Bodiam Castle - Our Day Out

Back in February we visited the beautiful Bodiam Castle, which means that we ticked one of our things off the to do list for this year. Bodiam Castle was built in the 14th century, it is now owned by the National Trust and is open to the public for a tour in its grounds.
The outside of the castle looked very intact but cross the moat via the bridge and enter the door, you'll see a completely different situation. most of the inside is ruins now with doorways leading to nowhere all around you. The towers are still together as are some of the areas in the grounds, we enjoyed trying to work out what the rooms could have been.

One of the towers at the front was open, we decided that we would take a look, this meant climbing a very narrow spiral staircase with step that reached up to Lils knee's, it was hard work but well worth the view from the top. The second area to climb was at the back of the castle which looked over the village of Bodium, the views were stunning.

On the groun…

Hughie's Supercar Sunday

On Sunday me and Lilly took a trip to a very cool local event known as Hughie's Supercar Sunday, this is an event that is in memory of a little boy call Hughie who was just 3 years of age when he gained his wings due to a rare brain condition. He was a big supercar fan so every year since his family have put on an amazing event to raise money for charity, this year being the Chestnut Tree House charity.

With over100 supercars parked up there was a lot to see, and Lilly was very lucky to be able to sit in three different types of Super cars, a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a Maclaren. A few of the cars revved there engines to show off them. 
There was a cake sale and other fundraising bits to the back of the event for the Chestnut tree house along with many collection buckets. The family also brung there VW FireTruck which has been converted for children to play in and around. I have just read that this event has raised £5,408.12 for the charity, which is amaing.

The event was a wond…

Cheese and Potato Bake | Recipe and Method

Today I am sharing a lovely family meal which we all seem to enjoy in this house, it is also pretty simple to make and goes great with quite a few things.
We personally serve this with gammon but it goes well with sausages and grill steaks. Me and Lils usually have sweetcorn or broccoli too. 

115g Grated Cheese 1 egg 30g Butter 150ml Double Cream 675g Medium/Large potatoes 1 large onion Salt and pepper
How to
1. Preheat oven to 180°c/Gas Mark 4.  2. Peel potatoes and slice thinly.  3. Slice onions and soften in butter.  4. Grease a baking dish or we use a loaf tin.  5. Place a layer of potato slices as a base, then add salt and pepper. 6. Next add some of the onions and some of the grated cheese. Save some cheese for the top.  7. Repeat until most/all the potatoes are used.  8. Beat your egg into the cream then pour over the potato layers.  9. Sprinkle with cheese and cook for 1 hour and a half. If it starts to brown quickly cover the top with foil.  10. Serve and enjoy. 

Gelli Baff and others Review

We were lucky enough to have been sent some very fun items for Lil's to review, the Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff, Slime Baff and Snoball Play. These are all a bit of messy play which Lilly absoloutly loves. 
The products themselves are a very reasonable price with prices as low as £2.50 for the smaller boxes and £3 for the Gelli Baff itself. 

Gelli Baff review

Not long after the Christmas holidays started I put an afternoon aside for Lilly to have a Gelli Baff, I did this before her actually shower night so she could wash off after.

This product is skin safe, which is perfect for Lilly with her excema, which didn't even attempt to flare, it is also environmentally safe too and is also a UK made product.

When making it up you just follow the easy instructions, just 4 cms of water will create a lot of the gelli goo, it is also scented with my other half commenting how it smelt like Jelly. Please take care when you child gets into the bath as it can be slippery. 
Once we got Lilly in t…

Plans for 2019

Hello 2019, and Happy New year to everyone! It seems very strange to think that it is the start of a fresh new year.

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking of things that we as a family would like to do in 2019, I think it is so important to make memories with our children as I have so many wonderful ones from my childhood.
Lilly is now 6, she seems older sometimes, but this year I want to include her in so much more. This was the first year that we have let her stay up to see the New Year in, she made it and we all toasted and watched the fireworks in telly.
My 2019 plans for us are nothing too special but they are things that will stick with us, so here we go.
1. First Cinema trip - Lilly has not yet had a cinema experience so one day in the next couple of months I want to take her down on one of the kids mornings that the Odeon do.
2. Visit the History and Science museums in London - I think this would be right up Lils Street, especially the space part in the science museum.

Peppermint Creams | Recipe and Method

Over the Christmas holidays from school I love to keep lils entertained with a lot of baking,  we usually share our makes with family and friends. 
This time we have added a very yummy recipe to the list which is Peppermint creams, these were one of my Mums favourite sweets so will now be a tradition to make them in memory of her.

This recipe only has 4 ingredients and is so easy to make and requires no baking. 

400g Icing sugar 1 egg White Juice of half a lemon 1/2 tsp Peppermint extract 
1. Beat egg until a foam appears on top.  2. Add a small amount of lemon and mix.  3. Add the icing sugar and stir to form a dough.  4. Add the peppermint extract and stir into the dough 5. Roll the dough out on an icing sugared surface to about the thickness of £1 6. Cut out shapes and place on a tray.  7. Put in the fridge to set.  8. Serve
These are so good, though very sweet. I hope you enjoy making these.
Victoria x

Meeting Santa at Priory Meadow

Something I haven't managed to do for a couple of years was taking Lilly to see Santa, and to be honest I feel awful about it. But the is year I was determined to make that trip and make Lilly's Christmas time special and magical. 
I didn't managed to get around to booking but luckily on the day that we went to town the queue was only short so we decided to join it. Whilst in the queue there was a friendly elf who was talking to the children and keeping them amused. 

When we went into see Santa, Lilly went all silly and wouldn't look at him in the eye. The grotto was set out nice with little chairs for the children and the decor was very cosy feeling. 
He was your typical friendly Santa, willing to listen and make the children happy and even looked the part with his 'Little round belly, that shock when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly' 
Lilly ended up singing one of her nativity songs to him before having a photo (which we all adorable) and getting her pre…