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Another Lush Haul

I am so sorry about being quiet lately, I have been working on blogmas for you all :). Just one week away now.
I did a small online order of bathbombs of ehich most are festive. Lilly asked one too so we treated her to one as we always do. 

The first bath bomb I picked was Luxury Lush Pud. This looks like quite a fun looking bathbomb with the different spots of colour and the little festive holly bit on the top.
Lilly asked for another Think Pink bathbomb as she likes having a pink bath. We have already used this of which the colour seemed to be way more intense than the first one we got. 
I got Cinders as a more bonfire night, wintery bath bomb which I have used. This bath bomb was smaller than expected but smelt absolutely amazing. 
Lastly I picked up Dashing Santa. I just had to order this as he looked so cute and hace seen a lot of people mention this in there hauls. It smells really nice and can't wait to use this one.
I hope you have stuck with me and keep an eye out for bl…

Toddler Winter Haul | Aldi Special Buy

Sitting in the dentist writing this post to calm my nerves down. 
So a few days agonI popped in to Aldi to take a look at the childrens special buys. There was so many cute things in and I couldn't resist.

I picked up two pairs of pajamas in size 4-5 as they didnt stock 3-4 in. I picked up a festive pair with a snowman on and snowflakes. I also picked up a pair with a hot air balloon on. Both pairs have cuffed arms and legs to help keep them down when they wriggle. These were just £3.99 a pair.
I picked up a pack of leggig with two pairs in, one plain black which is perfect for nursery and the other pair were festive ones with reindeer on in a nordic style pattern. These were in size 3-4 and just £3.99 per pack.
The next thing was a packed of seven briefs for just £2.29. These again didn't stock 3-4 so I picked soze 4-5 up. You can't beat such a reasobable price for briefs and you always nees them in for chindren.
Lastly I picked up two Christmas activity books for just 6…

Lush Cosmetics • Frozen Bathbomb

Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play? I end up singing this bit when I'm reading it (lol)
The Frozen bathbomb is such a cute simple idea.
The bathbomb starts fizzing the second you let it go in the bath and spinning, making the two different blues mix together. The bath turns into a beautiful turquiose colour and is so shimmery too.

The fragrence is a very calming scent and fills the whole room with the smell. The scent isnt overpowering at all.
All in all this bath bomb is a really nice calming bath bomb with a bit of glitz and glamour added.

This is a favourite of mine now and would certainly repurchase it.
R.R.P £3.95

October favourites

My October Favourites are going up a little late this month. I did plan to put them up Wednesday and then Friday but illness took over and I felt like I had been hit by a bus, but I am feeling a lot better today so thought I would catch up.

Dream a little dream, Giovanna Feltcher
This book is so good, I am so into my reading at the moment. The story is so cute and touches on a very hard situation in a way that is so relatable, but written so well. The idea of the dreams at the beginning on some chapters give a different impression of the character. So well written, easy to read, relatable and a very cute story. Amazing.
Witch, witch hazel bursting beada face wash
I am using a new face wash which has bursting beads in. My face feels very fresh and clean after using this face wash and you can feel the witch hazel leave a coolness to your face. The product cuts through make as easy as anything with no need to keep rubbing over and making your face sore. I am certainly going to repurchase …

Halloween 2015

We had a very queit and relaxed Halloween with a couple of crafts, a costume and a spooky dinner to finish the night off.
He cute little Spider princess costume was from Aldi and was only about £3 which I thougt was a brilliant price, and she looks super cute too. She loved being the spider princess and was waving her wand about at me and Daddy, turning us into bugs.

We made a bracelet with a kit that I got last year fron Sainsbury's and after we made some toilet roll monsters.
You will need: - Painted toilet rolls - Glue - Anything you want to add.

Lilly loved adding the stars and deciding what face I should draw on the front. I pre-painted the tubes a few days ago and hadn't got around to it till yesterday, but it gave us an extra thing to do.

At dinner time I wanted to keep the Halloween theme going so I made her a kind of spooky spider dinner. This was a waffle, a sausage square (cut into a spider shape), sweetcorn and gravy. She loved it and ate the whole of it as quick …