2nd Birthday presents

I know Lilly's birthday is almost 5 months away but I have started looking for presents for her. I like to plan ahead. I would like to share a few items that I have looked at for Lilly.

 So first is fabric food, I found this on a shop through Facebook and totally fell in love with this. I think it is completely unique and different to what most of the shops sell. I love these as they are so cute, and there is such a wide array of food that you get buy in this style such as cakes, burgers, fruit, veg and it just looks adorable.

Next is the wooden kitchen, I've always loved the kitchen sets and prefer the wooden style. In my opinion they are prettier and more durable for children to play with. There are so many different styles ranging from prices low to high. 

Next are wooden instruments, again wood I know but I just love wooden toys as they are so traditional and believe have more character. I love the idea of Lilly being musical and instruments are perfect to help her rhythm come along. 

And lastly is a Peppa pig toy, I have look at this many times and think this is cute for a first dolls house. She loves Peppa and I hope that she would learn about the rooms in the house and about what happens in each room with this.

I hope this gives you some ideas, I love looking and planning.

Viki xx


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