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July Favourites

My July favourites for you.

Zoella beauty fresh fizz bar
I am absolutely in love with Zoella beauty range and I decided to pick the fresh fizz fragranced bath fizzers. This is part of her new range which came out at the beginning of this month in the scent of tutti fruity. this fizz bar smells amazing and looks so pretty in its packaging, I wish the actual bar was coloured so we could see the fizzing happen more but the smell and feel more than makes up for it, I will defiantly be buying more from the Zoella range.
Garnier Micellar cleansing water
A new skin care product that I have been loving is the Garnier micellar cleansing water. I brought this from Tesco for just 99p and was so happy that I actually picked this up. You can use it on your face, lips and eyes too and works so well to clean you skin from make up and every day dirt. I find it also very lightweight and refreshing for a summer cleanser.
The orange tree, orange blossom, ginger and honey hand lotion
I needed a new hand lo…

Cherry shortbread | Recipe and Method

I decided to do some easy baking today with Lilly to keep her busy before Daddy came home from work, and to give him a treat. 
We made some cherry shortbread with took only about 10 minutes to make, and Lilly could get really stuck in. 
- 75g of Glacé cherries (quarted, keep some whole) - 115g of Unsalted butter (cubed, room temp) - 55g Caster sugar - 115g Plain flour - Few drops of vanilla extract 

1. Pre-heat over to 170°c/Gas mark 3, line baking tin with baking paper. 2. Mix together the butter, caster sugar and vanilla extract, stir until evenly mixed. 3. Sift in flour and mix together with fingers until it starts to come together.  4. Add quartered cherries to the mixture and mix together. 5. Put mixture into tin making sure it's in corners, add whole cherries and push in.  6. Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden brown.  7. Remove carefully from tin and sprinkle with caster sugar. 
I didn't put the cherries in but I recon with them in the mixture it will taste…

Grow with Kellogs

We saved the codes for a Grow with Kellog's kit, which arrived in just 1 week after applying.

In the kit you get - A mini spade - A pot  - A character body and ears - Seeds, 1 of 4 to choice from
You need to provide the soil which we had some in the cupboard from planting some sunflowers.

Lilly loved filling the pot and adding the seeds (which were in a teabag type thing) she then covered them up and watered them.
Just 3 days after we saw the first ones sprouting up to the top and after a few more followed

This is three weeks after we received our kit and we have a (kinds) head of cress hair which we will be adding to some egg mayo or a salad. I love growing with Lilly and teaching her where food comes from and this a cool way to do it with children, especially over the summer holidays.

Mini Lush Haul | Bath Ballistics and Charity pot

It was a horrible dull wet summers day yesterday so my other half decided to take me and Lilly to our local lush store to stock up on some bath bombs and treat myself. 

I picked up 'Dragons Egg', I have wanted this one for ages and was so excited to pick on up. This was the first one that I grabbed whilst there. It looks quite boring from the outside with only a few specks of colour poking out.
Lilly picked herself one again, this time it was 'Think Pink'. This one is so bright with colorful flowers which she chose the colour of. The only problem was the one that she picked was at the bottom of the pile so we had to dig through all of them to get to her one.
I also picked up 'Sakura', This looked so pretty that I just had to pick it up. The bath bomb is coloured with pink and blue specks all the way around and with some sparkly bits on top.
At the check out I was asked if I wanted to donate £1 to charity and I would get a sample pot of hand lotion too so I sai…

Simply cook box

I have received a box from simply cook and wanted to show you what type of things you get.
Upon opening the box you receive four recipe cards explaining everything about the recipe and everything that you will need to cook it including a little tear off for the main ingredients that you will need to shop for. You get four boxes with the spices and other bits that you require for the recipes and as this was my first box you also get a little welcome card explaining the company and how to order more.
The boxes are normally £8.99 but using the code YUM you can try one for just £1 which I think is an amazing price.

