Bluereef aquarium and Fishermans museum

We had a great family day out at our local aquarium,  Bluereef, we also had a look around the fisherman's museum. Another exciting day to share with you!

Lilly was so unsure at first, especially of the big things such as this lobster. 

Lilly was a little calmer with these as they kind of have a face from underneath, they kept poking their heads up to say hi as we told her.

How strange but cute was this fish, came straight to the glass, looked straight at me and then slowly swam off. So many weird and wonderful sea creatures.

My favourite part has to be the tunnel with fish swimming straight above your head including rays and sharks. I could stand there all day long and watch them. Such a beautiful peaceful place

The pricing, in my opinion was a little steep costing £23 for three adults booking online, Lilly goes free till aged 4. It only took us 45 minutes to go around and we didnt rush. 

Lastly is a rare photo of the three of us on an old boat positioned in the fisherman's museum, a small museum with some pretty facinating things, a little bit about our town.

This museum is donation only, it's only a small museum but still gets me with that huge boat in there.

Another day to add to 'Our family' book, been a busy year so far.



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