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New years resolution

I cannot believe that we are actually in 2017 already, how has this happened? Well it's now the new year and I have set myself some New years resolutions, lets hope I can stick with them this time.
1. Try not to worry as much, 
This is so important for me as I stress so much and cause myself more stress by worrying about things that are out of my control or worrying about things that haven't even happened yet.
2. Lose some weight / look after myself
I have let myself go a little and I am seriously not happy with the way I look, I am going to try and eat cleaner, cut down on treats and exercise a little. I also want to take better care of my skin, teeth and everything else in general.
3. Read as many books as possible
I am sadly quite a slow reader but I am determined to read more this year, I love finding stories that I can fully emerge myself in and enter a world that is so different to the one I am in.
4. Make memories
This is one I make and usually managed to fulfil, I lov…

Boxing Day Haul | Zoella Beauty and Lush

I have never really been bothered about the sales but I got some money for Christmas and wanted to spend it on something I liked but as frugally as possible so I took advantage of the boxing day sales while I could. I shopped online as it's just easier and I can see what deals I was getting.
The first place I visiting was Superdrug as I remember getting a Zoella Beauty set last year after Christmas for a lot cheaper. I was so happy that I managed to find the things that I got for such a good price.

I picked a pack of Just Crackers crackers which I had got my eye on from when she showed them in her video. these are four card crackers which you twist to open and find a travel size version of Zoella's gingerbread range, which smells amazing. these were down to £3.99.
The second thing that I picked up was a pack of her bath fizzers, these are again in the gingerbread scent and are in such a cute shape of a gingerbread man which you can snap in two. You get three in a pack and I p…