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Blogmas day 22 • Meeting Santa

Yesterday Lilly net Santa for the first time. Every year our local shopping centre has a grotto linked to the panto that is showing in the town where Santa is.
It is only £3 to see him and Mrs Claus and you get a present too.

I was kind of nervous about how Lilly would react to this experience as she can be so unpredictable. 
When waiting outside she was so keen for her number to be called but was so patient waiting for her turn.
Thr number changed to ours and Mrs Claus came out to get us, she asked Lilly her name of which Lilly told her. Then Santa called her in and beaconed her over to him.
When inside Lilly stood next to him and spoke to him and answered the questions he asked. He then offered her to pick a present out of the basket next to him. She picked the last of the white wrapped ones.
When then said thank you and he said he would be coming Christmas eve and told her what to put out for him.
When outside the grotto, Lilly opened the present to find a super cute and fluffy mo…

Blogmas day 21 • Top 10 Christmas films

Here are my top 10 Christmas movie to get me in the Christmas mood.

1. Santa claus, the movie. (Such a heart warming classic) 2. Arthur Christmas (quite a new film but just so right) 3. Home Alone 1 and 2 (you can't beat a bit of Mac beating the bad guys at xmas) 4. Love Actually (I watch this all year round but it such a good festive romance) 5. Santa Claus 1, 2 and 3 (all three are so good and keep the idea of Santa alive)  6. The Snowman (A Christmas eve favourite) 7. The Grinch (Jim carrey and Christmas just go together) 8. A Christmas Carol (Another Jim Carrey film but a wonderful classic story re made so well) 9. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (such a corny film but always makes us laugh) 10. Polar Express (I absoloutly love this film so so much)
What's you most favourite Christmas film of all time?
Happy Blogmas

Blogmas day 19 • Westfield Christmas lights

Today we took a trip to Westfield to see there annual Christmas light display which raises money for St Michael's hospice.
Most of the houses through the main part of the village every house is covered in lights and decorations.

Every year there seems to be more lights and more houses which are added to the display and every year more money is raised. 
We usually take a trip put every year to see them but last year we missed them. This year was kind of important to see as Lilly is so into Christmas this year and is so much more aware of Christmas and all to do with it.
I hope they beat there total again this year ans the display is so impressive and so festive too. A lot of effort and time into what they do.
If you live close and have the time go a have a look.
Happy Blogmas

Blogmas day 18 • Dashing Santa Bath bomb • Lush Cosmetics

Another blogmas, another lush review.
This time it's for the dashing Santa bath bomb, which smells like the Space girl bath bomb did, very sweet and fresh smelling.
The bath bomb is quite large in size and is super cute with Santa and his sack. The colours could do we being slightly more vibrant but all the same it's cute.

Once this is dropped into the bath its starts to fizz but quite slowly. The bath turns a lovely red colour and smells so sweet, but not that festive. The fizzing lasts a long time and my bath bomb actually decapitated itself lol.
I am so glad I picked this up but it wouldn't be my first choice in future.
RRP £3.95
Happy Blogmas

Blogmas day 17 • Men's gift guide

I find my other half and my Dad really difficult to buy for so for blogmas day 17 I thought thats I'd share a few ideas that I would consider buying for a present.

Hygiene set
These sets are everywhere ans most men have a favourite brand that they go to, I usually buy a set of my other halfs favourite as a little side gift.
Personalized/engraved gifts
These are perfect in so many ways, there are so many items on sale now that you can get personalised in one way or another, either a photo or even engraving for such a low price. It makes the item unique and special in its own way.
Airfix models
These are always a good one to keep our men busy, I haven't personally brought an airfic model as they are a little pricey for our price range but look for alternatives which are also good to keep them busy and amused.
My other half always loses slippers and my dad never buys new ones when needed so these are usually a winner in the gift selection. I look at the novelty ones to just…

Blogmas day 16 • Homemade hot chocolate cones

For blogmas day 16 I thought I'd share a way of saving some money and doing your own. 
I have been contemplating buying some of these hot chocolate cones for Lillys Christmas eve basket but people are charging up to £2.50 per cone. I thought about checking the price on the cones on eBay and to my surprise they were only 99p for 10 cone bags.
The cone pictured below is 3 scoops of hot chocolate and some marshmallows for the pefect cup on Christmas eve. It took me not even a minute to fill and tie it up and is ridiculously easy to do at home rather than paying way above the odds for it.

