Lilly's Easter Basket 2016

I cannot believe that I am preparing Lilly's Easter basket already. This year is seriously flying by. 

This year it's slighly different, we have a few craft bits and some other little bits too. I also added a few little decorations with little chicks. 

I always try to layout the basket so Lilly can see exactly what items she has in there. We will give the basket to her on Easter Sunday.

Firstly we have the chocolate bits. Her Easter egg this year is the Kinder Suprise egg with disney princesses in. Also my mum and Dad brought her a bag of mini chocolate eggs a while back for her basket and have kept them back for her basket. I also picked Lilly up a new cup for Spring, Summer, this was from poundland and bas such a cute design on it.

The crafts that are in her basket either came from The Works or PoundLand. She has some egg shaped foam shapes, and an egg decorating kit with paints, stickers and other bits too. These were both from The Works, I also brought her an Easter Bonet to decorate too. The last thing is a ceramic egg to paint which my Dad picked up from PoundLand a few weeks back. 

Lastly are a few novelty bits, my Mum and Dad picked her up a wobbly head solar powered chick, this is super cute and will have a home in her window. We also have the knitted chick and the fabric egg which come out every year.

I really hope she loves her basket and can't wait to do the crafts with her. We will also be making Easter biscuits and chocolate nests too. 



  1. I love the look of her basket we just did books, a DVD and a cuddly toy for Blake. I may add a bit of chocolate but he has only recently started to like eating it. I'll definitely be adding craft things next year.

  2. You got some great bits. I already put together Rosalie's basket but I might go back and grab the egg decorating kit from pound land as I think she will enjoy that xx

  3. Such a cute little basket. I've got some bunny ears from last year and a book with bunnies in. I think that's going to be my sad offering this year.

  4. I have never made an Easter basket, I like the idea of them but I think Emma is a bit too old for them now. This looks really cute.xx

  5. This looks so sweet! E has Sylvanians and we love them! H x

  6. My kids are huge kinder surprise fans, they'll both be getting one too. Love the little knitted chick, too cute!!

  7. Aww fab, looks like lots if Easter fun to be had. I seriously can't believe it's Easter already, madness.

    Laura x


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