Lilly's Christmas Eve Basket | 2016

I have just finished sorting out Lilly's Christmas eve basket for this year and I wanted to share what I have included. We are out for some of Christmas eve at my parents so don't have a huge amount this year.

To keep her entertained though the day we have an activity book which I brought from Aldi last year. I believe they have sold some this year too. We also have The Snowman Dvd and The night before Christmas to occupy her before bed but to calm her at the same time.

Food / treat wise I have made a hot chocolate cone like last year an also I will be filling the milk bottle brought from pound stretcher with some dolly mixtures for a sweet treat. We also have a treat for the reindeer, we have some magical reindeer food, this is a mixture of oats, carrots and edible glitter.

Lastly as an extra I have added a Christmas teddy, this year it is a polar bear which she got with some kinder chocolate a while back. I have also included some festive pajama's to wear on Christmas eve, this year they are Little Miss Christmas ones.

Activity Book: Aldi 69p
The Snowman DVD: Tesco £7 (boxset with The snowman and the snowdog)
The Night Before Christmas Book: eBay around £3
Hot Chocolate Cone: Homemade How to post
Milk Bottle: Poundstretcher 69p
Dolly Mixtures: Tesco 40p
Polar Bear Teddy: Tesco £5 with Kinder Chocolate
Pajamas: A gift (price uknown)


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