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Mummy + Me | October 2016

October is over for another year and I am so excited for the two months ahead of us, bonfire night and the build up to Christmas. 
October has been a pretty good month apart from my silly banana car braking down twice, the first time I actually had to be towed home.....not good. I am now looking to get it sorted and selling it on for a more reliable car for me and Lilly. 
We had a lovely week during half term, we had some lovely family days together and did lots of baking too. We made cheese sconestiffin mess and honey choc chip cookies.
Another thing that happened during this month was that Lilly got prescribed some glasses as she is long sighted. She has been so good in wearing them so far and loves swapping between her Frozen pair and her Rapunzel pair.

I hope that November brings me luck with my car and that it is a good as this month, if not better.

Halloween Basket 2016

I have finally gotten around to creating and sharing Lilly's Halloween basket/bucket. We have used a cauldron this year as it fits everything perfectly.
I love creating this every year as we don't go trick or treating around our area, we create a lovely day with treats, Halloween specials of her favourite programmes and crafts to do. I also want to create a spooky dinner as well for her.

In her basket/bucket this year is - A Halloween pumpkin torch with bat lense, Tesco £1.50. - A Halloween pumpkin sippy cup £1. - A Sweetie cone for a treat, all Halloween themed. - Monsters sticker and activity book, Aldi 99p reduced to 49p. - Room on the Broom. - Little Miss Sunshine and the Wicked Witch.
Have you made one of these for your little one? if so what do you include?

Me and Mine | October 2016

This is my first time linking up to this and am super excited to, I love capturing memories and smiles within a photo.
Liam has been loving: - His programme Fast n Load being back on - Playing farm simulator - Getting his Mondeo back on the road - Selling his old car (bitter sweet)
Viki has been loving: - Girl online, on tour - My new laptop - Baking treats with Lilly - Having some lovely family days in half term
Lilly has been loving: - Her new glasses - The Halloween chocolates - Watching random toys videos on YouTube - Baking sweet treats with Mummy

A Story of a Necklace

Being the sentimental person I am there are lots of little items that mean a lot to me. I have so many bits of jewellery that I have owned for years, but there's is always one piece that stands out for more than just the glamour of the piece.

I have a beautiful necklace that I received on Christmas day back in 2011. This came with me on a big adventure in January of 2012, a cruise around the Mediterranean with Liam's family.

The night that this particular piece was on show was during the formal evening. This was an incredible evening to end an incredible day of which I found out that I was expecting our little girl. The necklace complemented my beautiful evening dress which we wore to the ships restaurant.

We had a three course meal which was absolutely incredible, after we strolled around the ship and enjoyed the warm weather with a few mocktails (non alcoholic) and smiled the night away.

Sadly this piece hasn't been worn since as I haven't had a reason too but I lov…

I'm going to the Harry Potter Studios

I have a super exciting experience coming up next month, The 30th of November I am off to Watford to visit the Harry Potter studios.
I a a huge Harry Potter fan and this has been on my list of things to do since the studios opened. Well my Mum and Dad surprised me with the money for tickets to go when I wanted to. I chose to go in late November when Hogwarts in the Snow is on which makes it all the more exciting.
I will definitely been blogging and vlogging my day for you all and for me to look back on.

Lilly needs glasses

Last Friday we visited out local Specsavers to get Lilly's eyes checked. It has been a year since her last check so got straight onto the phone to book an appointment.
The first thing you have done is a pretest where they mesure your eyes with a special machine, Lilly was asked to look through a screen at a hot air baloon, it took a while as Lilly was a bit nervous, the bloke was so reasuring to her though.
We then had to wait for the nsxt part of the test, they were so thorough with the test and we spent a lot longer than expected there, but it was all for a good reason.
The optometrist was amazing, he spoke to Lilly directly as well as me and was so patient woth her. We had to have drops and wait for 39 minutes and then return for for the test with the drops added. 
After the test we were told that Lilly was long sighted and would need glasses (this made Lilly excited). With Specsavers they give a child two pairs of glasses, one through the NHS and one free from Specsavers them…

Homemade mincemeat • Recipe and Method

I know that it is still only October BUT this takes a while to rest and you can't be too prepared for Christmas.
This is a simple mincemeat recipe that has been passed down to me and I wanted to share it to you all. The recipe should make about 5-6kg's of mincemeat which can last a few years in jars, it only gets better with age.
2kgs of Apples 1kg of Currents 750g of Sultanas 750g of Suet 750g of Caster Sugar Rind and Juice of a Lemon 2 tsps of Mixed Spice 2 tsps of Nutmeg Approx 150ml of either Rum, Sherry or Brandy
1. Peel, core and slice all the apples. 2. Mince the apples with the sultanas (meat mincers work fine). 3. Add all the other ingredients and mix together well.  4. Separate into jars and lid them (sticker year onto them) 5. Leave at least 3 weeks to stand before using.
It is that simple. Please let me know if you use this recipe, I would love to know.

Halloween / Autumn Lush Haul • 2016

I have been seeing all these post on instagram and twitter about the Halloween bath bombs from Lush this year and have never actually used any Halloween ones before.
I am really into Halloween this year and wanted to make it a little extra special with some non sweet treats for me....but of course I got Lil's one too. I made an order on Friday and asked for some samples too.
Bath bombs
Northern Lights:     This has been a bath bomb that I have wanted to try since I found Lush. It has changed from it's original look but is chunkier than it was I believe. The scent is Ylang ylang and Jasmine which is so calming.     Price £3.95 each
Pumpkin:    This is the one I picked up for Lilly, I think it looks super sweet and it large enough that we can cut it into two for her. The scent is of an amazing pumpkin pie, it literally smells edible. You get the smell of pumpkin with spices and the scent is just super warming.    Price £3.95
Monsters' ball:    This is my Halloween night bath…

Currently reading • Girl Online On Tour

I am currently reading the second book by Zoe Sugg,  Zoella which is titled Girl Online on tour. I have been waiting quote a while for the paperback version to come out, because personally I prefer paperback to hardback.
I recieved this book for my birthday and put it as the next book to read in my 'To read' pile. I started this about a week ago now, after finishing The Cursed Child.
So far I loving it, I am just over 100 pages in to the story. The book, so far follows on from Girl Online brilliantly and just makes me love the characters even more.
This book follows Penny Porter as she travels with her 'Rock star' boyfriend Noah Flinn on tour. She is a blogger but doesn't post as much due to a media situaion (Girl Online) and suffers from anxiety issues too. 
Originally published: October 20th 2015 Author: Zoe Sugg Proceded by: Girl Online Followed by: Girl Online Going Solo Genre: Romance novel, Drama