My week in pictures | 16th - 23rd August

My first one of these and not a lot of pictures to share so I did add last Sunday too.

We decided to go and take Nanny's dog buddy for a walk, the view from our local country park is beautiful and you can actually see France some times. 

Everytime we asked Buddy to stop and wait Lilly would sit her hum down and wait to. She looked so cute hidden in the grass.

I noticed that I didn't have a lot of pictures with my sidekick lately so I got my phone out and did some silly selfie with her.

She pulls the funniest face but this was my favourite picture of us both.

Lastly I have had a splitting headache for the past two day so my wonderful other half took me to the shop for some paracetamol and lucozade and also picked up Girl Online for me too.

I am so happy to actually have my hands on this book and cannot wait to start reading it. 

I know there's not a lot of pictured but I would like to make this a weekly thing so keep and eye out.



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