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Pumpkin carvings • Halloween

We have been busy carving pumpkins for Halloween and wanted to share our carvings with you.
Firstly my other half created this wonderful wolf, he did a fantastic job on it. Last year the daily mail had a pumpkin carving tamplates page of which my other half chose to do this one. It took him about an hour woth making the holes around the template and then carefully cutting out the shape. Then making it perfect by gettibg rid of any unwanted bits. I think he did a brilliant job and it looked so spooky all lit up 

The next one way my creation. I wanted to make mine look scary so made everything quite triangular and angry looking.  I just drew the face on then cut into the pumpkin using a pumplin carving kit from poundland.

Lastly lilly wanted a happy pumpkin which she helped scoop all the inards out of.  She also helped me cut the pumpkin but made sure I had hold of the little saw so I could stop at any point for any reason. She loves seeing them all lit up at night and they make the li…

Rice Crispy Brains • Halloween

This week we have been theming our crafts and recipes on Halloween so I wanted to share our recipe for our spooky rice crispy brains 

150g Rice Crispys 250g marshmallows 15g butter Red icing stick
1. Melt butter in a sauce pan 2. Add marshmallows and melt  3. Mix in the rice crispies then leave to cool 4. Once cool mould into brain shapes 5. Decorate with red icing pen as veins 6. Leave to set in the fridge

These are very simple and yummy and look pretty good too. Mine didn't turn out perfect but they still taste good. 
Love to know if you give these a try.

Toddle OOTD • Another Autumn Look

I thought that I would share another cute outfit of Lilly's for you. 
I love this outfit on her and think she looks very cosy.
This outfit is such a simple and cute outfit and she seems to be very comfortable in it. 
Her top is from Nutmeg, a cute mustard colouted top with a bunny and flowers on it, I found this in the sale for just £2
Her trousers are from next and are these cute kharki coloured with some military style buttons near the bottom. I don't know the price of these as I brought a bundle of clothes with these in.
Her boots we got from sports direct for just £6. There Kangol boots with fur inside so slightly like ugh boots. 

I really think this is one of my favourite outfits for her to wear.

Birth and having a Newborn • So unprepared

This is a rather different post to what I normally write but I feel like I have to. 
Looking back on my pregnancy and the first few months of having Lilly I was so naive. I really didn't know what I was doing and what I had to come.

I was very lucky with my pregnancy on how it went. I never thought about how much my body would change or anything, I never brought a maternity item or any special creams for stretch marks so I ended up living in jogging bottoms or jeans held together with a hairtie. 
The one thing that I did use was pretty natal vitamins from the very start. 
Going into the final few week I packed my hospital bag which was almost OK as had watched a few YouTube video. I made sure that I had plenty of bits for Lilly and even took some milk cartons in to.
I went into labor just as I wanted to, with my waters breaking and got very excited but ended up being sick for about an hour after they broke, I then went into panic mode which in the end got me to make the awful cho…

Lush Cosmetics • Intergalactic bath bomb review

This is by far my favourite bathbomb. The bath bomb, intergalactic is the one I have been most wanted to use. 
The smell of this bath bomb is very minty and filled our bedroom (where I store them) was completely filled with the smell of it. The colours look so pretty and make the bath bomb look like a planet. 

The moment that you out the bath bomb into the water the blue color starts to fill the bath from the bottom up. You can see different layers in the bath. The other colours make a foam on top which makes you bath look like a galaxy which is constantly changing. 

After the foam has dissapeared the whole bath is an amazing blue color full of glitter. It looks so much like the night sky.
The bath all together was so relaxing, even though there was a fresh minty smell. The colour and the glitter make it relaxing. The only problem is that you are absoloutly covered in glitter when you get out of the bath.

I would love to get another one next time I'm over there.
Rep £3.95

Simple Cupcakes • Recipe and Method

We made some really tasty and simple to make cakes and thought I'd share the recipe with you all.

3 Medium eggs Weight of eggs - Self raising Flour Weight of eggs - Marge Weight of eggs - Sugar
1. Preheat oven to 180/gas mark 5 2. Mix marge and sugar together until creamy 3. Add eggs 1 at a time, add a small amount of flour if mixture starts to curdle 4. Sieve flour and add to mixture 5. Place mixture into cupcake cases 6. Cook for 15-20 minutes until spongy to the touch.

