Our bedtime routine

I shared our Morning routine a couple of weeks back and wanted to follow that up with a bedtime routine for you all. I am quite nosey and personally love posts like this, hopefully there are some other nosey people out there lol.

Our bedtime routine starts at about 6pm and Lilly is in bed at 7pm 

6 - 6.15pm - Bath time starts, this happens every other day due to her eczema. We play and use bath paint and have a good old wash

6.30 - 6.40pm Time to get out, time to get into pj's, creams on, teeth cleaned and hair dried. If it isn't bath night this is when out routine starts. 

6.50pm She is usually ready for bed now so we get her into bed and Daddy comes in to say goodnight and give her cuddles whilst making her some warm milk.

6.55pm Milk and story time for Lils, we always have a story which Lilly loves, this really calms her down and gets her ready for sleep.

7 - 7.10pm Time to say goodnight and tuck in time. We always say 'Good night, sweet dreams, see you in the morning, love you' this just seems to be our nightly thing and is so cute to do.

I hope you like this, what are your little ones routines?



  1. So good to have a set routine! And here's to nosiness, by the way.

  2. It's so good to get a bedtime routine in to place while they're still young. Ours is pretty much the same as yours and it works really well for us xx

  3. I also think my children do much better in a routine, ours is flexible but we always do the same things like bath and story before bed, so they still no what to expect. xx

  4. I think it's great you have a routine. It certainly helps with structure. Fantastic job!

  5. i can't say i've ever had a strict routine, my son is in bed between 7 and 8, each day is slightly different depending on whether i've been at work or not. sometimes he comes home and falls asleep on the sofa!

  6. Ours is pretty much the same with the difference that it starts at 7pm and the kids are in bed by 7.30/7.45pm.

  7. Will has a similar bedtime routine but the baby currently doesn't have any kind of routine! I can't remember when I started one with Wilf tbh! x

  8. Lovely set routine. We don't bath every night and sometimes one kid goes to bed earlier than the other but we have wind down time and story time every night.

  9. Story time the best time for me as part of our bedtime routine.


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