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January favourites

So it is time for my first monthly favourites of 2015. I cannot believe that we are a month in already! I hope you are all enjoying 2015.

Herbal essences seductively straight shampoo and conditioner
I have loved these for a long time but havent brought them in ages so my other half got me some. They smell amazing and my hair feels so much healthier after using the products. The only issue I have with these is that the bottle shape is a bit bad to use all the product.
Beauticology raspberry cream macaroon foot cream
This product smells amazing, just like a pack of love heart sweets. You dont need to use a lot for it to cover you feet. And my feet feel fresher and more hydrated straight after using the product.
Baylis and Harding, Mulberry hollyhock and thyme body lotion
The lotion again smells so good but I do find it a little over powering. The lotion absorbs well into my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. I also find that again you do not need a lot of the product to use.

This is hard

This is a very hard post for me to write but I am going through a rough time in my life at the moment. 
I am suffering from anxiety, really bad, amd last night I actually had two panic attacks last night. I haven't been able to shake the thoughts that cause these attacks. 

I cannot even talk about the thoughts without making me feel panicy and sick which is the worst thing.I know I shouldn't let these thoughts get to me but sometimes i can't help it.
My other half, Liam and my little Lilly help me get through this and Liam is the me any time of the day or night 
Anxiety is horrible and very difficult to cope with. I can't explain it in any other way but need to get better.

Blog gone wrong!

I am cery sorry about the missing pictures on my blog. I accidentally deleted my google + pictures from my blog! I have managed to restore some of the pictures but will have to sort properly on my computer tomorrow.There may even have to be a few new photos taken to put it back up to the way it was before. I cannot believe that this has happened! Am and so angry at myself for making such a hige mistake. Hopefully the blog will be finctional again as of tomorrow! Hopefully. :)xXx

Nutmeg Clothing

Morrisons have a clothing range which I am in love with and have been since I found the range. I went in the other day and brought a couple of outfits 
I find the prices very resonable for the quality of the clothes. Also there are so many different styles which bright colours and characters. 

Both outfits that I brought came to £5 each, it worked out at just £2 a top and £3 for each pair of leggings. 

I don't shop in Morrisons very often but when I do I always end up buying at least one item.
The clothes are so soft and feel good quality, very durable.

This last picture was a gift from Nanny, it is so warm and has a cute bunny on the front. 
I think that Nutmeg are my favourite range of clothing for Lilly and at such a reasonable price you can't argue. 

Meat vs Veggie

I have been recently attending a course about healthier eating with some scrummy recipes that are every day meals.
We help to prepare all the ingredients then we all sit down as a group ajd try what we have made. The one thing is we get a meat version and a vegetarian option. 

It has been really nice to find the variety between both meals and enjoy them both in different ways. Also I have never thought of doing vegetarian versions of the classic meals we have.
The first week we made shepards pie and a veggie pie, they were both so good and were both full of flavour. I am tempted to do this in the future to change things up a little.
This week we did a Caribbean curry, again with a vegetarian option. I kind of preferred the veggie one as the veg seemed to take the spice more than the chicken did, but again both yummy.
I am definitely going to be looking into more alternatives in the future to have more variety in our house.

Lilly's snowy day

Yesterday was the first snowfall our town has seen in two years, and even though it was bearly a covering we went out to enjoy it. 
Nothing better than a little trip 's snowing to enjoy what doesn't happen very often.

The ssnow only lasted about an hour at most but we wrapped ourselves up, Lilly in here (12-18 month) snowsuit, hat and gloves and me in my coat and gloves to walk to the village.

Lilly ababsolutely loved it, making footprints and making small snow balls to throw at Mummy. She also loved the idea of when we got home warming up with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

We can certainly say we enjoyed the snow while it lasted and didnt get too cold. Just wish it was a little more and that Liam was home to have enjoyed it too. 
How much snow, if any did you all get? Hope you enjoyed it.

Whats in my make up bag

So I thought that I would share what items I have in my make-up bag. It has grown a lot over the last year. 

I have a fair few items in such a small bag lol. A buldging bag!
- Urban Decay, Naked 2 - The Balm, Nude'Tude' - ColorTrend Concealer (Light) - Natural Collection (Fair) - ColorTrend oil control pressed powder (medium) - Natural Collection pressed powder (Neutral)  - Natural Collection blush (Pink Cloud) - 2truePro wow volume mascara - Collection pencil eyeliner (Black) - Avon small brush - Avon kibuko brush - Mac perceptive primer - A mirror
I am loving my make-up at the moment. I love watching Zoella and Tanya Burr and getting ideas from them. I have learnt a lot from them too.
I have never really been a make-up girl so I love there tutorials.
Have any of you tried any of these, if so what do you like? Or any reccomendations for the future?

Things to do with a two year old.

Things to do with a two year old.