I hope you like this simple idea for a cute little stocking filler or Christmas eve box.
Happy blogmas

Blogmas Day 15 • Text Santa Christmas Jumper day

Today Lilly went to nursery in her Christmas atire. Her nursery are doing Christmas jumper day over a week so every child could where there atire for Text Santa.
Lilly has her Aldi reindeer leggings, a glittery bow t-shirt from H&M, a Christmas jumper with 'Let it snow' written on it fron F&F and some tinsel in her hair to.

She loved to wear her Christmasy bits today and it is for a brilliant cause too. We donated to Text Santa which supports three amazing charities.
Happy blogmas

Blogmas Day 13 • Melted snowman biscuits • Recipe and Method

I wanted to do something Christmasy with Lilly so decided to buy some biscuits and make some cool looking and very yummy melting snowman biscuits.

Digestive biscuots White icing Coloured icing (for decoration) Marshmallows

This is so simple to make
1. Just make up a bowl of icing and split some into other bowls and add food colouring, or use coloured tube icing.  2. Use the coloured icing to draw a face on the marshmallows 3. Spoon some white icing onto a digestive biscuit. 4. Place a marshmallow face on the edge of the biscuit 5. Add some decpration to the biscuit as hands.

I hope you enjoy this simple and fun recipe to do for parties or just as a festive treat.
Happy blogmas

Blogmas day 12 • My 10 favourite Christmas songs

This post is kind of a short one but I wanted to share my top 10 favourite Christmas songs. I love listening to Christmas songs and singing ans dancing along, getting really festive.

1. Holly Jolly Christmas - Michael Buble 2. Merry Christmas everyone - Slade 3. All I want for Chritmas is you - Mariah Carey 4. Christmas time, don't let the bells end - The Darkness 5. Driving home for Christmas - Chris Rea 6. The Little drummer boy - David Bowie and Bing Crosby 7. Merry Christmas everyone - Shankin' Stevens 8. It's the most wonderful time of the year - Andy Williams 9. I wish it could be Christmas every day - Wizzard 10. Mistletoe and wine - Cliff Richard
These are my favourite songs to listen to and are my most listened to over the festive season.
Happy Blogmas

Blogmas Day 11 • Malteaser Tray bake • Recipe and Method

100g Butter 200g Milk Chocolate 3 tbsp Golden Syrup 250g Crushed Digestive biscuits 225g Malteasers, half crushed Optional : 100g of Milk/white chocolate for topping
1. Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a medium to large saucepan
2. Add the crushed biscuits and malteasers ( save a few for the top) and mix together
3. Pour into a greased baking tin and put in the fridge to set
4. Optional : Melt chocolate and pour onto top of cake, put in the fridge until set.
This recipe is so simple and very very yummy. We always seem to have this over Christmas time which makes it a festive recipe for our family.
Happy Blogmas

Blogmas day 10 • My wishlist

How are we 10 days through December already? 
Today I wanted to share a few things that are on my wish list this year. My other half always gets me to write a list as I am so hard to buy for. 

All my items are under £15 so are suitable for people with low budgets.
Zoella Beauty So Cute Coffret Set.
Thjs set really caught my eye with the spray, moisturizer and head band. I love Zoe's beauty range anyway so I have been really looking into the sets she has brought out 
A fluffy dressing gown.
I have a half sized dressing gown but would love a full length one to wrap myself into and fluffy dressing gowns are the best, especially for cosy nights in.
Giovanna Fletcher, Billy and Me book.
I love Giovanna's book, dream and little dream and would love to read her other books, I have actually ordered her two Christmas books. 
Soap and Glory Bauble.
Soap and Glory is a luxury brand for me so it would be nice to get this as a present to top up on the products and also try a couple put that I…

Blogmas day 9 • Holly Jolly Christmas Tag

Welcome to blogmas day 10!! Today I did the Holly Jolly Christmas tag. I wasn't tagged but thought there were a lot of questions to answer for you. I did take two out due to me personally not liking the questions.