As you can see they are so simple to make and really yummy to.
If you make these let me know :)

Wave of light | Pregnancy and Infant loss

I have lit a candle tonight for all the little ones that have been taken to early from our lives.

This is my memory of our very little one who never made possible the first trimester.
At the age of 19, me and my other half decided that we should have a family together, we had our own flat, I had a good job, we were settled and ready.
I fell very easily, within 1 month actually and we were so happy and couldn't believe it had happened so quickly. Every seemed to be fine and went to my doctor to tell him, we then got referred to a midwife and met her. It felt amazing! 
A few days later while at home, I noticed some spotting, only a little but it got my heart racing. But tried to relax. It started to worsen so I phoned Liam who was concerned.
The next morning we phoned the hospital and they told us to come in for a check, we went straight in for a scan and had bloods taken. The good news was, was that we were pregnant, the bad news was, was that our baby was mesuring three weeks beh…

Halloween decorations

With it being the month of Halloween I wanted to decorate a little not for the occasion. I didn't want to go overboard so only have a few bits up.
I have a couple of pumpkins that I picked up from Morrison's for just 50p each which have pride of place on top of my stereo speakers. I brought a small bag of skulls from sainsbury's last year just after Halloween for about 30p which I have dotted around (they're a little bit creepier than I thought though). I have a ghost on my stereo as well from poundland which I think is kinda cute. Then the last thing is a couple of tiny pumpkins on my lamp which Lilly wants.

I love decorating for the seasons with Lilly to get her involved and understand the difference between seasons and the holidays that happen too. 
Have you decorated at all or planning to do so? 

Lilly's 3 year update

I have just realized that I never wrote a post about Lilly pops at 3. I still really cannot believe that she has been in our life three years.

Food Lilly still loves her food and certainly isn't fussy like her Daddy. For breakfast she usually has cereal but does like toast and porridge too. For lunch she will usually have a sandwich of some sort and some fruit to go with it, then for dinner she'll pretty much eat anything, her favourite is pasta and cheese. Lilly loves her vegetables and fruit and also loves sweeties to (but what child doesn't)
Speech She talks so much telling us about her day and about her friends from nursery. She asks questions about everything and says 'No' a lot. She can count from 1-19 and them gets confused. Lilly also loves to sing nursery rhymes and theme songs and also attempts to song the alphabet.
Sizes Lilly is now in size 3-4 as she seems to have grown so much in the last few months, especially in height. He shoe size is a 6. Lilly fina…

Toddler OOTD | Autumn edition

Lilly has some beautiful clothes for this season so there may be a couple of these type of posts up.

This specific outfit is so beautiful and something I personally would never this about buying for Lilly.
This was a birthday gift and has completely changed my mind on clothing like this. The blue dress really suited her with the 79's style floral print.
I think this is a really nice outfit for a warm(ish) autumn day with a cute pair of boots to finish the look off. It certainly makes a change to her wearing leggings. 
The dress is from miniclub clothing at boots and her tights are from F&F from Tesco.
This look has really made me consider looking for more long sleeve dresses for some nice outfits for play dates or just every day outfit.

September Favourites

I can't believe that Septmber is over and that Autumn is really setting in (one of the favourite seasons). I have had a very busy, emotional, surreal and wonderful month full of school runs, birthday s and appointments. I have four products and a book this month, I believe that I have mentioned one in a past past last year.

Girl Online, Zoe Sugg I could seriously not put this book down, Zoe's book is amazing, the emotions and storyline just captured my mind and I had to keep reading to find out what was happening next. I cannot wait to get her second book, girl online on tour. It usually takes me over a month to read a book but this took me just over two weeks to get through this and I wanted more.
Batiste Dry Shampoo I was sent a can of this through the post to review and I love it. This product smells amazing and works really well too. My hair feels so fresh andbsoft after using this and I feel like it gives my hair a little bit of extra volume too. I am so grateful to have bee…