2 year update

I seriously cannot believe Lilly is two years old, really am in shock! 

She really does make me proud and surprises me every single day. 


She is doing amazingly well with her speech, she is stringing words together to create sentences and is also using words such and delicious and ridiculous in the right places. She has also started to think about her answers before saying things and asks for many different things. Another thing she loves to do is sing her little heart out, theme tunes, nursery rhymes, popular songs and movie songs, its so cute.


She has become slightly more fussy with what she east but still eats the majority of things we put infront of her. Sadly Lilly has gone off of pasta which is a shame but she will have soup and bread or fish, sausages, sometimes even a roast dinner. She loves her fruit and sweets and also a huge like are the bears yoyo's which are made of fruit.


She FINALLY sleeps through and sometimes even gives me till almost 8am which is a real bonus. Another achievement is that she goes to bed on her own, I will read her a bedtime story and say my good nights. Then i leave her with her juice and let her fall asleep on her own. This is so nice not to have to sit in her room for ages. Her bedtime is 8pm.


Lastly are her clothes and shoe sizes! She has finally grown into 18-24 month clothing but we don't have as much as I would like. Some of her 12-18 stuff does still fit such as baby grows and tops. We have an issue with leggings, she has quite a small waist so legging do not stay up unless held with a hair band, this is including 12-18 ones. SO annoying. Lastly are her shoes which is still a size 4, she has some many size four shoes luckily.

I hope you have enjoyed my update, with do them every 6 months from now on.



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