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Mummy + Me • June 2016

How is it possible that I am writing my June Mummy + me. We have had a busy month full on appointments, an interview and sorting stuff out.
Sadly I haven't taken many pictures of both us us this month but this one makes me smule so much, her smile just lightens up my day.

This month we haven't had the best weather again so a lot of time has been a lot of indoor play and just enjoying each others company. She can now write her name herself, which makes me so proud and can almost count to 25 which is made.
The time we did enjoy outside was either enjoying the sun (when it shone)at the park with a picnic and also we attended our local Armed Forces Day which was a lovely afternoon out.
As of today we just have three weeks left of school runs before having my girl home for the summer holidays, I seriously cannot wait, but don't want to eish time away yet haha.
How was June for you? It was certainly better than recent months for us.

Forever Aloe review

I was given the opportunity to try out some products from a company call Forever, the products are Aloe based and I couldn't wait to try them.

I was lucky to get a good selection to try and here is what I thought of them.
Aloe Jojoba shampoo and condioner
This was probably my favourite, both these products smelt amazing and made my hair smell of the scent for a couple of days. You don't need a lot of product which is always a bonus, especially with conditioner. They left my hair feeling soft and healthy too.
Aloe propolis crème
This was my favourite of the creams / lotions, it had a really thick consistancy and smelt so good. It took a little longer to sink into the skin but once dry left my skin feeling refreshed. 
Aloe hand and face soap
I was so impressed with this, its only soap but it left my hands and face feeling smooth and clean and the amount you need is so tiny that the pot would last you forever. You can also use this ain the shower as a body wash too.
Aloe lotion

The Mummy Tag

Hello, I have been a little absent lately, I have been busy sorting a lot out and had a couple of meetings too. But I am back and starting with the Mummy tag. 
I was tagged by the lovely lady Michelle from mummymimi

Here's the questions:
1. Are you a stay at home or working mum?
I am currently a stay at home Mum but will be volunteering at my daughters school in September for hopefully getting into a teaching assistant position.
2. Would you have it any other way?
I wish I was currently working but only for the money side of things, I hate relying on my other half.
3. Do you co-sleep?
I used to when Lilly was young and do if she is poorly but other than that she sleep in her bed in her room.
4. My Newborn must have?
My has to be the sea horse that lights up and plays music, Lilly absoloutly loved this and settled her so easily.
5. How many kids do you plan on having?
I would love another one at the moment, I have always dreamed of a big family but my other half isn't so keen …

Our mini picnic • National picnic week

This week is national picnic week and to celebrate we took a mini picnic to our local park. The weather wasn't great and kept clouding over but we enjoyed an hour down there.

For Lil's lunch she had a ritz dairylea dunker with some ready salted crispy fries and a drink. For my lunch I made some tuna pasta with mayo and sweetcorn, I'm not overly keen on tina but feel like I need a bit of fish in my diet every so often.
I let Lilly pick the perfect spot and we put the blanket out and enjoyed out little picnic together. 
Lilly had made a kite at nursery which was pretty cute, so after we had eaten she ran around for a bit 'flying' her kite. 
Where is your favourite spot to picnic?

Abnormal cells • Smear test • My treatment

Following in from my The importance of a smear test I wanted to share what happened next. I believe this is also as inportant as the first part and the more unknown.
I recieved a letter about two weeks after my smear saying that I had borderline cell changes and that I would be booked in for a colposcopy. This was horrible, the worst kept going through my mind, the C word. 
I then waited a further week for an appointment for the clinic which was 3 weeks wait again, this also made me a little more nervous. 

Well today I arrived at the clinic full of butterflies. My name was called and I went into the room. At first a nurse went through what she was going to do and asked a few questions, I was then asked to get ready. 
The colposcopy was a little uncomfortable, just like the smear and was a little longer. She then gave me the news that everything looks clear but would take a biopsy to confirm her investigation, this was the worst bit, it felt like a strong period pain but very low. The…

Cornflake tart • Recipe and method

This recipe comes from one of my favourite school dinner puddings, the cornflake tart. Its so sweet and yummy and so simple to make too.

You will need:
- 1x ready rolled shortcrust pastry - 115g golden syrup - 85g conflakes - 55g  unsalted butter - 25g soft brown sugar - 1x small pinch of salt -100g strawberry jam, warmed.
How to make:
1. Preheat your oven to 200°c / gas mark 6
2. Line a quiche dish with the short crust pastry, trim off the extra and prick the base with a fork, then cover with cookable foil.
3. Pour in baking weights and bake in a preheated oven until golden brown (around 20 mins)
4. Whilst cooking the pastry melt your butter, sugar, goldeb syrup and salt together. Once melted together fold in the cornflakes until fully covered.
5. Remove the base from the oven and remove the weights. Brush the warmed jam around the base and then add the cornflake mixture to the base.
6. Bake for a further 5 minutes then leave to cool before serving.
This was just as tasty as I remembe…

Our bedtime routine

I shared our Morning routine a couple of weeks back and wanted to follow that up with a bedtime routine for you all. I am quite nosey and personally love posts like this, hopefully there are some other nosey people out there lol.

Our bedtime routine starts at about 6pm and Lilly is in bed at 7pm 
6 - 6.15pm - Bath time starts, this happens every other day due to her eczema. We play and use bath paint and have a good old wash
6.30 - 6.40pm Time to get out, time to get into pj's, creams on, teeth cleaned and hair dried. If it isn't bath night this is when out routine starts. 
6.50pm She is usually ready for bed now so we get her into bed and Daddy comes in to say goodnight and give her cuddles whilst making her some warm milk.
6.55pm Milk and story time for Lils, we always have a story which Lilly loves, this really calms her down and gets her ready for sleep.
7 - 7.10pm Time to say goodnight and tuck in time. We always say 'Good night, sweet dreams, see you in the morning,…

Space themed crafts

Last week on Cbeebies was my little girls favourite theme to learn about, Space week. She absoloutly loves 'Stargazing' and has learnt a lot from it. She has also enjoyed learning about Tim Peake and where he is at the moment.
To coincide with space week I thought that we could do a couple of crafts to do with space. 

The first craft we did were shining stars, these were Lilly's idea so that Time Peake could see her from his 'space home'. These are so simple to do.
You will need: - paper cut into start - glue - glitter/glitter pens - sequins - other decotating bits ie. Sweet wrappers, wrapping paper, foam
This is so easy to do with your little one, I just put the glue on for her as there wasn't a lot left and let her have full rein of creativity. I love the way she made them both different. One has glitter glue pens on and the other has proper glitter.
The second craft we did was a space helmet. This again is very simple to do.
You will need: - A small box - F…

Why swap to an electric toothbrush

Next week I am back at the dentist for a check up which I am hoping goes well so wanted to post about my experience with electric tooth brushes and why I swapped.
My dentist recommended me to swap to an electric toothbrush to help ruduce the plaque I had and make my gums a lot healthier as they were very inflamed when I first went back.
I personally have the oral B vitality plus white brush and, at first, was a little worried to try this. I was worried that it would be uncomfortable and wouldn't make much of a difference.

I was very much mistaken and would not go back to a normal brush. My teeth feel amazing after using the brush and my teeth and gum look a lot healthier than before. They also look cleaner and brighter too. 

We also have a battery powered brush for Lilly at the moment to see how she would take to it and feel we will upgrade her to a full electric one in the near future. 
She currently has Colgate Barbie battery toothbrush, this was on offer at the time for £2.99 and wa…