Favourite Christmas movie
My favourite Christmas movie is Santa Claus the movie, me and my mum used to watch this together on the first of December every year and it just brings back so many nice memories. 
Are you on the naughty or nice list?
I hope that I'm on the nice list, I would love to have a few little treats :)
Have you ever had a white Christmas?
Not that I can remember, we usually get snow in January but where we're so low down Britain we don't get it very often 
Where do you usually spend your holiday?
We usually spend our holiday at families houses getting treated to Christmas dinner but this year we are staying at home for Christmas day and then visiting family after.
Play or sing your favourite Christmas song!

Do you open any presents on Christmas eve?

Blogmas day 8 • My Christmas candle collection

I have been wanting to share the Yankee candles that I have out for the festive season and couldn't hold out any longer.  
I do have a couple of doubles, with there being some from last year and me repurchasong them without realising that I already had them.
I absolutely love yankee candles (as you may know) but at Christmas time the scents just seem to be ten times better.
The two new scents this year for me are Spiced Orange and Candt Cane Lane, the first was a birthday present but I kept it back as I felt it was more of a christmasy smell. The second was one that I just fell in love with from the off. There was also 25% off at the time so I seriously couldn't resist.
The ones that I have had before are Christmas eve, fireside treats and Christmas memories. I have a small jar and a votive of Christmas eve, then have two of each of the other two. 

I love sitting here with the Christmas lights lit and a candle burning, filling the room with the scents of Christmas.
What is yo…

Blogmas day 7 • Our gingerbread house

Blogmas day 7 and I wanted to share our gingerbread house with you. Its not the best but it's still cute.
We brought a small kit from B&M for just £1.99 so I wasn't expecting miracles. The set is cute. It comes with the ginger bread pre cut, some icing, some sweets for decoraring and a small icing snowman to put on your house.

The icing to me tastes very strange, its ok but not to my liking at all and also didnt go as soft as I ahad hoped it would so was very hard to decorate or place in the area which I wanted it.
The kit itself was easy to put together and stayed together really well. Lilly loved adding the coloured sweets as a decoration and was more than happy to help eat them too.
We haven't tried it yet but will do probably later today, lets hope it tastes good.
Happy Blogmas

Blogmas day 6 • Decorating for Christmas

Yesterday we finally got the decorations up. My most favourite part of decorating is putting uo the christmas tree. 
The only part of thr Christmas tree decorating I dislike is spreading the branches out as I never seem to do it enough. 
We toom about 15 minutes to set up the tree with attatching the two parts and seperating the branches. 

I started by putting the second set of lights on as the tree itself already have a set attatched to it. We had a box of 400 coloured lights which have done the trick and covered our tree with plenty of lights which can be set to twinkle, flash and slowly swap from one colour to another.
We then put the tinsel on which Lilly helped with a lot by grabbing it from the other side and passing it back around to me.
Lastly was obviously the baubles which Lilly absoloutly loved to help with, I was almostnput of a job with how well Lilly was doing, she was loving picking the baubles and choosing there location on the tree, she made sure tjey were spread aro…

Blogmas day 5 • Luxury Lush pud Bath bomb • Lush cosmetics

For blogmas day 5 I wanted to share the first festove batb bomb which Ibused last night.
This bath bomb smells amazing and looks super cute to with it's holly leaves on top.
The bath bomb itself is quite large and has eight different coloured dots over it. 

Once dropped into thr bath its starts to fizz imediatly and starts to spread colour all over the bath. The bath bomb itself spins slightly spreading the dots out and spreading a slight shimmer about too.
The bath looks slightly like a rainbow with all the colours mixing but thr bath ends up to be a lovelg shade of pink.

I really would love another one of these bath bombs as it was so nice to use and to relax in too.
RRP £3.95
Happy Blogmas

Blogmas day 4 • 10 Things that make me feel Festive

This time of year I sometimes struggle to feel festive as everything starts so early every year. Here is a list of ten things that help keep me feeling festive up until Christmas

