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What I ate Wednesday

Hello, another what I ate Wednesday for you. This is a bit of healthy and not so healthy.
For breakfast I had my usual of fruit and fibre which is so nice. The apple, banana slices and raisins take on milk to make them soft again.

My mum and dad took me and Lilly out for lunch so we stopped in Rye for a lush cooked breakfast. This was the best breakfast I have had in a long time and the cafe/restaurant owners were lovely and so helpful.

My healthy dinner consisted of homemade prawn salad with homemade sauce. I have been loving my prawns lately and making them into a salad is even better.

I like this type of blog as It allows me to document what I'm eating. Keeps me more aware of what I am eating. 

Toddler Outfit | So grown up

A bit of clothes shopping and came across these bargains in the sale. I could not resist. 

Her t-shirt is from peacocks and came as a set of two for just £4 which I thought was a pretty good price. The other top was a long sleeved pink ans white top.
Her jeans are from H&M, which if you read my blog you'll know I've been loving. These were marked as £7.99 down to £5 but only got charged £4 so pretty good price. 
I think she looks so grown up in jeans and the t-shirt is just so cute. 

50 things that make me happy

I saw this on lived with love and thought that I would do it to as she kind of tagged everyone.

1. Lilly 2. Liam 3. Good days 4. Shopping 5. Holidays 6. Talking to my nieces 7. Taking photos 8. Vlogging 9. Reading 10. Doing pantomimes 11. Listening to music 12. Chocolate 13. Smoothies 14. Cooking with Lilly 15. A clean home 16. Reading Lilly a bedtime story 17. Watching motor racing 18. Snuggly days 19. Clean sheets 20. Special occasions (xmas, easter) 21. Harry Potter 22. Home cooked meals 23. Catching up with friends 24. My parents 25. New homely things 26. Coffee 27. Summer 28. Family days out 29. Yankee candles 30. Baking 31. Blogging 32. Recieveing parcels 33. The royals (tv show) 34. Romance films 35. Sunset 36. Warm baths 37. Pamper nights 38. Pajamas/onesies 39. Sticky toffee/caramel latte 40. Bath bombs 41. Call the midwife (most of the time) 42. Clothes shopping for Lilly 43. Being part of local events 44. Learning to drive 45. Ben and jerry's ice cream 46. Matthew Lewi…

Online food shop

We uae online grocery shopping for our main shop every fortnight. We have pretty much always used Tesco as we find them the best and cheapest.

I love being able to watch what I am buying and being able to keep to my budget, I also  like being able to see all the offer that they have coming up. Its always useful for our family.
I start my list very early so I can book our slot and change items when I need to or add to my shop when we run out of things. 
In the two and a half years we have been using them we have only ever had a few problems with them and they have rectified the problem straight away and refunded when required. 
I usually vlog a geocery haul so if you are interested head over to my youtube channel and have a look.

What I ate Wednesday

Here is another what I ate Wednesday for you and for me. 
For my breakfast I had Tesco everyday fruit and fibre, I find this just as good as more expensive brands but I do take the coconut out as I am not keen on it.

For my lunch me, my friend and Lilly took advantage of the spring weather and had a picnic in our local park. I had an egg mayo sandwhich and a viscount biscuit. Lilly had a jam sandwhich and a few snacky bits too. These included grapes, bear yoyo, rice cakes, apple and a few dolly mixtures.

For my main meal I had a jacket potato with chilli con carni and cheese. I have two more portions of the chilli to freeze as Lilly wasn't keen on it. 

I have been watching my food intake my and my portion size for a better variation of food in my diet.

Toddler outfit of the day | Spring day

I thought Lilly looked adorable in this outfit so I thought that I would share the outfit with you all. We took a trip out just to the village the other day where I got this snap of her in the daffodils. 

Her lovely sun hat is a handmade one we picked up last year from rural past times. It's very spring/summer looking with daisies all over it and it finally fits her better.
Her top is from a pack of three that we got from the Morrison's nutmeg range of clothing. I think that the stripes make her look more grown up, but I also think they suit her very well.
The trousers we just £2.50 ones from H&M a while back, the white legging go well with the striped top and keep her legs cooler than a dark colour would have.
Lastly are her shoes which again are from H&M. I am in love with them and wish I had a pair myself. They are pink converse style shoes which seems to go with pretty much every outfit she has.
I cannot believe how much my little girl has grown up.

Our new camera

Last month we took the leap and brought our new camera. We went for the Samsung WB1100F 16.2 megapixal bridge camera with 35x zoom.

So far we have been suprisingly pleased with it. We have taken a couple of ventures out just to try out the camera. 
You can connect this camera to your phone via an app which is unbelievably simple to use, which means you can share you photos instantly. 
It also has photo editing built in. I personally have not tried it but my other half said it was pretty easy to use what it had there. 
It also has a burst shot feature which we have not tried yet but will hopefully do soon.
These are a few shots we have captured so far.
A beautiful, very foggy sunset. Theres usually buildings there. Lol
An artistic shot of mine when we first got the camera.
This picture is taken pretty much at full zoom from a good 1/2 mile away. I seriously cannot believe how clear this picture is. 
I have fallen in love with it and cannot wait to keep snapping away and trying my hand…

What's in Lillys bag | Holiday edition

It's just three weeks till we take our holiday to Devon Cliffs in Exmouth and I thought I would share what I am taking in Lillys backpack for our journey to our park.

