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June favourites

June has been a pretty good month with a lot of hot days to enjoy and a few little adventures for me and my girl. 
Here are the products that I have been loving this month. Can't believe that we are over half way through 2015 already! Scary

Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallete
I have been loving this so much this month, I have been able to get a nice smokey eye look, and am loving the selection of shades within the pallete. This was a Christmas gift from a friend and I am so greatful for this.
Make up academy (MUA) powder foundation
MUA has to be my favourite bargain make up range there is. The powder that I have been using this month cost me just £1. The colouring is brilliant and isn't to heavy for the skin. The powder also blends very well with a liquid foundation and gives a smooth finish.
Simple Kind to Eye eye make up remover
An old favourite which has returned is the Simple eye make up remover. I recently tried out a new product and stopped using this but I have now ran out of the…

Aquafresh Brush time app for children

We have been using the Aquafresh brushtime app for a few weeks now and I thought I would write a piece on here for you about it.

I am in love with this app for my Lilly pops. It is so useful for her to learn how to clean her teeth. It also gives her the insentive to brush her teeth as she earns nurlde stars to dress her avatar in outfits of her choice.
The song is so catchy and Lilly loves to follow the instructions that the song tells her to do. 
The points bit has four categories for her to choose from, hats, shoes, glasses and outfits which she loved to choose after conpleting her teeth.
From a parents perspective I love it, Its so useful and my almost 3 year old loves it too. 

Armed forces day | Alexandra park

Today me and Lilly went to our local Armed forces day celebration down our main park. There was lots to see and do including displays from local groups and parades, there was also a chairoplane and bouncy castles there and they had stalls and tombolas as well.

After the parade we started wandering and managed to catch the military college students pulling the truck along. It took them a while to get it moving but once they had they were fine. They also pushed it back up the field too.

Food wise they had a burger van which was really cheap for the food they did, they had a crepes stand which I think is a brilliant idea. They also had an ice cream van which Lilly choose and a sweet stand.

They had this cute, original 1950's chairoplane for the children which Lilly was so excited to go on. She loved it and was smiling the whole way around. They also had a couple of bouncy castles too.
There was a few stalls with local charities and groups running them, such as girl guiding, cadets a…

Aldi children mini haul

Yesterday I popped into Aldi as I knew thet were doing a few bits for toddlers and older for the summer.

Sadly there wasn't a lot in Lilly's size. It was maily 3-4 up and I find there sizes a little bit in the bigger size. 
I managed to pick Lilly up a cute book called ' Oola the Owl, who lost her hoot'. It is such a cute story and the illistrations are beautiful.
I also picked Lilly up some socks in size 6 - 8.5 which she will grow in to, these were just £2.99 for a pack of 5. I also got a pack or breifs in size 2 - 3 years, I will be buying another pack as they were just £1.99 for a pack of 5.

ModelCo Volumeyes mascara and eye liner review

So I got this months Glamour magazine with the Model Co freebies. I actually got two so I could get the mascara and eyeliner free(ish). I absolutely loved the Model co eye liner last year and couldn't resist getting some more. 

Both products are amazing. 
The mascara makes my eye lashes so long and full looking, the brush is really good for spreading my lashes out and evenly distributing the mascara over all the lashes, also I find that the brush doesn't seem to clump to much mascara on the brush.
The eye liner is amazing. just one times across the bottom part of my eye and I am done. it makes me eyes look more dramatic. The only problem I have with pretty much every pencil eye liner is that it doesn't stay on my eyes for that long, so I am constantly having to re-do my eye liner. But as I said it is the same for every one I have tried.
All in all though I am very glad that I picked up both as they both are brilliant products and just £2 per magazine so £2 per product is …

4 ways I cope with anxiety

I have had a year battle with anxiety which turned more servere back in November.    I have had to learn how to cope with my panoc disorder to a point which I can move on with my life and not let it affect my day to day situation. 

Four ways that I find that help me a lot are music, exercise, reading and my family. 
I find music can really help to take your mind off of the situation or feeling that can cause you panic. I keep my music upbeat and happy as I can find slow songs to be difficult to listen to. I try and use song that I can sing along to or dance to with my little one to completely imerse myself within the song.
Excercise is good for you anyway but it can make you feel better within yourself and heighten your endorphins. It also again can take your mind off the situation in hand. I find that short burst exercise routines of youtube can be the most helpful as there is someone kind of there to do it with you. 
The worst part of the day for me is night tim…

Father's day

Happy Fathers day to all the Dad's out there. Especially my wonderful man and my Dad.
Here's a little post of our day

We had a quiet day over Liam's mums and he did some gardening. For a present we got him two whisky glasses with detailing on and also a small card too. I wasn't to sure what to get him so just looked around a bit and found them.

