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Bug hunting and waterfights • Summer Holifay Project 2016 #6 & #7

I know that I didn't post yestersay so I am going to put both days together. I had a really bad evening and night but have got myself back into a happier mood.
So yesterday we went down to Lil's great grandparents for Liam to help fix there camper and a general catch up. Lilly was not on her best behaviour sadly but we did get some time bug hunting.

We didn't find a lot as it had not long rained but we persisted and started lifting the plant pots to look. All in all we found lots of woodlouse, an ear wig which I found quite fascinating to look at, a few baby spiders and lots of ants too.

Today we went over to Liam's parents caravan where Lil's great grandparents where there too. We played in her sand pit and played with Nanny's dog. 
Then Lil's dissapeared and I found her helping her great grandad water the plants so left them to it. Next thing there was a lot of giggling and screaming, her grandad (as she calls him) had found a water pistol and he was cha…

Mummy + Me • July 2016

Welcome back to Mummy + Me, another month has passed already and we are getting closer and closer to Lil's 4th birthday!! How are we almost into August?
This month has been pretty quiet but we have been loving the Sunny weather and enjoying rekindling old friendships. We have had a fair few icecreams this month and worn a lot of dresses.

Our money troubles sadly has gotten worse due to sickness but we will come out the other side stronger and hopefully soon but this has been kind of stressful sadly.
Lilly is now finished with nursry for just over 8 weeks and I have been waiting foe this for a while, to enjoy have adventures with my little girl and making memories together.
In some happier news I have been working towards volunteering at her school and have finally got all the forms taken back, so hopefully from September I will be helping and working towards becoming a teaching assistant.

This month really has had its ups and down but we will look on the positive side as a family…

So many puzzles • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #5

We have spent most of today inside exept for running down the shop for a few things. So an indoor day means puzzles and books galore.
Lil's has still be waking at 6am which is hard....I can say, especially without coffee, but we get there. So the morning consisted of some cbeebies time and some cuddles which is the best part of the day and she is so chilled that I get loads of cuddles.
I did have a bit of housework again, just thr hoovering and never ending washing but it didn't take up too much time. Whilst I was doing this Lil's made a tent with her rocking horse and evey blanket she could find.

This afternoon we popped to the shops quickly for a few essentials and a couple of treats and then when hope we started on the puzzles.  
We stopped for dinner, Lil's had a turkey burger and some potato wedges which went down a treat. After the mess was tidied up Lils got into her PJ's and we settled down to more puzzles. She is getting realy good at them now and I barel…

A lazy day • Summer holiday project 2016 #4

Today was quite a lazy boring day with a lot of housework and some shopping to do as well. Lilly enjoted doing another magazine with me and played with her playdoh too.

The day started with the house work, the most boring part with foldong clothes, washing up, making beds and general sorting out. Whilst I was doing this Lil's was making a huge mess in her room 'playing'
After we got a magazine out and worked through some of the workbook. Lilly seems to really be enjoying doing these and luckily we have a dair few more to go through.
We met my Mum and Dad up Tesco and did a bit of shopping, we also had a chimwag over a drink the the cafe with a cheeky cake too.
This evening has just been the usual bath and bedtime but I wish I was in bed too haha. 
How are you holidays so far?

Play day in the park • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #3

Today was the first of two play days in the park, this is an event that is set up by the council which is completely free. There is so much to do there and kept us occupied for about 2 hours before Lil's got hungry.
The first place we went to wash the mud and sand kitchen, only of Lilly's favourite things to do. She made sand tea and soup too.
One part which was right in the centre was wood work, we ended up making a littlw robot, she helped me hammer the first nail in and then told me where she wanted things. I think her idea for a robot was perfect.

In another area of the park was the sports section with mini golf, football, a pirate assult course and a bouncy bungee thing. Lil's wasn't that interested in this today but hopefully next week.
We ended uo doing a treasure hunt where you had to find 10 pictures and take the number from the picture and match them on the list. We got a prize for this, Lil's chose a fairy wand. 
After the treasure hunt we went dinosaur…

Currently Reading #1 • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone

I absolutely love reading and lately I have been recording what I am reading and when. I then thought why don't I write it on my blog rather than a piece of paper. 
My latest book is Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. I am reliving my childhood going back through the series and can't wait to relive the next 6 books too. 

As some of you may know I am a bit of a potterhead and always go back to the films but have not gone back though the page in a long while, theg have sadly been sitting gathering dust, but no more!
I don't read very fast as I usually end up falling asleep in my book so these will be very random. I would love any suggestions to add to my list of 'Must reads' and I hope you like reading what I am reading.

Our Sunflower Opened • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #2

Today we have spent the day indoors enjoying each others company before having a little adventure tomorrow down the park. 
Today we had a little surprise pocking up in our window, our sunflower had opened which was pretty exciting for me and Lil's as this is the second year we hace attempted to grow sunflowers Indoors. 
We almost lost this one about a week ago as Lil's knocked it over and bent the stem but I put a plaster on and it seems to have worked a treat.

We had a lovy chill morning with Lil's playing babies in her room whilst I did a bit of housework. We then ad lunch and not even an hour after Lilly climbed onto Daddy's lap and fell asleep. She had a good 45 minute nap.
When she woke we played on the pad together using the playtime app which the alphablocks learning letters and spelling.

She got a bit bored after a while of that so we got one of her magazines out and worked thrugh the workbook together which included colouring, stickers, spelling, counting and…

Icecreams and Pizza • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #1

Day 1 is officially over and we have had a lovely but busy day.
Lil's woke at 6am and has been awake ever since, we watched a bit of telly and had breakfast before playtime in her room and she got herself dressed too. 
We met Grandma and Grandad (my Mum and Dad) in town today and I also had to take some paperwork down to be sorted too. After sitting for almost an hour in the office we went for some lunch with Mum and Dad at a lovely fish and chip restaurant. Lil's shared a double fishcake and chips with my Mum and I had spring roll and chips with a gherkin too.

