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Mummy and Me | May 2018

Two posts in a week, I am on a roll. I really want to work hard on this from now on, it's my little corner of the internet which means a lot and has memories (good and bad) of Lilly growing up.

Back to the Tag. I have decided to take part in this months Mummy and me tag, we have had an amazing month with lots of trips out and about and lots of fresh air and family time.

We started off with the first May bank holiday, a beautiful sunny weekend where we took full advantage of it. We walked around our local country park together, finding trails we had never walked before on the Saturday. The Sunday was a family walk through some beautiful (but hilly) woods not too far from us and the Monday was mad, me and Lilly took a trip to our local town where we watched the Jack in the Green parade, a pagan event that happens every may day, and then took a look about some of the 40,000 bikes that descend to our town for the annual May day bike run.

We have since been on more walks, trying to ta…

Sage and Onion Yorkshire Puddings

Welcome back, it's been a whole since I've taken care of my blog, but I feel like I need to share my latest success with you all. The giant sage and onion Yorkshire pudding. In the past we have tried a branded version of these and I wanted to try and create my own, they worked out perfectly and I don't think we will ever go back to the original Yorkshire pudding recipe after trying these.
Recipe (Makes 8 large puddings)
100ml of Milk 2 Large Eggs 100g Plain Flour 1 tsp Dried Sage 1 tps Onion Salt Oil for cooking
Method 1. In a large jug mix the milk and egg together well, using a whisk. 2. Slowly add the flour and mix in well until the mixture is completely smooth, it can take a couple of minutes. 3. Add both the onion salt and dried sage to your batter and mix well. 4. Heat a Yorkshire pudding tin with a tablespoon of oil per pudding in the oven 220oC/Gas Mark 7 for about 10-15 minutes. 5. PLEASE BE CAREFUL Pour the mixture evenly between the pudding trays. cook for 20-25 …