Mayday | Jack in the green and Bike run

Every year in our town on May day the air is filled with the smell of petrol and oil and the streets are full of bikers and green people. 

We have an annual celebration of spring called Jack in the Green. This is, I believe to banish the winter and welcome this spring. We have drummers,  morris dancers and many people dressed in green for the parade, I have taken part a few times and my Dad and Brother still do. Hence the photo below.

We managed to see most of the parade, seeing many morris dancing groups and a few drumming groups, some that I had never seen before and of course Sambalanca. 

The other thing that happens in town is the May day bike meet, thousands of bikes travel from all over the country to our little town every May day. Some of the bikes are absoloutly amazing, the paintwork or even just the uniqueness of the bikes I
is imemse and the noise is extraodinary, especially when there revving or doing a burnout. I would so love to have a bike to be I
involved In this and to show off my bike. 

We both had a wonderful day and I finally got to try out our camera for a reason. I try not to ever miss this as its such a nice atmosphere down there.



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