Over Nanny's me and Liam had lunch as Lilly had already eating. We also played a bit  in the garden with Buddy the dog and helping daddy mow the lawn. She also played on her swing and in her little tikes car too.

We finished our day with a fry up, we also watched Rush and then we're off for baths now.
Happy fathers day

Lush Cosmetics | Sex Bomb bath bomb review

As most of you may know I was treated to some Lush bath bombs at the weekend and of course have already tried one. I loved it some much so I thought I would write a little review.

The first bath bomb that I tried was Sex bomb. This looked and smelt amazing in store. 
I placed the bath bomb into a nice hot bath, the moment the bomb hit the water it started fizzing and releasing a beautiful pink colour into the bath. The fizzing lasted over a minute.
The smell that I had fallen for in store filled our little bathroom with ease. The smell was slightly floral which I found very relaxing. Inside the bath bomb was a small wafer rose which slowly melted away during the time of me bathing.
When I got out my skin felt soft and smooth and smelt so nice too. All in all a nice pamper session for me.

Our Sunday afternoon

Today wasn't the best weather but we still made the most of it with out little terror. We went over Nanny's for the afternoon.
When we firsy got there, we went out in the garden and played with her sandpit and played catch before we hid inside for a bit as it came over very dark. 

After a few minutes the weather brightened up a bit so we took a trip along the road to walk the dog and go to the playpark. Lilly turned into a little daredevil and decided to climb the climbing frame.

We ended the day with a BBQ, sadly it turned a bit cold so Lilly had a scarf wrapped around her. We had so much food, probably not the bwst when your watching you weight. We had burgers, sausages, chicken legs, lamb kebabs and salad bits. A lovely end to a pretty good day.


Mini lush haul

Today is going to be a short blog post but I wanted to share that bathbombs that I picked up in Lush cosmetics.

I have never been in lush before, or used any of there products but I really wanted to get a couple. 
The smell in the shop was amazing and I could have spent way to much but I managed to restrain myself. 
I picked up  - Ickle baby bot (Lillys) - Space girl - Sex bomb
I cannot wait to try these out in my next bath.

Whats in my make up bag | Updated

My make up bag has changed a lot since my last blog post so I thought that I would do an updated whats in my make up bag. There are so many different products in there and the amount of make up has grown considerably. My love for make up is more a passion now and I love buying new bits to try.

There are some of the same products and a fair few new ones. All the products that are in my bag I use and love.
- Natural collection colour foundation (Porcelain) - Barry M flawless matte finish foundation (Nude) - ColorTrend oil control pressed powder (Medium) - MUA pressed powder (Shade 1) - Natural collection pressed powder (Neutral) - Natural collection coverup cream (Fair) - ColorTrend concealer (Light) - MUA blusher (Bubble Gum) - MUA blusher (Bon Bon) Natural collection blushed cheeks (pink cloud)
- Benefit Roller lash mascara - MUA eXtreme volume mascara - Model co Volumeyes mascara - 2x Model co eye liner pencils - MUA Intense glitter eye liner (Starry eyes) - Urban Decay Nake…

Home decor on a budget

Making your house and home can sometimes feel like a wallet emptier but it doesn't have to be. We still have a low budget for home decor but have managed to make our place look more homely with a few bargains.
Firstly look around boot sales or garage sales, I picked up the picture below for just £2 from a garage sale I just fell in love with it. There's usually a lot of homewear at bootsale and even table sales and you can sometimes barter them down a little on price.

Stores like pound stretcher and pound land are brilliant for homely bits. I love being able to find pretty much anything in pound stretcher like the canvases below, mirrors, shelves, picture frames and little motto signs to. They start from just £1.99 and just make a place look a litle neater. 
Poundland are brilliant for the little touches, from kitchen bits to garden bits. You don't need to spend a lot to make a difference, however big or small.

Lastly is DIY things such as my creation below, this cost me …

What I ate Wednesday

I havn't done one of these in a few weeks so thought I'd share what I ate for you. Today wasn't the healthiest menu but everything is ok in moderation.
For breakfast I had some crunchy nut cornflakes from Aldi with some semi skimmed milk. These taste really good, especially for the price I paid, just 99p. I also had a small glass of strawberry and banana smoothie to get some of my 5 a day in. I also had a tea a bit earlier before my other half left for work.