1 - Speciality drinks in coffee shops with festive take away cups to go with. 
2 - Warm scented candles with spices and foody scents.
3 - Baking all things christmasy (ginger bread, mince pies, malteaser cake)
4 - Christmas films, any of the classics or new ones for me, as they as they make me feel christmasy.
5 - Shopping for Christmas treats and munchy bits.
6 - Good old Christmas music to dance around the living room to and sing your heart out.
7 - Planning and doing crafts with my Lilly pops, of which there will be many of 😊.
8 - Cold weather so you can wrap up warm in hats scarves when out or  wrapping up in blankets with a warm drink when inside.
9 - Looking through all the gift guides and writing my Christmas list.
10 - Lastly it's Christmas eve itself, the cooking of the boiling bacin, prepping …

Blogmas day 3 • Santa arrived to town

Blogmas day three is about Santa arriving at his grotto in our local town this time last week. We had a lovely evening out with lots to see and wanted to share it for you.
We got down there about 5:40pm as he was arriving at about 6pm which gave us time to get a space to stand and get kind of comfy. It was ridiculously crowded down there and so many people we pushing in.

Lilly sat on my shoulders to see Santa arrive with Mrs Claus in his sleigh. The sleigh was being pulled by three beautiful reindeer and pushed by a steward lol. They were lead in by an ice queen which Lilly hated. She said her mask was scary but she liked her dancing.

After the crowds started to disperse we saw that they had a giant snow globe there in which you could go in and get  photo with Anna and Elsa. The queue was way to long for us so we looked in from outside which Lilly loved.
Lilly also got to meet Santa a bit more closely, we went to the ice skating rink where he came down to see some of the children and…

Blogmas day 2 • Christmas cake • Recipe and Method

Blogmas day two is a Christmas Cake recipe for you. I make my cake in November to make sure I have time to feed it, but you can just soak the fruit and leave a week before icing the cake.

I made a 7 inch square cake to cut in half. and here is the recipe for you all.
- 965g Mixed fruit - 50g Ground almonds - 100g Glace cherries - 200g Plain flour - 1tsp Mixed spice - 200g Butter - 200g Brown Sugar - 1 Lemon rind and zest - 4 standard eggs - 100ml rum/brandy/sherry

- Preheat oven to 200oc/ gas mark 6 - Line sides and bottom of cake tin with double parchment paper - Cream butter and sugar until fluffy - Beat in eggs one at a time, if starts to curdle add a little flour - Add rind and juice of the lemon - Mix flour, ground almonds and spice together - Toss mixed fruit and cherries into flour - Add fruit and flour to other ingredients a little at a time, add half the rum ( or soak the fruit in alcohol overnight) Save some to feed the cake
Gets a bit complicated here
- Place mixture …

Blogmas day 1 • Welcome to blogmas

Welcome to Blogmas 2015

Last year I ''attempted'' blogmas and failed miserably. I didn't make it past day one but this year I am determined to give you a post every single day up until Christmas day.
These posts will include tags, recipes, crafts,  and general Christmasy things too.
I will also be doing vlogmas on my YouTube channel which is gigglesinloveable.
I hope you enjoy this festive selections of posts and will add daily links to this post to help you keep up with them all.
Happy Blogmas

Another Lush Haul

I am so sorry about being quiet lately, I have been working on blogmas for you all :). Just one week away now.
I did a small online order of bathbombs of ehich most are festive. Lilly asked one too so we treated her to one as we always do. 

The first bath bomb I picked was Luxury Lush Pud. This looks like quite a fun looking bathbomb with the different spots of colour and the little festive holly bit on the top.
Lilly asked for another Think Pink bathbomb as she likes having a pink bath. We have already used this of which the colour seemed to be way more intense than the first one we got. 
I got Cinders as a more bonfire night, wintery bath bomb which I have used. This bath bomb was smaller than expected but smelt absolutely amazing. 
Lastly I picked up Dashing Santa. I just had to order this as he looked so cute and hace seen a lot of people mention this in there hauls. It smells really nice and can't wait to use this one.
I hope you have stuck with me and keep an eye out for bl…

Toddler Winter Haul | Aldi Special Buy

Sitting in the dentist writing this post to calm my nerves down. 
So a few days agonI popped in to Aldi to take a look at the childrens special buys. There was so many cute things in and I couldn't resist.

