Toddler outfit of the day | Spring day

I thought Lilly looked adorable in this outfit so I thought that I would share the outfit with you all. We took a trip out just to the village the other day where I got this snap of her in the daffodils. 

Her lovely sun hat is a handmade one we picked up last year from rural past times. It's very spring/summer looking with daisies all over it and it finally fits her better.

Her top is from a pack of three that we got from the Morrison's nutmeg range of clothing. I think that the stripes make her look more grown up, but I also think they suit her very well.

The trousers we just £2.50 ones from H&M a while back, the white legging go well with the striped top and keep her legs cooler than a dark colour would have.

Lastly are her shoes which again are from H&M. I am in love with them and wish I had a pair myself. They are pink converse style shoes which seems to go with pretty much every outfit she has.

I cannot believe how much my little girl has grown up.



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