Lilly needs glasses

Last Friday we visited out local Specsavers to get Lilly's eyes checked. It has been a year since her last check so got straight onto the phone to book an appointment.

The first thing you have done is a pretest where they mesure your eyes with a special machine, Lilly was asked to look through a screen at a hot air baloon, it took a while as Lilly was a bit nervous, the bloke was so reasuring to her though.

We then had to wait for the nsxt part of the test, they were so thorough with the test and we spent a lot longer than expected there, but it was all for a good reason.

The optometrist was amazing, he spoke to Lilly directly as well as me and was so patient woth her. We had to have drops and wait for 39 minutes and then return for for the test with the drops added. 

After the test we were told that Lilly was long sighted and would need glasses (this made Lilly excited). With Specsavers they give a child two pairs of glasses, one through the NHS and one free from Specsavers themselves.

We were taken downstairs to choose some glasses, there was a wide range of character ones which are free. Lilly chose a Frozen pair with Anna on the arm and the second pair were Disney princess ones which had Rapunzel on the arm. We were then taken over for Lil's to get fitted for the frames themselves. We had to wait just under a week for them to be made which Lil's wasn't happy about.

Today we went to pick them up and have her final fitting for them. She was very mature about it and listened to the lady who was helping us. She looks so strange with them on but both pairs suit her, she really does look so grown up though.


  1. What a cutie! I've been meaning to get my son's eyes tested but I keep getting sidetracked. Does Lilly keep hers on?

  2. Aww what a cutie - she looks amazing in her glasses as well :) x

  3. That's so lovely - she looks happy with the new glasses. R

  4. Awww bless, at least she was excited to get the glasses and will probably remember to wear them all the time

  5. My own children haven't needed to have eye tests yet but it's great to know that the team at Specsavers were able to put her mind at ease when she was feeling nervous.

  6. Ah my daughter has very similar glasses to these - we nearly lost them yesterday but phew they turned up in the car! Your daughter really looks happy with her new glasses x

  7. Oh she is adorable! The glasses are gorgeous, my son needs some for distance work but as a 14 yo avoids wearing them :( Kaz x


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