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The waterfront, Eastbourne Harbour

We took a trip our local pleasure harbour in Eastbourne called The Waterfront.
We love going here as there is a lot to see, of course the beautiful boats, of which I would have gladly owned a few. Then there's the fish that swim along the edge of the harbour. There's the bridges which are constantly rising to let boats through which is pretty cool to watch, and they also have a double lock to watch which was so fascinating to watch.
Here are a few pics from our day : )

Look at those boats!!!

Some of the most graceful fish I've seen, and of course Lilly loved them.

Not quite sure what this building is for but was a little put from where we were standing.

Considering she pretty much ate all the icecream, she didn't get in to much of a mess, bless her. I also have a mint choc chip one. 

Walking back to the car Daddy and Grandad were swinging her so high, i was having kittens, she loved it. We remember after about the ice cream but luckily she was fine.
A beautiful warm a…

Whats in my make-up bag

What's in my make-up bag??

So I thought I would share with you what I have in my make-up bag. it'll just be a small post for you.
- Collection 2000 mascara in black - 2true wow volume mascara in black - The balm Nude'tude' eye shadow palette  - Burberry Body sample - Mac prep and prime sample - Model co eyeliner pencil in black - Colortrend concealer in light - colortrend oil controlled pressed powder - poundstretcher blush - 2x hairbands - nail cleaner - Avon Kabuki brush

2 year update

I seriously cannot believe Lilly is two years old, really am in shock! 

She really does make me proud and surprises me every single day. 
She is doing amazingly well with her speech, she is stringing words together to create sentences and is also using words such and delicious and ridiculous in the right places. She has also started to think about her answers before saying things and asks for many different things. Another thing she loves to do is sing her little heart out, theme tunes, nursery rhymes, popular songs and movie songs, its so cute.
She has become slightly more fussy with what she east but still eats the majority of things we put infront of her. Sadly Lilly has gone off of pasta which is a shame but she will have soup and bread or fish, sausages, sometimes even a roast dinner. She loves her fruit and sweets and also a huge like are the bears yoyo's which are made of fruit.
She FINALLY sleeps through and sometimes even gives me till almost 8am whi…

Vegetable soup | Recipe and Method

So I thought I would share a simple autumn/wintery healthy soup. It's so cheap to make too.

So we start off with vegetables, bouquet garni, Stock, salt and pepper. 
Start with making up the stock to the requirments. Put in a saucepan and add bouquet garni, and add the vegetables. Let simmer for 20 - 30 minutes  It's then ready to serve with a nice chunky loaf or a crusty bread roll.

Its so tasty and so easy. Hope you enjoy.

Lilly's 2nd birthday

Lilly second birthday was such a lovely day, surrounded by family and food and laughter. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy her self. Here are a few pictures from her day, she was very spoilt.
Me and Daddy got all this sorted the night before so she could walk in and find all of her presents and cards. 
She was so excited to open them all, but a bit overwhelmed too. She managed to unwrap all of them, including her cards all by herself. Every time she opened A boxed present she would ask me to open it for her.
Over Nanny's she got a little tikes car which she completely loved and didnt stop playing in pretty much up to the start of her party. When all the family arrived she had many more presents to open and lots of people saying happy birthday to her. She didnt know what was happening. Bless her.
She had lots of fun playing and running around with everyone. Even got to go grass surfing. 
This was her Minnie mouse birthday cake, Liam didn' have time to make her one in the end but …

5 years time

Five years seems like an awfully long time but I have a lot planned.

I would ideally be either have a good paying job, full or part time depending on circumstances, or training to be a nurse at university. This is something I am determined to do at some point in my life to make something of myself and to make me and my family proud. I have wanted to be a nurse for a few years now. But as long as we both have a comfortable wage coming in to provide for Lilly and anything else we need to without worrying.
I would defiantly like to be out of where we are now and into a house, a family home! So clique I know but we are not happy where we live and want to hopefully make a fresh start in a new place for all of us. But I think a nice little 2-3 bedroom house isn't too much to ask for.
Lastly is the children front, not going to lie i am incredibly broody and would have another baby in a instant if we were in a happier more comfortable place with not just home but li…

Munchkin feeding bundle

We were ever so lucky to win this feeding bundle back in June, a few things we have put away for the future but I thought I'd review what we have used.

What the bundle included: - Monsters click lock Spill proof cup - Monsters click lock Flip straw cup - Monsters click lock trainer cup - 4 White hot safety spoons - 2 First weaning spoons - 6 Soft tip spoons -Toddler Fork and spoon set - Click lock Bento mealtime set
The four product that are in bold are the products I have used and would like to review, the other items have been put away.
Monsters click lock spill proof cup
Firstly is the beaker below, I love the way they have that distinct click so you know if they are done up tightly, the teat also feels very well made and bite proof which is a huge bonus with Lilly at the moment. I have noticed they it does have a slight leak from somewhere, unsure weather they are all the same or weather ours has a small malfunction. Also the design has started to ware off of the sides but has…

My birthday

It's my birthday so no weigh in this week. Just wanted to share a few pictures of my day.

My morning started off with my birthday special, some pancakes, with glance cherries and golden syrup with coffee. I never really have anything other than bran flakes so a real treat.

My man really knows me, I wasnt expecting anything let alone a yankee candle AND shade. The cande is in the scent lovely kiku and its a glass butterfly shade for a small jar. This was an utterly amazimg surprise and so sweet of him to think of that.

These flowers are from my mu, and dad, dyed crythanthimyms in pink, blue and the original white colour, some of the leaves have picked up the dye too. These are so pretty and quite a cool idea beimg dyed.

Family photo time, we don't have these very often so when I get the chance in take it, any occasion possible, sadly no smiles from Lilly but it wasn't long before her bedtime. 
                          So for dinner we had a treat take away. I had burger a…

Living on a budget

We live off a very tight budget and I thought I'd share how we cope on benefits. 

I understand that benifits are not ideal but that's our life at the moment. Our budget is about £180 per week for the three of us. Not leaving a lot after the bills/shopping.
Selling old items
Baby clothes bundles, old furniture, Just things you don't need or use anymore, either with eBay, Facebook, Gumtree.  Tips: Take detailed photos, price accordingly, clear TRUE details.
Online food shops
I find this the best way to watch what your spending and the best offers. We also go for quite a late delivery time so the charge is cheaper.  We find this the best way for us to keep to the budget and buy things we need, no necessarily want. 
Saving change
We have pots everywhere with change in, coppers in one, fives in another ans all other in a jar. We also have a separate pot for money that we have found or made from sales because it is profit, bit of a bonus pot. Lilly has her own pots too.
Keep track

Crowhurst Park Funday

Saturday just gone we went to Crowhurst holiday park for a family fun day. Was a free event with some good things for kids, such as bouncy castles, sports and emergency services.
Lilly wasn't so keen on the police car as the siren went off on the car next to us, it was a shame as she was just about to put the lights on and press the siren button, she couldn't get out of there faster, bless her.
Next was the fire engine which I think she enjoyed more, was a bit of a climb to get it but was pretty cool to sit in the drivers seat of a fire engine, I don't remember doing that myself.
Lilly wasn't keen on the bouncy castle so it was lucky that they had a little soft play area for her to play in. she was so hapy here and would have just played here if she could have. climbing, building, cleaning up and talking to the other children.
We found a play park to keep her amused for a while. Got me climbing though the tunnel and in the tree house, but its all good fun, I also trie…