The recipes that I got were:
Cod and Chorizo broth 20 mins, serves 2, 325 calories
Sweet and smoky and super easy. This recipes looks super yummy and will give me a chance to try cod in a completely different way and hopefully get some more fish into my diet.  Spices included: - Chicken stock - Smoked garlic and red pepper seasoning - Smoked paprika chilli blend
Jambalaya 20 mins,…

Homemade bathbombs

Dry ingredients
- 8 ounces of baking soda - 4 ounces of citrus acid - 4 ounces of corn Starch - 4 ounces of Bath salts
Wet ingredients
- 0.75 of tbsp water - 2 tsp of essential or fragrance oil - 2.5 tbsp of oil - 1 or 2 drops of food colouring

Step 1
Blend all the dry ingredients together in a bowl, and mix well. Blend all the wet ingredients together, we used a jar to do this but putting them all in and shaking the jar.
Step 2
Slowly add the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry constantly whisking, trying to avoid causing a volcano. You have to mix them together slowly as they may start reacting together if mixed together to fast. If this starts to happen mix the reacting part into a part that isn't.  The mixture should be damp enough to stick together but not too wet that it is gooey.
Step 3
Using what you have at hand, a cupcake tin, baubles or proper molds, mold quickly into the items making sure you use as much as you can to give it a tight molding.
Step 4
I let ours dry ov…

New phone | Samsung Galaxy S5

I received my new upgrade a couple of weeks ago and love I so much.

I chose a Samsung Galaxy S5, 16gb in gold with a better tarrif than my last for a cheaper price.
The handset is a perfect size and the phone works so smoothly and quickly. It is so easy to get used to, especially if you have used a Samsung phone before.
The camera is brilliant, a 16 megapixal camera with front and back cameras. It has a few modes such as Panama mic, beauty face and virtual tour mode too. 
I have managed to get a clear silicone case so I can still see the beautiful gold colour and I also have a tempered glass screen protector just to keep my phone in the best condition.
I have managed to get a 32gb memory card for a good price to put into the phone but this phone can take up to 128gb memory card.
The battery life of this phone is a he'll of a lot better than my old phone. A fully charged battery lasts about 24 hours including overnight and I use it a lot.
One of my favourite feature of this phone …

Lush Cosmetics | Space girl bath bomb

I picked the space girl bath bomb because it looks so cute and smelt so amazing. 
Well the Space girl bath bomb did not let me down! The scent of the bath bomb reminds me of the love heart sweets and the smell just got stronger when dropped into the bath.
The bath bomb lasted a good 2 minutes when let go and made a beautiful lilac colour with hints of red that swirled around. There was meant to be popping but I never heard anything. 
I will certainly buy this one again
Rrp £2.35

Driving lessons 1-5

I have started my driving lessons finally and am so happy to be driving again. I have had 5 lessons so far and think that I am doing ok with it all.

Lesson 1
Lesson one was a big recap for me really. I have previously done over 20 hours. I drove on the main road and got into second gear.
Lesson 2
My second lesson was kind of the same but I reached 3rd gear and drove for most of my lesson, including driving home. It's so nice to have an instructor who is confident in me.
Lesson 3
3rd lesson and the fest manauver was up, the turn in the road. After he explained it he got me to have a go. I did pretty good and didn't hit the curb or stall. I also drove home again after this lesson.
Lesson 4
Lesson four was a continue on the 3 point turn. He got me to do it the times, once with him talking through it with me and twice on my own which I managed ;) first manauver complete. Again I drove home and actually drove from home too.
Lesson 5
Lesson five and my second manauver, the reverse …

Goodies | Zoella Beauty & Yankee Candles

This is a very quick blog post to show you a couple of goodies that I picked o the other day.

