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Throwback Thrusday | Playing the bad guy

I thought I'd share a picture of our pantomime days. I love doing these and really enjoyed being the villan this year. 

I was actually about 6 weeks pregnant when we did the panto and I had to change a few this to make it easier to do. 
I was playing the character or Morgana in Merlin. My Dad played Merlin and grew his hair and beard just for the character. It has always been a family affair and we have many memories of these from way back when I started at the age of 4. 
This was the first year that I had ever played a bad guy and it was so fun to do. I have played the lead many time and been in the chorus a fair few times too. 
I had a brilliant time playing the bad one but really struggled to be evil enough at first, I also had to sing, which I wasn't very good at but I still did and everyone seems ok with it.
I have amazing memories and many pictures to remind me of the fun I have had over the years and the friends I have made too.