After lunch we took a strool along the seafront with Lilly holding onto my Mum's mobility scooter. It was a lovely day and so we decided to have an icecream, Lil's had a smarties lolly and I had a millionaire shortcake icecream which was a little bit of a let down.

Once home we made some homemade pizza dough and then Lil's helped me with the washing before decorating our pizza. Lilly's half had peppers,…

Toddler OOTD • Summer Beauty

I haven't done an outfit post in a long while but I just had to share my beautiful girls outfit to you all. 
Yesterday the weather was lovely and I have been taling every opportunity to get my girl in her dresses before the weather turns sour again.

This outfit is just a simple dress and shoes (which aren't pictured) but is perfeft for the warmer weather.
Her blue floral dress is F&F from Tesco and is in size 3-4, I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit but it fitted fine.
The shoes that she wore with this were some pink garden crocks from poundland. We had a lovely garden day so wanted her to be comfy with practical shoes on. 
She looked so cute and I just can't believe how much she has grown into a beautiful little girl.

My Summer Holiday Project

I have been very quiet on my blog for a few weeks due to family issues, now they are a little more under contol I want to get back into blogging and the best way I could think of doing this was to blog our summer holiday.
Lilly's last day of Nursery was yesterday which ended in a picnic so now we are officially on summer holidays.

I want to write a diary of what we get up to so I am going to be trying to do a blog our crafts, adventures and day to day experiences. I would like to try and do this every day from Monday so I can look back on it and remeber making memories.
I hope you enjoy this and that it gets my blogging mojo back :)

Giving Blood | My Experience

A few weeks ago I plucked up the courage and went and gave blood for the first time in about 5 years. I was ridiculously nervous as I am not good with needles but wanted to do this to help others.
I booked a time slot online that suited around me, I then recieved a couple of reminder texts and a text on the actual day reminding me to drink plenty. I arrived a little bit early and had another glass of water whilst waiting.
I was called over to go over my medical form and check my blood before hand and was then told to wait in a different area to be called over. When calles over I told the bloke that I was nervous but he calmed me by talking to me and telling me about some exercises that I could do to keep my blood pressure up.

I was tipped back in the special check and told to relax, he put the needle in and secured it which wasn't half as bad as my mind had thought, he then left me too it. The donation itself took just 10 minutes and was pretty painless.
After the 'mario musi…

Armed Forces Day • 2016

A couple of Sunday's ago just we attended our local Armed Forces Day. This is held in our local park and has lots of different things happening.
We arrived about 11 which was sadly after the parade had happened, each year the event starts with a parade of cadets, girl guiding associations, veterans and members from each of the forces, this year there were also so Gurkha's who I sadly missed as they had to go back to base.
The first thing Lilly saw was the bouncy castles, they were only little ones but perfect for the event, they only charged £2 for as long as they wanted which I thought was really good. Lil's had a good 15 minutes on these while I spoke to my parents and decided where we would go next.

The next thing we went to was to get Lil's face painted, she had been going on about this since I had mentioned that there was going to be face painting there, she asked for a butterfly which she got done, they then offered to do mine too, I had a glitter design done.

Simple Chocolate cake • Recipe and Method

Recently we made a really simple chocolate cake and wanted to share the recipe with you. This recipe has such a small amount of ingredients and is so easy to make but tastes amazing too.

- 50g Dark Chocolate - 50g Butter - 30g Plain Flour - 1tsp Cocoa Powder - 60g Caster Sugar 1 egg
1. Preheat your oven to 180°c/ gas mark 5 2. Break chocolate into a glass bowl with butter and place over a boiling saucepan of water to melt. 3. Stir well, remove from heat and leave to cool.  4. Break your egg into a bowl with the sugar and whisk until light and creamy. 5. Slowly add the chocolate to the egg mix and stir well. 6. Sieve in the flour and cocoa and fold in. 7. Put the mixture into a greased shallow cake tin and bake for 25 minutes.

This is so easy and a great recipe for a quick and tasty cake, especially to make with your children.

Libaries • The forgotten resource

We have recently been visiting our local libary lately and Lil's now has her own card. We visit about once a week now for Lilly to pick a few books to read. 
We have a huge amount of books anyway but its nice to read some different stories and maybe find some new authors we like. 

I let her choose 3-5 books per time as I believe that we have plenty of time to enjoy the stories and still read that ones we already own. 
After the first time visiting I thought about how libaries are pretty much forgotton. We were the only people in there for the twenty minutes we were there and that has been the same since. 
I used to love going to the libary when I was younger and used to pick Where's Wally all the time lol. We used to visit with the school and that's where my love of reading really came from, I hope that I can share my love with Lilly which seems to be working.
Do you visit your local libary at all? 

June in pictures • 2016

I thought that I would do a picture post on the 1st of every month to reflect on the month just gone. We have had a busy month with a lot happening and didn't actually realise how much we had done.
I have picked 6 pictures, some may have been in other post but sone are just of the month gone by.

Going from left to right..
1. This is when Lil's had her latest hair cut, she looks so grown up with a full fringe BUT I do have to reset it every morning lol.
2. A trip to the pafk witg a picnic, we had a good few hours at this park, the play park is amazing and there's so much to do.
3. Our little park outside our flat. She never liked these swings in the pasy but they have just replaced it and she has now decided she loves them.
4. National picnic week was this month and we took full advantage of this with pretty.much having a pjcnic a day, even if ut was just on our front room floor.
5. Lil's got her first Lego friends set this month and she loves it, I may have gone back …