Trying new food • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #28

Today Lilly tried some new food which I am super proud of. For a while no she has started to get picky with her food and I kind of let her which is obviously not the best thing to do. 

On the first day of camping we had meat pie as a family and after a few persuations Lilly ate about 4 bits of beef steak from inside the pie along with the pastry too. 

Since then I have told myself that I need to help her try new things. She had a jacket spud with cheese the other day which she ate with out and fuss. So I told hed about sweet and sour chicken.

When shopping the other day I picked up a jar of sweet and sour sauce and some chicken and got some fresh rice today from Aldi. At lunch I told her what she was having and she didn't sound too happy. 

Dinner time came and I started cooking fhe chicken and rice, I also set up the big table so we could eat together and she could see that I liked the food and was eating it too. Once the chicken was cooked I added the sauce and then once heated dished out plates up.

I never put to much of a new thing on her plate as I don't want to put her off before she has tried. She asked if I could mix her rice and chicken together and she started to tuck in.

She seemed a bit unsure at first but soon started to gobble it down. She ended up having 8 pieces of the chicken and about 3/4 of the rice I put on her plate. 

I am super proud of her and ended up giving her two stickers for her dinner chart, 1 for eating her dinner nicely and the other for trying new things.


*Chicken supplied through Tesco Orchards*


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