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Toddler OOTD | Spring is coming

I haven't written an outfit post in what feels like forever so I thought I would share Lil's outfit today.
We recently got a couple of tunics from Miniclub clothing at boots and this is one if them, a beautiful navy blue dress with a red and white floral print on. I think this is super cute and was really cheap at buying two tunics for £8.

I also put some blue floral print tights that I got from Aldi last year. These complete the outfit to make it a little more cosy and warmer for the spring weather.
I put her hair in bunches today, her hair is getting so long and I love doing different hairstyles on her.
I think she looks super cute today and wanted to share it. 

Going back to brown

For a while now I have wanted to change my hair colour back to brown, I was getting very bored of the blonde and how quick my roots would show again after dying my hair,

4 days before Christmas I decided to pick up two boxes of Urban brown from live colour XXL which is my favourite brand of hair dye. I find that it colored my thick hair really well and also gives you such a nice colour. 
On the 22nd I dyed my hair back to brown and I am so happy that I did so. It makes me look a lot older and tidier within myself. This change really made me feel a lot more confident and have actually been complimented on how it looks, even over a month after having it done.
If you are looking for a good hair dye then try Live colour XXL and also experiment with your hair a little. I am so glad I spent almost a year as blonde as it gave me a new look that easy to achieve and I really did like. just please remember to do the allergy test before using any hair dye.

Chinese New year crafts

Today is Chinese New year,  the year of the monkey, so I wanted to do some crafts with Lilly to celebrate and teach Lilly about all the festivities. 
First is the Chinese dragon, this was pretty fun to make and Lilly loves it.

To make this I used a print off which I found on the crayons website. Lilly coloured it in and I cut it out. I made a concertina out of some paper and stuck it to the head and tale as a body. We had some gold shiny paper which I used as flames.
Second was a paper lantern with the left of paper from the concertina. I used to make these all the time.

Fold the paper in half and cut off about a 2cm strip off the end. The next part is cut strips about 2cm's apart from the folded end and stop about 2 cm's from the top. You then unfold and join the top together at the top and bottom to make a lantern shape. Now use the strip you cut off to make a handle.
Did you do anything to do for Chinese New year? 

I passed my driving test

I am still in utter shock that I have done this, but I have great pleasure in letting you all know that on the Friday just gone I  passed my practical driving test. I am so so happy and proud of myself.

This was the second time that I have taken my test and from the get go I thought that I had failed but luckily the mistake I had made was only a minor point. After this mistake my drive went very well. I had the three point turn as my manauver which I had last time too, but I find that one quite easy so was happy to do this one. 
I never have to take the test again and I am so pleased about that as I was so so nervous. I came out with just 5 minors which was a lot better than 7 minors and 3 serious last time.
I am so glad the hard part is over, I now have a bit of saving to do to get my car and insurance but I will get there and have some independence for myself. 

My Valentines wish list

with it being just over a week till Valentines here is my gisft guide for you My valentines wish list is quite simple this year, not to much yet something meaningful.

Coloured roses
I have seen these multi coloured roses floating around on Facebook for a few weeks now and think that they are super cute and roses are the classic love flower in my eyes. I would love to get one of these roses just as a cute little gesture.
Lush bath products
Lush bath products are a win for me every time, especially a good old bath bomb for a nice relaxing bath in the evening with some candles and a glass of bubbly. This sounds like a perfect evening to me. If you do get some bath bombs maybe complement these with a nice face mask to to add to the relaxing bath and feeling super pampered.
Charm bracelet
I think chrm bracelets are a cute little gift for Valentines, especially by adding a cute little charm for it. This can then be added to through the year on special occasions such a birthdays, Christmas and…

Conquering my fear of dentists

I have had a huge fear of dentists for a very long time due to a childhood trauma. My dentist was a very nasty person who told me off for feeling a lot of pain when he had actually put the injection in the other side of my mouth. I heard that he has since been struck off over many allegations aggainst him.

Back in Septembers I was ready to get back to going to the dentist to conquer this fear and it was so much easier to plan around Lilly being at nursery. I decided to go to a local dentist that was recommended to me from my driving instructor.
When I first went I had to have some work started by having a few fillings, the dentist then left in December and I was given another dentist who is actually amazing.
He has filled another two teeth, done a deep clean around my gums and today extracted a tooth for me. all the work done has been amazing and I barely felt a thing. I did feel slightly sorry for myself when I got home but now the numbing has calmed but there luckily isn't any …