online, on tour - My new laptop - Baking treats with Lilly - Having some lovely family days in half term
Lilly has been loving: - Her new glasses - The Halloween chocolates - Watching random toys videos on YouTube - Baking sweet treats with Mummy

A Story of a Necklace

Being the sentimental person I am there are lots of little items that mean a lot to me. I have so many bits of jewellery that I have owned for years, but there's is always one piece that stands out for more than just the glamour of the piece.

I have a beautiful necklace that I received on Christmas day back in 2011. This came with me on a big adventure in January of 2012, a cruise around the Mediterranean with Liam's family.

The night that this particular piece was on show was during the formal evening. This was an incredible evening to end an incredible day of which I found out that I was expecting our little girl. The necklace complemented my beautiful evening dress which we wore to the ships restaurant.

We had a three course meal which was absolutely incredible, after we strolled around the ship and enjoyed the warm weather with a few mocktails (non alcoholic) and smiled the night away.

Sadly this piece hasn't been worn since as I haven't had a reason too but I lov…

I'm going to the Harry Potter Studios

I have a super exciting experience coming up next month, The 30th of November I am off to Watford to visit the Harry Potter studios.
I a a huge Harry Potter fan and this has been on my list of things to do since the studios opened. Well my Mum and Dad surprised me with the money for tickets to go when I wanted to. I chose to go in late November when Hogwarts in the Snow is on which makes it all the more exciting.
I will definitely been blogging and vlogging my day for you all and for me to look back on.

Lilly needs glasses

Last Friday we visited out local Specsavers to get Lilly's eyes checked. It has been a year since her last check so got straight onto the phone to book an appointment.
The first thing you have done is a pretest where they mesure your eyes with a special machine, Lilly was asked to look through a screen at a hot air baloon, it took a while as Lilly was a bit nervous, the bloke was so reasuring to her though.
We then had to wait for the nsxt part of the test, they were so thorough with the test and we spent a lot longer than expected there, but it was all for a good reason.
The optometrist was amazing, he spoke to Lilly directly as well as me and was so patient woth her. We had to have drops and wait for 39 minutes and then return for for the test with the drops added. 
After the test we were told that Lilly was long sighted and would need glasses (this made Lilly excited). With Specsavers they give a child two pairs of glasses, one through the NHS and one free from Specsavers them…