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Potty training update

Lilly has been a busy bee learning to stay dry with these products. Lilly is now prettu much dry during the day and has beem for about a week now.

The two main products that have helped are the toilet seat pictured above, unsure of name as was given to up, and the dry like me pads.
The toilet seat has been the main help to her becoming dry and has really given her the confidence and the want to use the toilet as she can be completely independant when going. It is easy to store and clean and is brightly coloured for toddler to relate to.
The second product is the 'Dry like me' pads. These are disposable pads which you put into yoyr child pants either in the front or back or both and it gives the child a bit of protrction from accidents and can help children learn when they are about to go. Lilly loves these and they save the outifts when accidents happen (which they do).
The last thing I will mention is that a sticker chart really helped in the first couple of weeks. And the e…