I will start with the usual things, so nappies/dry like me, wipes, outfits, snacks and drink. This is a must have just to be prepared for any journey out.
The extra bits that I am taking are either to keep her amused or for comfort. 
I have a small colouring book and two packs of crayons for when we get to camp. She loves colouring and I found this cute book that would fit in her backpack.
I then have some small books to fit in there that I know she likes including Elmers parade, The dinosaur that pooped a lot and Rusty's train ride. 
I then have my Samsung galaxy tab 2 loaded with apps for her. I also will be adding music for her and downloading some tv programmes from BBC Iplayer.
Lastly we have her bunny and sheepy with us which she has in bed with her every single night. 
Obviously every single child is diff…

What I Ate Wednesday

I thought that I would share with you what I have eaten. I have been trying to eat more healthy, but I have treated myself to a cream egg too. 
My breakfast was just simply porridge with sugar and a glass of water. I have tried with honey before but has not taken to my liking. So I stick to a spoonful of sugar to sweeten it up.

My lunch was a jacket potato with cheese and some coleslaw, so tasty and yet so simple. I wasn't to hungry, hense the small platefull of food.

Lastly my dinner was a peppered beef grill steak with some cauliflower cheese on the side. It doesn't look to advertising but was very tasty.

It doesn't look a lot but it was a pretty tasty and not to unhealthy day.

Skin care routine

I have started to take better care of my skin and I thought I would share my usual products.
Nivea 2in1 cleanser and toner Balance Me face mask Simple eye make up remover

So either when I'm in the bath or just fancy a pamper night I'll use my balance me face mask. This product is amazing, it leaves skin feeling so smooth and fresh. I would seriously reccomend this. 
I use both the Nivea and Simple products daily.
The Nivea 2in1 cleanser smells amazing and works really well. It removes make up quickly and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth.
Lastly I will take my eye make up off with the Simple eye make up remover. This works wonders, I use one cotton pad per eye and just simply rub it over. This removes the make up so quickly and easily. 
I love making my skin feel fresh and pampered and its nice to know it helps keep my skin healthy.

New hair cut

Today I finally had a chop of my hair, it was a much needed hair cut. It was just so long and very damaged. It feels so much lighter and is just a fresh feeling for our up and coming holiday :) It also is better for summer around the corner.

I had a couple of inches taken off and it layered with a chop chop style. I also had my hair slighly gingerness taken from my hair just by some purple shampoo being used, which I am certainly going to get my hands on.
The last thing was to reset my fringe and to give it a bit of a chop too. I have to train my fringe to stay where it is as I have whats called a 'cows lick' so is harder to keep the new style.
It's nice to have a fresh feel or look and always makes you feel a bit more pampered. Just what the doctor ordered.

My beauty channel

As some of you may know I have a second channel now, this one is purely for beauty and fashion.

On this channel I upload Hauls, Favourites and Get ready with me's.  Beauty has become more important in my life lately as it seems to take my mind away from anxiety. I will hopefully be uploading a video every week for something to do with things that I have brought or things that I have been loving.
I hope you can all come and join me on my new quest :)

Easter 2015

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and hope that you all got some yummy chocolate eat.
We have had a fun packed week with a quiet weekend, ending today with a small Easter egg hunt

So as you have seen, Lilly had a few treats Iin her basket this year. She loves using her glass and really liked her book too.

So on Saturday we went for a lovely (but tiring) family walk which we have never done before. We took the long way home though and the poor buggy and us were covered in mud.

I did a small trail of eggs along with a small Easter bucket leading up to this, her main eggs, some chicks and her bunny toys. She was so excited when she found they were chocolate. 

Today at our local mini park they held an Easter egg hunt which we took part in. We had to find laminated eggs with letter and unjumble the letters for a prize.

The prize was pretty sweet. It was a little goody bag with a few chocolaty treats.
I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and again Happy Easter

Easter crafts

Easter is again upon us so I thought we would have an afternoon of crafts. We had lots of different bits from Peppa pig print outs to DIY decorations I picked up last year.

Lilly really enjoyed the variety of things that I got out, and loved the fact that there was more than just colouring.
We had things to glue and things to put on. Lilly also like filling the purple egg box with the play eggs, I'm thinking of doing her Easter lunch Iin the box to make it extra special.

Lilly loved making her crown the most, glueing the eggs where she wanted them and making  it her own. I am really proud of how long she kept her attention to the crafts.

What bits are you doing with your little ones? 

Easter basket 2015

I have done another Easter basket this year for Lilly pops. I love the idea of these and I believe that they make it more exciting for the child themselves. It also means that you can buy other things rather than just chocolate.

We have afew of the same things from last year, such as her bouncing bunny, the finger puppets and the personalized egg from beebies but we have added some items too
So this year we have a very cute drinking cup with chicks and eggs on, it have a swirly straw too and this was from poundland. we then have an Easter book for us to read from world of books.We then just have a mini Lyndt bunny and a Cadbury's head egg.
I really enjoy doing these for Lilly and I hopes she enjoys it too.

Chocolate nests and Easter bonnet

We have been busy making chocolate nests and deets. 
Firstly we made the chocolate nests with chicks from poundland and mini eggs from Aldi. There super easy to make and Lilly loved decorating them. 

We then took a trip to Tesco and I managed to pick up Lilly an Easter bonnet and a few decorative things for £1 each. I also used a couple of chicks from after eating a cake each.

Lilly chose the ribbon to use and stuck the stickers on, the stickers have two layers and pop out a bit which make them look better when stuck on. We then stuck two chicks through the mesh to add some more things.

I think Lilly has enjoyed these Easter tasks. We have another blog post of some crafts we did coming to.