Toddler outfits | Holiday edition

Two outfits that I really loved for Lilly were the two party din both esses that she wore when we went up to the clubhouse.

This first outfit is definitely set for a princess and the little tiara just finishes it perfectly. The dress itself is from Primark, the top part has a little cat on it. The cardigan is from Nutmeg which Nanny brought for her for our holiday and her shoes are from H&M that she has had for a while. We got the tiara whilst on camp for just £1 in the character shop.

This second outfit is equally gorgeous, she loves this dress herself. The dress is from H&M and has a netted piano the whole way around with leather looking hands at the front as if someone playing. Her midi cardigan was also from H&M and has glittery thread though it. I didn't have any really smart shoes for her to wear and she chose to wear the panda wellies that we got her from F&F at Tesco.

I may be biased but I think she looks absoloutly beautiful in both pictures. She is a little princess to us and a little poser on those wooden toadstools. Bless!



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