Hellingly Festival of Transport • Summer Holiday Project 2016

I have finally got around to writing my post from the weekend. We went camping again but this time we were in a caravan which was so much nicer.

We arrived to the camping field on the Friday which was baking hot. We arrived at about 2pm and sorted out our caravan for the weekend. Sadly we couldn't do much playing outside the caravan as the field was an old wheat field and the stalks were quite sharp where it had been harvested. The rest of the Friday was set up really.

Saturday was another scorcher but we decided to head over to the show field to have a look at what was there. The field was literally packed which really suprised me.

The vehicles over there ranged from military to farming to vintage, so many things to see and I am so glad we could go a second day. 

Lil's absolutely loved all the vintage cars and military vehicles. She had so time with Nanny and Grandad whilst me and Liam where taking photos at the start. It was ridiculously hot but Lilly still loved her couple of hours there. We got her face painted, she asked for pink so the lady went through a few, Lil's picked flowers.

We took a look at the steam engines which we so beautiful, the smell was amazing but Lil's wasn't so sure as they were so big. We also looked around so absoloutly stunning hot rods, they were so tidy, something you only really see on telly.

Before heading back to the caravan we let Lilly go on a couple of the rides. Lilly was so happy as two of the rides she could pretend she was driving, on the second ride she picked a pink rolls royce which made me laugh, she does have expensive taste. Haha. The last ride me abd Nanny rode too, I got on the horse behind whilst Nanny and Lilly rode on the dragon carriage. My horse was called Jeniffer as was so high I almost couldn't get on it.

We headed back after then to have a cool down in the caravan and get some food. We had a lovely evening with the family and walked Buddy (Nanny's dog) a couple of times to use some of Lil's energy up. That night there was a live band so we headed over to the show field and Lil's had a boogie again.

We lasted a few more songs before she was saying she felt tired, the rides were lit up so grandad took her over to see if he could win her a prize, which he did (a little pink bunny) and as we were heading back me and her Daddy got her a light up crown.

The next day was a lot cooled so me and Liam took her over to the field again so we could finish having a look at the rest of the show. We found ths military and commercial vehicles at the back of the field, it's like walking back in time. 

The steam engines were all in the main arena and we sat and watched for a while, there was a least 25 engines in there and at the end of there display they all set there horns off in memorial of two friends that had passed, the noise was immense and the steam coming out of the engines looks so cool.

We rode a little train at the end and also treated Lil's to an icecream which was devoured in minutes. The festival of transport was amazing and would love to go again next year.

Back at the caravan we had an hour before they were starting the BBQ so me and Lilly played cars and puzzles and magic painting too. The BBQ was crazy, there were burgers, steaks, minted lamb chop kebabs and piri piri chicken on offer. The might was great, surrounded by friends and family. Lilly got treated to another icecream from Auntie Lisa which was lovely. 

The Monday was spent sorting out and packing the car up to come home, I was glad tk get home but again we had a lovely time that I didn't want it to end and the caravan was so comfy it made the experience so much nicer.



  1. This looks like a really fun festival! Kids always love learning about older transport!

  2. Looks like you had a great time there! Those old cars look awesome :D

  3. Looks like you all had a brilliant tine. It looks like a great festival :)


  4. This looks like such a fun weekend and this festival looks great. Sounds like Lilly really loved it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  5. It looks like you had an epic weekend I am so glad that you did. The festival looks fun x

  6. This sounds like such a wonderful weekend, the festival sounds and looks really interesting. Kaz x

  7. looks like you have had such a lovely family weekend!


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