MSC Splendida look back | 12/1/12 | Proper tourist and stolen camera

This was one the days that I was looking forward to, Civitavecchia, which is tbe port for the link to Rome.

We got to the port and walked along the promenade to find the station for Rome. Alobg the promenade there was this magnificent statue of the Sailor kissing which I believe is in quite a famous painting.

The train took about 40 minutes and was actually a double decker train, so strange. There weren't a lot of seats though so me and Liam ended up standing most of the way.

Once off the train we followed the crown to Vatican which was so beautiful. The architecture and just the atmosphere around there was incredible. Even down to the nativity and thr strange police golf buggy looking thing.

We then went across a beautiful ornate bridge where the grim reaper was standing thrre for photos. I got my photo done with him but never actually saw the picture.

We then visited the Trevi fountaib with was absolutely beautiful. It was so crowded though but we did end up getting some photos in front of the fountain. Not to far from the fountain was a street artist who used lids and cardboard circles to create beautiful pictures with spray paint. The end picture was unbelievably good. We wanted to buy one but thought that it might get damaged in transit.

We then made our way to the Colosseum but on the way found out that my other halves camera had gone missing, we believe that it had been taken but will never know. That's why I never saw the grim reaper photo.

The Colosseum was magnificent, we didn't have time to go in but enjoyed having a look outside but kept getting harassed by street sellers literally every turn. 

We again did the touristy thing and get a photo in front of it on our other camera, luckily we had taken 2. We tried to put the lost camera behind us and not let it ruin the rest of the day.

Once back at the port me and Liam took a picture in front of the kissing sailor. We then relised that we never had lunch so ended up in MacDonald's, which was proboably the tastiest one I've ever had.

Another wonderful day full of wonderful experience, just sadly we lost some photos and videos on the other camera. 



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