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Free Printable Worksheet | Winter Themed! |

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner I am always looking for ways to keep Lilly's brain working. Add some cool learning tools into your wintry mix of fun with this worksheet. Find more engaging math learning activities at

Mittens addition worksheet

Lilly seems to have really enjoyed trying out this worksheet, especially with it being themed for winter/Christmas and I will certainly be taking a look for some more to do with Lilly. If you want to take a look at the mittens addition worksheet or more then check them out.

Getting a Kitten! Our new family member!

Back in August we decided that we wanted to get a family pet for the family and after very little deliberation we came to the decision to get a kitten. I have luckily grown up with cats in the family so know quite a bit about them BUT I was only young and it has been a bit of a learning curve.

So meet Jack, out now 5 month old kitten, he is so mischievous and has such a funny character, and has certainly made himself at home with us. 
He loves a belly rub, loves climbing on every bit of furniture and is constantly lying around our neck like a scarf. 

I wanted to write this post to introduce him but also to let people know what to look for and think about before bringing your furry pet home.


Every cat needs vaccines, from the age of 8 weeks they should receive there primary vaccines. Jack has had two sets with the primary vaccines which should be followed up by yearly boosters. Vaccines are also usually required for pet insurance.


If you are thinking of letting your …

MyBump2Baby Favourtie Blogger

I was recently asked to become part of MyBump2Baby's favourite blogger which is such a privilege.  MyBump2Baby is a platform in which you can get advice, read reviews and recipes in which your child is in mind. They have recently launched an app which includes events which are taking place near you, reviews you may wish to check on while shopping for your little on and lots of parenting support articles to let you know that you are not alone. 
I hope that you all look into this app to as being a parent isn't always easy and having that little bit of support never a bad thing. Check out the website below for any information and to join in the community.