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March Favourites

I have been loving so many products during the month of March. and finding new brands to try out and fall in love with. So here are my March favourites for you to read through and hopefully enjoy.

Nivea 2in1 cleanser and toner
This product is completely new to my skin care routine and I have fallen for it instantly, it smells amazing and makes my skin super soft. As for the cleansing, it works wonders and takes make up off a treat, it also is great just to wash out your pores with visible results.
Batiste dry shampoo (cherry)
I am a bit lover of dry shampoo so couldn't pass it up on offer at Superdrug. I haven't had any in a while so had forgotten how good it actually was, it is so good just to freshen up your hair between washes, it doesn't leave any residue after brushing and again smells amazing.
Nivea in shower body moisturiser (almond oil)
This is a guilty pleasure of mine, it is amazing and could probably sing its praises all day. It makes my skin super soft and do not…

Spring forward with a toddler

It's that time of the year again that messes up our childrens routines. The spring forward weekend.
I thought I would share with you how we are coping with the hour time change.

So I am trying to keep thw routine the same before. Lilly had dinner at 6pm as normal, it it's obviously an hour before for her so I am hoping that doing this will trigger her mind into thinking that 7:30pm is her normal bedtime and we can start from there. 
Her bath is the same time as before (6:30pm) and I will keep to doing everything we do before bed to keep things to the normal routine as normal. 
I hope that this works tonight and that we can keep her to a healthy routine and thay she understands that routine is important.

What's in Lillys bag | Everyday

I have been meaning to writr this for a long time and have finally got round to writing it for you. I wamted to share what is in Lilly's back pack for every day use.

The main importat thing for me to carry at the moment is pants and spare clothes, especially leggings. With potty training in full swing accidents are bound to happen when out and about and it's best to be prepared.
Next are a must when were out which are snacks and juice. For snacks I like to carry healthier snacks such as Bear yoyos, raisins, fresh fruit or breadsticks. 
Lastly we always carry some dry like me, these just make the accidents a rarer and easier to sort when they do happen, and wipes are a must for so many reasons.
I usually have the bag packed constantly so we can leave the house without a fuss.

Spring has sprung

Spring has officially sprung so with every moment of sunshine we are embracing it. We have been on lots of little adventures so far and plan to do a lot more this year. Embrace the weather and surrounding things to do.
With Easter around the corner we will be looking out for local things that are happening to get us out an about and have a lot planned to.

We have been adventuring down to our local seaside which I don't do enough, we have been having fish and chips in the car and going to the rides and amusements which is so much fun for us all. and as the weather gets better I hope that we will be doing this more often for an afternoon out.

We also have lots of natural country trails about us with the beautiful waterfall pictured above only 20 minutes away from our front door. we have so many paths to take and new trails to find. Also there are a few trails that I used to take when I was younger than I would  like to discover with Lilly pops.

Lastly we have been visiting local pl…

March Haul | H&M, super drug and ebay

I have been on a spending spree which I have loved a lot. It has been nice to have a bit of extra cash to spend on myself and get a few bargains at the same time.

I have brought a few items of clothing from H&M this month including two sweatshirt type jumpers with American place names on (LA and Brooklyn NYC) at £5.99 each. I also got a mint green basic top for £3.99, and stripped vest in black and white for again £3.99 and just a crop white vest which I will be using for an under top for £1.99
I then have been loving Superdrug where I have picked up a Barry M foundation out of the bargain bin for just £2, some Batiste on offer for about £1.42 and an MUA clear top coat nail polish for £1.
I also brought a little tidy from eBay for just 99p.

Partial eclipse

Today we whitnessed a partial eclipse, unfortunately only on the television as it was to cloudy but pretty amazing though.
 Lilly loved watching it and got very excited seeing the pictures of the moon covering the sun. It also marks the first day of Spring, we can finally feel a little fresher with the lighter nights as from next weekend

I do wish we had been able to see it, as it looked absolutely amazing. Just beautiful to see, I hope the next one in 11 years is clearer.

I hope you all enjoy the experience weather in true form or on the telly, we certainly did :)

Mothers day

Happy belated Mothers day to you. I have a pretty uneventful day but a nice one too.
I didn't get a present on the day but have some money to spend on myself :) so can't wait to treat myself to something nice.

My beautiful daughter is my world and makes me incredibly proud every single day. Being a Mum isn't easy and is sometimes so stressful. Its so rewarding though and I never knew I could love someone so much

I had to use my 'Mummy' cup with my cake just to add to the day. I know it sounds silly but seeing the word mummy just makes me feel so warm. I still can't believe that I am a Mummy sometimes.

We spent some of the day with our families to celebrate mothers day with our mums, and then had a lovely afternoon at home making cushion castles and enjoying time together.
I hope that you all have a wonderful mothers day. I know It's not the easiest day for some but you are all loved and thought of.

Potty training update

Lilly has been a busy bee learning to stay dry with these products. Lilly is now prettu much dry during the day and has beem for about a week now.

The two main products that have helped are the toilet seat pictured above, unsure of name as was given to up, and the dry like me pads.
The toilet seat has been the main help to her becoming dry and has really given her the confidence and the want to use the toilet as she can be completely independant when going. It is easy to store and clean and is brightly coloured for toddler to relate to.
The second product is the 'Dry like me' pads. These are disposable pads which you put into yoyr child pants either in the front or back or both and it gives the child a bit of protrction from accidents and can help children learn when they are about to go. Lilly loves these and they save the outifts when accidents happen (which they do).
The last thing I will mention is that a sticker chart really helped in the first couple of weeks. And the e…

Balance Me face mask review

Ok, so here's another freebie product review and I am completely in love with this product.
I got a free sample of the Balance me face mask. I personally have never heard of the company before but am so happy that I have now found them. 

SO this in the shop is £18 for a bottle of it, so its a bit pricey, so I actually brought a secong copyof Glamour to get another bottle.
The product comes out in a cream colour and has texture to it too. It is classed as a triple action face mask and is designed to polish, hydrate and smooth skin, of which it did all three for me in just one try.                   
Another thing that I love about this product is that it is 98% natural and made in the UK.
Once I used the mask my skin felt so soft and refreshed. It didn't dry my skin out in any way and came off my skin without any problem at all. There wasn't any residue left after either.
I would highly recommend trying this product as I love it :)

Benefit Roller Lash review

So I recently got a free sample if the Benefit roller lash mascara which I feel like I wanted to review.

This mascara has dissapointed me a little, I was expecting more from the product. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice product and seperates the lashes beautifully and does curve the eyes but I was expecting a fuller look.
The wand is a beautiful design and brushes out the lashes, the packaging that it comes with when you buy the product is so funky. The price is a bit more than I would actually pay for how it works in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this review!