I had a good catch up afternoon with an amazing friend who told me just to go and buy them, not that I needed much persuading.
I picked up the Fizz bar from Zoella's new Zoella Beauty range. I wanted to try this out and have been wanting a Zoella product since they first came out last year and just haven't gotten round to it. I haven't used this yet but cannot wait to see what it smells like and just try it out.
As some of you may know I am obsessed with Yankee candles and ended up picking up the Vanilla Cupcake sampler. It smells AMAZING!!! I really needed a nice sweet scent and this candle was perfect for that.

Tumble Gym

Last week we took a trip to our local tumble gym for toddlers, I was a little nervous how Lilly would react to all the equipment but so absolutely loved it.
We entered our local gymnastics centre to find so much to do including a bouncy castle, the foam pit, beams and trampolines too. 

This was Lillys favourite, the foam pit she was jumping into it and swimming in it. She would then managed to get to the edge to pull herself out, God knows how though as I could barely move in it lol.

She was exeptionally good at the beam and managed to cross the one next to her in the picture all by herself holding her arms out to steady herself, I was and am so proud that she managed it.

Lilly also loves bouncing on the trampolines apart from when she fell over as she couldn't get back up. I also had a go on a couple of times managing to remember my P.E lessons and pulling of a swivel hips before face planting the floor.
It was a brilliant couple of hours out and I will definitely be taking her …

Throwback Thrusday | Playing the bad guy

I thought I'd share a picture of our pantomime days. I love doing these and really enjoyed being the villan this year. 

I was actually about 6 weeks pregnant when we did the panto and I had to change a few this to make it easier to do. 
I was playing the character or Morgana in Merlin. My Dad played Merlin and grew his hair and beard just for the character. It has always been a family affair and we have many memories of these from way back when I started at the age of 4. 
This was the first year that I had ever played a bad guy and it was so fun to do. I have played the lead many time and been in the chorus a fair few times too. 
I had a brilliant time playing the bad one but really struggled to be evil enough at first, I also had to sing, which I wasn't very good at but I still did and everyone seems ok with it.
I have amazing memories and many pictures to remind me of the fun I have had over the years and the friends I have made too.

What I ate wednesday

Here's a what I ate Wednesday. I have been cutting put my snacks and eating a lot healthier as I weighed myself the other day and was not happy with What I saw.

For breakfast I had 2 forest fruit go ahead bars, I wasn't to hungry and I love these so I thought I would tuck into a couple of these

For lunch I had the best soup ever, new Covent Garden vegetable soup with red lentils and a wholewheat pitta bread. It was so tasty and is pretty healthy too. I love the way they look like a homemade soup. 

I had a cheeky homemade cookie for a treat/snack.  These are soon good and I made them so in my mind it would be rude to pass up.

For dinner I went back to the health side with a small jacket potato with cheese and salad cream and a few slices of ham on the side.  I also had a nice glass of orange juice for some sweetness.
I love my food but know I need to cut down to get to my ideal weight so here is a day in my better eating world.

Summer Love

I have never really enjoyed summer apart from when I was a child. I was either a loner or busy working but now I have finally found my love for Summer and have been taking every day In that I can.

My beautiful little girl has been loving playing out in the sunshine and enjoying icecreams together. We also love having indoor picnics with the windows open when it's a little too hot outside. We get blankets out, put some music on and have a good old picky lunch.
I have also been enjoying getting some sun this year! I do not usually tan but I am determined to get at least a light tan this year. I have been putting the sun cream on so as not to burn but still staying out in the sun to get a but of colour into my skin.
I cannot wait for Liam to have a week off work to enjoy with him too. Picnics and trips to the beach would be so good. 
I hope you have all been enjoying the weather and sun as I have been, remember it doesn't last forever so love it. 

Hello July

Hello July, how have you come round so quick? 

The weather is beautiful, just a little hot but I am certainly going to make the most of these summer months with my princess and my man.
Ice creams a plenty, hopefully loads of BBQ's and days out enjoying the sun (and trying to get a tan).
I absoloutly love summer, I love the longer days and the amazing sunsets that we watch pretty much every night :).