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Easter in Pictures

We had a wonderful and simple Easter this year. We were quite busy but nothing we couldn't handle. 
Good Friday we went to go and look at a little car for me. I ended up buying it for just £650. We then went up to Liams mate house and enjoyed the warn sun in the play park and had bacon sandwiches.

Saturday was Liam's 25th birthday, but sadly I didn't get any pictures as Liam hates having photos taken. There is blog post about his birthday basket if you want to know what he got from me and Lil's. We ended up going over Liam's parents and the birthday boy decided that he wanted to help me clean my car out.
Easter Sunday was such a nice family day indoors. Lilly woke up at 7:25 which I thought was an amazing lie in but sadly it turned out that the clocks went forward and it was just normal time. We had three eggs hidden for her which she had ti hunt out and find, she got so excited.
Later that day we did some Easter crafts with he foam eggs for the Easter basket and …

Lilly's Easter Basket 2016

I cannot believe that I am preparing Lilly's Easter basket already. This year is seriously flying by. 
This year it's slighly different, we have a few craft bits and some other little bits too. I also added a few little decorations with little chicks. 

I always try to layout the basket so Lilly can see exactly what items she has in there. We will give the basket to her on Easter Sunday.

Firstly we have the chocolate bits. Her Easter egg this year is the Kinder Suprise egg with disney princesses in. Also my mum and Dad brought her a bag of mini chocolate eggs a while back for her basket and have kept them back for her basket. I also picked Lilly up a new cup for Spring, Summer, this was from poundland and bas such a cute design on it.

The crafts that are in her basket either came from The Works or PoundLand. She has some egg shaped foam shapes, and an egg decorating kit with paints, stickers and other bits too. These were both from The Works, I also brought her an Easter Bonet…

My week in Pictures • 14th - 20th March

We have had a pretty uneventful week but I took a few pictures. First up I decided that it was time to get ready for Easter, so I brought some Easter decorations for Lil's window.
On Thursday it was the day for Lil's nursery to dress up for Sports Relief. They had to wear red and obviously we didn't have any. Luckily my Mum came to the rescue woth two cute red cardigans from Sainsbury's which I paired with the Mini club floral tunic and a blue pair of tights. And her school shoes.
Lastly from today, it has become a yearly tradition to watch the runners of the Hastings half marathon from Lilly's Great Grandma's house. This year we saw so many people dressed up, a man running the whole thing backwards and some very fast runners doing a 13.1 miles run in just over an hour. Crazy.
We have had a lovley week and finished it with a quick drive through the countryside on the first Spring day of the year. 


My go to Make Up

I don't do my make up daily because frankly, i'm just too lazy too lol. But I do try and do it every weekend. I do love doing my makeup and love to shop for it too. 
These products are my go to products for quite a natural look that covers my awful spots and usual dark circles.

I start with Collection lasting perfection ultimate wear foundation with SPF 20 in the shade (Ivory 2). I put 1 1/2 pumps on to my hand and blend onto my face with a studio London sponge. 
I then go onto my concealers of which I use to. The MUA Cover and Conceal wand in fair for all my spots and blemishes and the Natural Collection Cover up Cream in fair for under my eyes. I blend this in with my finger or the other end of the sponge.
I then go on to to my powdet and blusher, I use the MUA Translucent Pressed Powder in the lightest shade they sell with the full Studio London brush. I then use the MUA Blusher in the shade Bon Bon. 
I finish with my eyes, I use the Model co Volumeyes mascara in extreme b…

Our morning routine

I have thought about writing this for months and have finally got around to it. This is our weekday morning routine. This includes sorting out for Liam to go to work and Lilly to go to nursery.

6 - 6:30am - Lilly wakes up and calls for me, we then go into the front room and have some cuddles. 
6.45am - Time to try and wake Liam up for work. This can take up to 7am. Whilst he's waking up I sort his lunch out. 
7 - 7.15am Its breakfast time, Lilly and me have cereal or toast and Liam haves tea and biscuits.
7.20 - 7:30am Time to get me and Lils dressed and ready for school 
7:35am Liam leaves for work so we say goodbye and start getting ready to leave ourselves.
7.55am We leave for to go and get the bus for the nursery run. Our bus gets to the stop at 8.08am 
8:15 - 8:20 We get off the bus and walk the final bit to nursery, about a 5-10 minute walk. 
8:40am The doors to nursery are open and it's time to drop her off. 
8:50am My bus leaves to take me home. It's usually late …

Lush Cosmetics • Honey Bee bath bomb review

Last night I really wanted a chilled evening as have been feeling a little strange for the past few days so decided to use my Honey Bee bath bomb. I am absoloutly obsessed with the scent of honey at the moment and the way honey makes me skin and hair feel. 
This bath bomb smells amazing but was a little over powering for a couples of minutes when placed in the bath (we have a small bathroom). This bath bomb is a very quick fizzer and lets out a lot of colour into the bath. 
My bath turned bright yellow and the actual bath had a yellow ring at the top of the water line. There was also a lot of grey dust in the bottom of my bath which was slightly annoying.

I must admit that my skin felt amazing after my bath and I felt very relaxed after my bath.
I did quite like this bathbom BUT the staining of the bath and the grey dust let it down a bit. 
RRP £3.50

Mini Lush haul

I love sharing my Lush Cosmetics bath bomb hauls with you all, and completely forgot that I hadn't shared my Valentine's gift from my man. He told me that I could pick some bath bombs off the website as he didn't have a clue what to get me. I picked three bath bombs and asked for some samples too.

I picked intergalactic which I have had once before. I absoloutly love the minty smell and the way that it makes my bath look. 
The second was the Twilight bathbomb. The smell of this one reminded me a little of the Space Girl bath bomb they used to sell. I have recently used this one. The smell was amazing but the colour wasn't the most intense I had seen.
The last bath bomb I picked was the Honey Bee bath bomb. I picked this one as I am loving anything honey at the moment, it seems to do wonders for my skin so cannot wait to try this one out soon.
I recieved four samples, I got some Hair Custard, Yummy Mummy Shower Creme, Love and Light Hand Cream, and a daddy 'o solid…

Mother's Day 2016

I can't believe that we are actually in March, let alone just celebrated Mother's day. I had a very excited toddler from the moment she woke. Lil's was so keen to show me what she had got me.
She picked both my presents and my card all by herself with Daddy in tow. She picked me a very cool and yummy looking Thornton's chocolate bottle, a gorgeous necklace and earring set and a Peppa Pig card (As Mummy likes Peppa pig). I absolutely love my presents but the bottle looks to good to eat lol.

I still sometimes can't believe that I am actually a Mum, it sounds silly when I write it but it is such an amazing thing to be. I look at Lilly and think, wow, she's ours, we have brought this wonderful little girl into the world and she's getting so big. 
Time goes ridiculously fast and I love to cherish every moment, especially days like yesterday and any other special occasion. Which this month is full of them, with a couple of birthdays and Easter coming up. 
I hope…