World of country life

When in Devon we took a trip to the World of Country life. There was so much to do there, something for everyone. 

At the World of country life there were animals of all sorts, vehicle museum and steam museum, also play areas for the children (or big kids like me and Liam). 

The first part that we looked round was all about farming machines and the way they used to work. They were all working and and the mini train had all moving parts. We then went into a section of little scenes and costumes from the past. We then entered a little village row with shops and a public house to look in.

There were many animals to see including deer, rhias, pigs, donkeys, cows, sheep, goats and a little nursery full of baby rabbits and cute chicks. Lilly was very unsure of the larger animals but the baby goats were definitely her cup of tea.

They also had a birds of prey display, we saw  a hawk and an owl. The owl was amazing and actually flew over our heads, we even got a little tap from the owls wings. It was absolutely amazing.

After all that me and Liam had a sit down and Lilly enjoyed the trampoline and the slides they had there. Her and Liam also enjoyed the soft play area. 

We had an absoloutly fantastic day and it was only a few minute walk from our camp. It was so nice to see Lilly enjoy herself and learn at the same time. We were there for a good few hours. 



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