MSC Splendida look back | 7/1/12 | Travelling to Genoa

The first day was mainly travelling to the airport and then onto the ship.

We left at 5am in the morning to make our flight, I decided to wear high heels and had to change the moment I got to Gatwick as my feet were killing me.

When we got there we checked in with plenty of time to spare so went to one of the cafes to have some breakfast. I had a sausage sandwich with a flag stuck in the middle and a coffee.

We had a bit of a time to wait so just looked around the shops and kept looking out for our gate to be called. 

When our plane was finally called we had a long walk to our gate and another wait at the other end. 

I had never flown in a big plane before but only in a light aircraft back in 2006, so it had been a long time. 

When on the plane I had a bit of a moment when we were taxying away but once on the runway I was fine and couldn't wait ti take off. The feeling when you take off is immense, such an amazing feeling. I could bit stop smiling th who flight and got an amazing view of the alps. 

When flying into Genoa the whole atmosphere changed and I was a little nervous to land. The view out of our window was beautiful. Blue sea, green hills and the sun shining down. 

The landing was smooth and our bags came through straight away. Genoa airport was quite small and very dingy but very pleasent. There was an old plane on display outside woth palm trees about. 

We got straight onto a bus to take us to the ship but our driver was a little crazy and drove like he owned the road. 

Once at port side we went to check on to the ship and get our key and check in pack. Our luggage was taken and put into our suites.

The ship itself was beautiful but was so big, it seems crazy that such a large boat can float. Our suite was beautiful, with a huge bed, a sofa and table, dressing table with hair dryer and so many mirrors. The balcony was small but nice with a table and two chairs. The bathroom was nice and spacious and had some free products to use.

When we left port me and Liam stood on the balcony and watched as we sailed out to sea. Such a surreal experience. You could barely feel the boat moving and the waves didn't affect the boat at all. 

We had an early night that night to catch up on some well needed sleep. 



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