Pumpkin carvings • Halloween

We have been busy carving pumpkins for Halloween and wanted to share our carvings with you.

Firstly my other half created this wonderful wolf, he did a fantastic job on it.
Last year the daily mail had a pumpkin carving tamplates page of which my other half chose to do this one.
It took him about an hour woth making the holes around the template and then carefully cutting out the shape. Then making it perfect by gettibg rid of any unwanted bits.
I think he did a brilliant job and it looked so spooky all lit up 

The next one way my creation. I wanted to make mine look scary so made everything quite triangular and angry looking. 
I just drew the face on then cut into the pumpkin using a pumplin carving kit from poundland.

Lastly lilly wanted a happy pumpkin which she helped scoop all the inards out of. 
She also helped me cut the pumpkin but made sure I had hold of the little saw so I could stop at any point for any reason.
She loves seeing them all lit up at night and they make the living room look very cosy.

I am really happy with how they all turned out and as I said, they make our living room super cosy at night and make it feel so autumnal.



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