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2nd Birthday Ideas

This year we actually have a plan and theme. We are hoping to have a family BBQ weather permitting with the theme of Minnie mouse.
This is the beautiful cake that Liam is going to attempt to replicate. He is a good cake maker so it shouldn't be too hard. It is a beautiful cake and will looking beautiful as a centre piece to the table. Hopefully she will be able to blow her candles out this year.
I rarely use pintrest but now have a board on there specifically for her party now with simple ideas to make it a brilliant party. There are also so many print outs available so will be able to decorate quite easily. I especially like the ketchup and mustard bottles as it is a brilliant idea for out BBQ.
We hope that this will be Lillys outfit for her party. We were very lucky to have won a competiton to win a custom dress of our choice. we chose a lilac one like the picture above. I hope this will be with us before her birthday, if not we do have a second outfit we could use.
Thanks XxX

2nd Birthday Presents

Here are the main things that we have brought Lilly for her birthday. We have a few smaller bits too.
Firstly is the Peppa Pig cook n play kitchen. This will be her main present, It is battery opperated with sounds and aslo includes utensils and some food. Lilly loves pretend cooking and watching me cook so Liam (Daddy) thought it was perfect for her.
Next is the large talking Upsy Daisy from In the night garden, a favourite of Lillys and her favourite character. She has phrases from the show and it also soft enough for her to cuddle in bed if she wished to. 
These are the Early learning centre wooden pot and pan set, as you can see it also comes with food and utensils. I thought this was too cute to miss, had it a few months now. She can also learn to cut up the fish as its velcro.
Lastly are the pretend and play cupcake set from Sainsburys. These were on offer for like £3 so couldn't resist. I love wooden toys for children as they, in my eyes, are more traditional. She can also…

Bluereef aquarium and Fishermans museum

We had a great family day out at our local aquarium,  Bluereef, we also had a look around the fisherman's museum. Another exciting day to share with you!
Lilly was so unsure at first, especially of the big things such as this lobster. 
Lilly was a little calmer with these as they kind of have a face from underneath, they kept poking their heads up to say hi as we told her.
How strange but cute was this fish, came straight to the glass, looked straight at me and then slowly swam off. So many weird and wonderful sea creatures.
My favourite part has to be the tunnel with fish swimming straight above your head including rays and sharks. I could stand there all day long and watch them. Such a beautiful peaceful place
The pricing, in my opinion was a little steep costing £23 for three adults booking online, Lilly goes free till aged 4. It only took us 45 minutes to go around and we didnt rush. 
Lastly is a rare photo of the three of us on an old boat positioned in the fisherman's m…

Town and Country fair

Today Lilly's Nanny took us to the Town and Country fair as it killed a couple of hours on a boring Sunday after noon.
Lilly went on her first ride, which was a rattly old train, bless her. She was scared at first but after a couple of turns around she was fine, ringing the bell and waving at Nanny.
They had some unusual animals there such as this wollaby (Sorry about spelling) which was quite random but pretty nice to see. There were also so many goats and dogs around.
How cute is this goat?!? Lilly liked looking but didnt want to stroke them.
All she wanted to do was walk around all the chickens and rabbit cages, for about 15 minutes straight and saying hello to them.
Such a nice couple of hours, shame there wasnt more to see. 

Rural Past Times

We thought that we would take a trip to Rural past times this year, it was only a 10 minute drive away.  Here are a few snaps from today.
Lilly loved the little tikes car her cousin had out there.
These beautiful shire horses, so tall and look so strong, Lilly had never seen a horse up close before.
This is an amazing music stand which plays music and had some visible moving parts, such a beautiful example of the past.
Nanny brought her a lovely new hat from one of the handmade stands, and we found this beautiful bench carved out with owls.
Lilly met her 2nd cousin today, they had lots of fun playing together in the sand and the car, it was so adorable.
I think that it tired Lilly out as she went to sleep no trouble bless her. She has been spoilt and came home with the new hat, a shape sorter and an inflatable minnie mouse.
All in all a wonderful day :) 

What we've been up to

We have been up to so much lately and thought I'd show you. Firstly was pirate day, this is a yearly tradition in our town and we currently hold the guiness world record for the amount of people dressed as pirates. There are lots of activities and more pirates about than the eye can see.
Next was a family fun day on our estate where lilly got her face painted, we held a snake and a frog and also stroked a tortoise and a lizzard. Lilly also sat in a fire engine so was a busy and fun day.
Lastly was Hastings carnival in which my Dad did a WW1 inspired float for the 100 year anniversary, so me and Lilly dress in army outfit. Was such a good day and we got lots of cheers.
All in all we have been so busy, but it's all fun at the end of the day

No more dummies!!!

No more dummy! We have now managed 4 days without a dummy. I am unbelievably proud of her and thought i would share how we did it.
On Saturday we found that she had bit through her dummy, so we threw it away and brought a new pack. That night I tried to give her one of the new dummies for bed but she did not want to know, so I explained to her that it was the only dummy we had and that she would have to sleep without it.
Ever since she has slept and napped without it. She has asked for it a few times but i have said that she is a big girl and has done so well without it.
Can't believe that we have managed to get rid of it without a huge fuss. Really happy and Proud.