I picked up two pairs of pajamas in size 4-5 as they didnt stock 3-4 in. I picked up a festive pair with a snowman on and snowflakes. I also picked up a pair with a hot air balloon on. Both pairs have cuffed arms and legs to help keep them down when they wriggle. These were just £3.99 a pair.
I picked up a pack of leggig with two pairs in, one plain black which is perfect for nursery and the other pair were festive ones with reindeer on in a nordic style pattern. These were in size 3-4 and just £3.99 per pack.
The next thing was a packed of seven briefs for just £2.29. These again didn't stock 3-4 so I picked soze 4-5 up. You can't beat such a reasobable price for briefs and you always nees them in for chindren.
Lastly I picked up two Christmas activity books for just 6…

Lush Cosmetics • Frozen Bathbomb

Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play? I end up singing this bit when I'm reading it (lol)
The Frozen bathbomb is such a cute simple idea.
The bathbomb starts fizzing the second you let it go in the bath and spinning, making the two different blues mix together. The bath turns into a beautiful turquiose colour and is so shimmery too.

The fragrence is a very calming scent and fills the whole room with the smell. The scent isnt overpowering at all.
All in all this bath bomb is a really nice calming bath bomb with a bit of glitz and glamour added.

This is a favourite of mine now and would certainly repurchase it.
R.R.P £3.95

October favourites

My October Favourites are going up a little late this month. I did plan to put them up Wednesday and then Friday but illness took over and I felt like I had been hit by a bus, but I am feeling a lot better today so thought I would catch up.

Dream a little dream, Giovanna Feltcher
This book is so good, I am so into my reading at the moment. The story is so cute and touches on a very hard situation in a way that is so relatable, but written so well. The idea of the dreams at the beginning on some chapters give a different impression of the character. So well written, easy to read, relatable and a very cute story. Amazing.
Witch, witch hazel bursting beada face wash
I am using a new face wash which has bursting beads in. My face feels very fresh and clean after using this face wash and you can feel the witch hazel leave a coolness to your face. The product cuts through make as easy as anything with no need to keep rubbing over and making your face sore. I am certainly going to repurchase …

Halloween 2015

We had a very queit and relaxed Halloween with a couple of crafts, a costume and a spooky dinner to finish the night off.
He cute little Spider princess costume was from Aldi and was only about £3 which I thougt was a brilliant price, and she looks super cute too. She loved being the spider princess and was waving her wand about at me and Daddy, turning us into bugs.

We made a bracelet with a kit that I got last year fron Sainsbury's and after we made some toilet roll monsters.
You will need: - Painted toilet rolls - Glue - Anything you want to add.

Lilly loved adding the stars and deciding what face I should draw on the front. I pre-painted the tubes a few days ago and hadn't got around to it till yesterday, but it gave us an extra thing to do.

At dinner time I wanted to keep the Halloween theme going so I made her a kind of spooky spider dinner. This was a waffle, a sausage square (cut into a spider shape), sweetcorn and gravy. She loved it and ate the whole of it as quick …

Pumpkin carvings • Halloween

We have been busy carving pumpkins for Halloween and wanted to share our carvings with you.
Firstly my other half created this wonderful wolf, he did a fantastic job on it. Last year the daily mail had a pumpkin carving tamplates page of which my other half chose to do this one. It took him about an hour woth making the holes around the template and then carefully cutting out the shape. Then making it perfect by gettibg rid of any unwanted bits. I think he did a brilliant job and it looked so spooky all lit up 

The next one way my creation. I wanted to make mine look scary so made everything quite triangular and angry looking.  I just drew the face on then cut into the pumpkin using a pumplin carving kit from poundland.

Lastly lilly wanted a happy pumpkin which she helped scoop all the inards out of.  She also helped me cut the pumpkin but made sure I had hold of the little saw so I could stop at any point for any reason. She loves seeing them all lit up at night and they make the li…

Rice Crispy Brains • Halloween

This week we have been theming our crafts and recipes on Halloween so I wanted to share our recipe for our spooky rice crispy brains 

150g Rice Crispys 250g marshmallows 15g butter Red icing stick
1. Melt butter in a sauce pan 2. Add marshmallows and melt  3. Mix in the rice crispies then leave to cool 4. Once cool mould into brain shapes 5. Decorate with red icing pen as veins 6. Leave to set in the fridge

These are very simple and yummy and look pretty good too. Mine didn't turn out perfect but they still taste good. 
Love to know if you give these a try.