MSC Splendida look back | 11/1/12 | A ride on a camel

The next port was Tunisia. We got woken up just as we were coming into port by the sound of music, it was very surreal. We ordered our breakfast to be brought to our cabin that morning so ate on the balcony. 

On port side there were dancers, camels, a small band and peopke to welcome up. We sat and watched and waved too. As we were not going any further than the port area we took our time with breakfast and getting ready for the day.

Once on port side we were greated by some lovely people who were watching camels. They asked if we wanted to take a ride around the port side, which  of course we said yes too. It was €10 for it but an experience which I will never forget. The ride was awfully bumpy but it was so much fun.

After that we had a look in the shops by the port and brought a couple of goodies and took some pictures to of the local area.

We made our way back to the ship after about half a hour. There was still some dancers outside so we stood and watched them for a while. 

Once back on the ship me and Liam went to our cabin to get ready for a trip to the hot tub in the warm January sun, it was such a strange moment, it felt like I was in some sort of dream.

After that we got some drinks and sat and waited for the other guests to get back to the ship.

It was such a lovely place and wish we had time to explore it more and maybe have taken a coach out of the port area.

The ship took off quite early to get to the next port. So we had a few drinks that night (me on the virgin cocktails) and then explore the ship a little more. Me and Liam had a early night to have energy for the next day.



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