My lunch was pretty unhealthy as I did a fry up, with it I had a slice of fried bread, some scrambled egg, 2 rashers of bacon, a sausage and a cheesy potato patty, it was so tasty and was exactly what I fancied. 

This afternoon I just had a small cup of tea and some 'fly biscuits' or fruit shortcake as there known to most. I also had a small hot chocolate before my other half got home from work. These just filled the gap between lunch and dinner.

For dinner I had Spaghetti bolognese with some mature cheddar ch…

Growing up fast

Lately I have noticed how much Lilly has grown and changed. It has happened so quickly and I wish I could take every moment in.
It seems only yesterday that she was only just on the move and now she is literally everywhere, she is so fast and such a dare devil. Lilly always wants to do things without help and usually manages it. 

I noticed how much she had changed on our holiday, her talking seemed so strong and clear when away, I wonder weather that's because she was with my parents too. She was making friends and joining in the groups that they do, listening to instructions and managing to follow them.
She also started doing a number 2 in the toilet which we had been struggling to get her to do at home. Another thing that happened was that she went 5 nights Iin a row being completely dry. 
The most amazing thing was when we went into the pool! She had not been in a pool for almost two year but took to it like a duck to water. She had her princess armbands on and she was so exci…

Nursery placement

I had a very exciting phonecall the other day that I had been waiting for for a long time. Please don't get me wrong, I don't want my little girl to grow up but I know that she is going to benefit from being in Nursery.

I am very pleased to say that Lilly has got a space at the nursery which we have been wanting her to go to. We put the application in way back in November of last year so it has been a long time coming.
The nursery is part of a primary school who have recently applied to take 2 year old of which we applied for. 
We have the exciting news that of September me and my little girl will be doing our first school run and Lilly will be taking on the big adventure of nursery.
We are awaiting a call for a home visit which I am kind of nervous about, I don't really like strangers being in my flat as it makes me feel like there judging me. I believe that home visit is just so they can see the child in there own environment and to give the parents all the relevant in…

Our Sunday afternoon

We have had a busy Sunday today with our little Lilly pops, this morning we visited  great gramdma and great grandad. We then went across to Nanny's to sort Liams new car out a bit.
When we went to the great grandparents, all that Lilly wanted to do was help grandad in the garden, she helped him pick some flowers and sweep the petals that had fallen outside there bungalow.

After that we left for Nanny's to have lunch and our ice creams that we picked up on the way. We then went out to play in the garden, on her swing, in her sans pit and throwing th ball for buddy.

After that it was time to clean Liams new car, he polished all the inside and hoovered it out. After me and Lilly decided to help wash the car. Lilly scrubbed all the dirt off and then I rinsed it down after that. He then dried his car and we went back into the garden to play again.

Before we put the sponges and hose away we let Lilly wash her little tikes car down, she wiped her car over with a sponge then I rinse…

Planning our wedding

I have been recently looking at weddings items as my other half threw an unexpected re-proposal on News years eve/ news years day. I know it was a while back now but some evenings I love to just sit down and look at dresses of decorations which we may be able to use.

I founf this absoloutly beautiful dress and instantly fell in love with it, I actually cried because it just felt so right for me.
 I have also been looking at some of our local wedding venues online for a rough price range. We won't have the biggest budget but we want a day to remember together, so venue isn't the biggest deal as we can decorate to our taste and theme. 
I haven't really looked at a lot else just simple designs on pintrest for table centres and invitations. My boquet with consist of somesome artificial flowers made by a local company that I have worked for along with my Dad and now my Brother.

May Favourites

I have finally got myay favourites together for you. I have been loving all of the especially the camera which we used a lot of camera. 

Samsung Bridge camera WB11OOF
I love this camera so much, we got this before the holiday so we could get some good shots.This camera has 35x optical zoom and 16.4 megapixel. The zoom is amazing and we are lovong being able to get really good shots from family pictures to landscapes.
Pro Voke A touch of silver
This shampoo is amazing, as you know I have had blonde hair for a while now. Well my hair has had gingery tones since but this shampoo just got rid of those immediately making my hair look more of a natural look.
Nivea 2in1 Cleaner and Toner
I believe I mentioned this last month but I have been loving this cleanser. This cleanser cleans my skin and makes it look fresh. This takes my make up off without struggle and you can see the results left on the cotton pads.
Benefit Roller lash mascara
I did not get on with this mascara at first but after usin…