Painting is such a good way for you toddlers to express themselves

I recently brought Lilly some new brushes from Tesco, a range of 10 different sizes and styles to use, we also have a few colours of paint, which is slowly growing as I find new things to do with her. Lilly loves painting and hates having to clear up after we have finished. We also have some paint stamps to use to and you can also dp potato printing if you dont have stamps.
Dens are so easy to make and fun to play with too. You can do so much with dens, they can be a hide out, a picnic place, a story corner or a place to play hospitals.  Boxes are brilliant because so many things arrive in them, they can be anything you toddler wants them to be and when there done you just throw them out. Personally I used to preferred making the ones out of blankets when I was younger and putting pillows inside. and Lilly loved her one when I did hers. 
When we have a full day in for some r…

December Favourites

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
This palette is amazing, such lovely colours and yeah! I am just in love with it lol. you do not need a lot of the powder at all to make a statement on your eyes. I have been wanting and Urban decay Naked palette for so long and my lovely friend got it for me for my birthday :) My favourite colour at the moment is Busted, the purply colour which I used over Christmas and new year.
Tesco Value Face Wipes
These are only 60p a pack and do what they say on the pack, wash your face lol. These remove make up very well, and make your skin feel really fresh. They are obviously not the best but for a value product they are amazing. 
Aveno Bath Oil
We use this every bath time for Lilly as it is amazing for her eczema. It smells pretty good too. This works wonders for Lilly's skin and clears up her eczema within 4 washes when she has a break out. You also don't need a lot as it spread very easily. (We are prescribed this)
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiz…

Honey choc chip cookies | Recipe and Method

My other half wanted some cookies and his mate uses honey, she we a recipe that sounded pretty good.
I made a small mistake when putting the on the tray (see last pic lol)

288g Plain flour 1 tsp bicarb of Soda 1/2 tsp Salt 226g Unsalted butter 300g Sugar 3 tbsp Honey 2 Eggs  2 tsp Vanilla extract 240g chocolate

1. Oven gas Mark 5/ 180oC 2. Mix flour, bicarb of soda and salt in to a small bowl 3. In a large bowl cream butter, sugar, honey, eggs and vanilla 4. Gradually mix in the dry ingrediants until it forms a dough 5. Mix in chocolate  6. Put a tablespoon size amount in opposite corners (See pic) of a lined baking tray 7. Bake for 8-9 mins, rotate half way through
Theses are so yummy and keep in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks. The mix should make 4 dozen, a lot of cookies lol

I hope you enjoyed this recipe :)

Christmas day 2014

The best Christmas in a long time! Didn't end as planned but the rest of the day was brilliant. Food, presents, family and laughs. 
Lilly was completely in her element with it all and I thinks little overwhelmed with the amount of new toys she received. So much to take in for her. 
So we started off Christmas day with our traditional breakfasts, apart from my other half wasn't up for a fry up. So I had my boiling bacon with pickles, Lilly had Christmas tree crumpets with jam and a smoothie.
This rocking horse was from Grandma and Grandad, it makes noises and moves it's mouth, Lilly now has a rocking horse at each grandparents house.
We started off Christmas dinner with a homemade prawn cocktail which tasted amazing.
All sat down to Christmas dinner, was so tasty but too much was made as usual, so much leftover meat and veg. Lilly wasn't too impressed with the food choice.
That evening we went to great Grandma and great Grandads house where Nanny and Grandad were stayi…

Christmas eve 2014

Our Christmas Eve was perfect! So busy with getting last minute bits, baking and even seeing Santa fly over.
By the time Lilly went to bed I was feeling more festive than I had all month. We had done so much and were ready for the next few days! 
Here are a few pictures of our day.
Lilly was really enjoying the cbeebies app with the advent calender,  So many easy Christmasy games for her to play. 
This year we made some gingerbread for Santa along with a homemade mince pie. He also had a glass of sherry and some special reindeer food. Lilly also wanted to put a blanket out for him to be 'cosy'
Santa came and left lots of treats for us, didnt realise how much we actually had lol. But made it look more special. 
Lilly was exhausted by the end. Even though she was excited she slept like a log.
Christmas day blog to follow! 

Welcome 2015!

Happy new year, I hope that 2015 brings you all that you wish for! I am excited to say that we have a lot of plans this year

I really hope that it is better than the end of last year! We have a lot of saving ti do and a lot of work to do.
1. We are going to TRY to save for a deposit for a new place. We would like a family home where we can feel at home.
2. We have a family holiday in May so the countdown until that has started and will be writing lists and planning soon.
3. We may be getting married, that sounds scary as hell lol but very exciting. If we are we have a lot of planning for this.
4. I'm am going to try and be a little bit more healthy, vitamins, Workouts, more water, remember my medicine. Weather this last any time is another matter.
5. Last but not least I am trying so hard to make our house a home. I have an ebay list of bits we want and need for the home and a ton of bits on the way. My poor postman lol! 
So if all goes to plan we should have our life on track by…