Easter in Pictures

We had a wonderful and simple Easter this year. We were quite busy but nothing we couldn't handle. 

Good Friday we went to go and look at a little car for me. I ended up buying it for just £650. We then went up to Liams mate house and enjoyed the warn sun in the play park and had bacon sandwiches.

Saturday was Liam's 25th birthday, but sadly I didn't get any pictures as Liam hates having photos taken. There is blog post about his birthday basket if you want to know what he got from me and Lil's. We ended up going over Liam's parents and the birthday boy decided that he wanted to help me clean my car out.

Easter Sunday was such a nice family day indoors. Lilly woke up at 7:25 which I thought was an amazing lie in but sadly it turned out that the clocks went forward and it was just normal time. We had three eggs hidden for her which she had ti hunt out and find, she got so excited.

Later that day we did some Easter crafts with he foam eggs for the Easter basket and also made some yummy chocolate nests too. I actually managed to get a rare family picture and had a few cuddle too.

We all ate a lot of chocolate, maybe a little too much but I think a lot of us do the same thing. 

That evening we had gammon with an sugar apple glaze and a cheesy mash potato bake

We didn't really do much on Easter Sunday, we just had a day if relaxing as Liam's ear decided to make it temporarily deaf in one ear. 

All in all our Easter was pretty amazing. 

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.



  1. Aww bless look at all that chocolate! Glad you had a lovely time over the holidays :) x

  2. I love your yellow car it's so cute! sounds like you had a greta Easter weekend. x

  3. It's lovely to have some quiet time although this looks busy to me! Love the chocolate nests and such a cute car xx

  4. Her little face, adorable! Love your new set of wheels xx

  5. Loving the yellow car - my favourite colour so perfect choice in my opinion! Looks and sounds like you guys had a lovely easter! xx

  6. Ahhh the car is so cute. I love the yellow. It's so lovely to have some quiet time. She looks so cute holding those chocolate nests. What a lovely easter! x

  7. Wish I had been at your house for dinner! That gammon sounds delicious! x


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