What's in Lillys bag | Holiday edition

It's just three weeks till we take our holiday to Devon Cliffs in Exmouth and I thought I would share what I am taking in Lillys backpack for our journey to our park.

I will start with the usual things, so nappies/dry like me, wipes, outfits, snacks and drink. This is a must have just to be prepared for any journey out.

The extra bits that I am taking are either to keep her amused or for comfort. 

I have a small colouring book and two packs of crayons for when we get to camp. She loves colouring and I found this cute book that would fit in her backpack.

I then have some small books to fit in there that I know she likes including Elmers parade, The dinosaur that pooped a lot and Rusty's train ride. 

I then have my Samsung galaxy tab 2 loaded with apps for her. I also will be adding music for her and downloading some tv programmes from BBC Iplayer.

Lastly we have her bunny and sheepy with us which she has in bed with her every single night. 

Obviously every single child is different but I know that holiday season is upon us and I hope that this has given you some help for your little ones.



  1. Great ideas for a long journey. Love your blog and YouTube channel. Lilly is adorable. Have a great holiday x

    1. Thank you :) finally feel like I am getting the knack of keeping up with it x


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