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May favourites

Here are my favourites for May. Only three this week so I won't bore you too long lol.

Firstly is my lovel baylis and harding lavender and Cassis body wash. This smells so nice, just like a lavender bush and also makes my skin feel very clean. A clear favourite in my book.

These next things are amazing. They are Garnier simply essentials face wipes, meant to remove waterproof make-up. These certainly make my skin feel clear and fresh and get my makeup off without any trouble.

Lastly are my babies. Lol!! My Remington frizz therapy hair straighteners are amazing. They heat up super fast and can reach 230oc, with variable temperature too. Also the heated plates have so movement in them so they don't frizz your hair so easily.

Not as many as usual but very good products.


Style Sunday | New home furnishings

Style Sunday with a twist, not outfits today but some new bits for our home.

We have been trying to make our flat more homely. We are slowly getting there and will be getting new sofas soon. 
Firstly I'd like to show you our new cushion covers. These were purchased at pound stretcher for the small price of £199 each. I have completely fallen in love with these and they just look right with the decor.

Next are our new laundry baskets. We had a little old when that would fall over with the smallest amount of washing in it. But anyway, these new laundry baskets are brown woven with cream fabric inner. These came as a pair, a large and a slighly smaller one. 

Lastly, for the moment lol is our floor lamp, we have two of these to light our living room in the evening. These are only cheap but make the room so cosy with the light they give off. 

I'm very happy with the way our flat in finally coming along and just wanted to share.
Viki X

Food Friday | Chilli con carni

This week is a recipe for chilli con carni, quick simple and yummy.
You will need: 8oz of mince 2 medium onions Tin of chopped tomatoes Tin of kidney beans 1 tsp chilli powder (more if required) 150ml - 250ml water

Method: - Fry the mince and onions until soft. - Add all other ingredients and mix well - bring to boil and then simmer for 30 minutes - Serve with anything you like

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy as much as indid
Viki X

Toddler Tuesday | Salt Dough

This week I decided to make some salt dough for Lilly to do a handprint in. So simple with ingredients from the cupboard.

You will need: 2 cups of plain flour 1 cup of salt 1 cup of water
Method: Mix all ingredients together well to form dough then play Model into shapes or roll out as we did and do prints.

After you have done you need to cook on a low heat for a few hours.
such a quick and simple idea, and can be very good to make momentos.
Thanks for reading
Viki x

Style Sunday | Summer is here

I kniw I dont really stick to weekly uodates of these but hrre is a style Sunday for you.  Today is was so hot and thought we would get the more summery clothes out,  I was chuffed lol
My outfit was a long black (not the best colour I know) which was from ebay. Even though the colour isn't perfect in hot weather the floatyness keeps me quite cool.

My accessories were my me2you necklace, and my flowery bracelet from argos. I also have a plait woven into my hair tonadd to the roman look of the dress.

Lilly was wearing a cute Peppa pig tutu top which she got from Nanny for Easter, these were with a 3/4 length pair of leggings and dome pretty sandals from George. She also had her hair in a pony tail with a minni mouse clip.

Thanks for reading
Viki  X

Food Friday | Macaroni Cheese recipe

Food Friday this week I thought that I would share one of our ususals in out household, macaroni cheese.

You will need:
225g Pasta  500ml milk 50g plain or corn flour 50g margarine 140g cheese.
Garlic bread if wanted

- Cook pasta - Melt margarine in a saucepan and add flour slowly, - Add milk and mix until hot, - Add cheese and stir until thick - add pasta and serve

So quick and simple.
Viki  X

Toddler Tuesday | 20 Month Update

I cannot believe that my little girl is 20 months tomorrow.

She makes us proud every day and brings tears to my eyes at least once a week for being so amazing.
Don't get me wrong, she winds us up to buggery sometimes but what toddler doesn't.
So first to her speech, she says new words every single day. I am truly amazed at how much and how easily she picks up words. For us, from the telly, songs, other people. She knows most of her body parts now and a he'll of a lot of animal and vehicle noises too. Unreal really.
Food is a love for Lilly. She will eat pretty much everything that we put in front of her. She is so cheeky though as she always answers chocolate when we ask what she wants to eat, definitely my girl.
Lilly is still in size 12-18 month clothing and size 3.5 in snows although she can for into a couple of her size 4 shoes. But on a high note she can finally have a mini ponytail....finally.
That's pretty much it for this month, Thanks for reading.
Viki X

Food Friday | What I ate.

Food Friday this week I thought I would show you a day of my meals.

I had some plain porridge oats with semi-skimmed milk, a spoonful of sugar and sultanas. I also had my ususal coffee to wake me up. Not my favourite breakfast but still not bad.

My lunch is a sandwich on medium white bread, with stork marge and a cheese triangle. I also had a few grapes and a glass of water.

I made a homemade cheese and potato bake which was yummy, I had that with a peppered grill steak and some broccoli. Was so chuffed how it turned out.


For my pudding/snack I had a glass of lambrini and a cream egg, just because I can lol.
Hope you like my meals.
Viki X

Toddler Tuesday | Corn flour slime

This week we got some corn flour to make the magic slime.

This is a very strange thing as it changes from a solid to a liquid but is so easy to make and to clear up. 

All you need is what you see about, just corn flour and water. Put corn flour into a jug or bowl and add water till it gets harder to stir. Then pour onto a flat surface to play with.
Hope you enjoy playing with this as much as we did
Viki X

Food Friday | Spaghetti Bolognese

Food Friday this week is a simple recipe for spaghetti bolognese
You will need: 8oz of mince A tin of chopped tomatoes 1 Onion 1Tsp Italian herbs 1/2 Tsp Garlic powder 1/4 Tsp black pepper/salt 1 Oxo 1/4 pint water 75G spaghetti per person

Method. - Finely chop onion and brown with mince  - Add all other ingredients and stir well - Bring to the boil and simmer for at least 20 mins  - Cook spaghetti to instructions  - Serve with sauce (could also have cheese and garlic bread)
Hope you enjoy. Video to follow. We have lost the computer mouse.
Viki X