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Planning my girls 3rd birthday

I cannot believe my baby girl is going to be 3 years old in twi weeks. We have been planning party ideas and buying present.

This has been the hardest year to find presents for her. She is at the stage where she loses ingress in things so easily. We have managed to get her a few bits but are still looking. She had a scooter, some duplo, a tinkerbell book which she asked for and some wooden pretend play food/ kitchen bits. I wish we could find things easier but we just can't seem to find anything that we know she'll like or that we agree on.
I managed to pick a few bits up from Dunelm mill in a sale that they had, so this year is about princesses and we got some princess banners for just 49p per pack and some invitations for 69p per pack. These are so cute and you certainly cannot beat that price. I will be looking on pintrest for more decoration ideas for a princess party.
Birthday Cake
Lastly is the birthday cake which we will be buying this year. We gave b…

My Week in Pictures | 23rd - 30th August

Hello, another post of my week in pictures and I start off which looks like it should be winter.

The weather had been crazy this summer and on this particular day it was cold and raining so we opted for a cosy warm coat that my aren't brought her. She looks so grown up in it though.

The next picture makes her look even more grown up in the bath robe, cleaning her teeth.
A couple of months back I wrote a post about the Aquafresh Brush time app which she has been using daily and absolutely loves it.

My little girl is so talented, she created this 'frog' out of play doh all by herself. I was folding washing and she said look at my frog mummy. I was so surprised I actually welled up. 
Today she has done the same thing by making a bird out of duplo all by herself, very proud mummy and daddy today.

We were serving for munch in Sainsbury's the other day and came across an area full of American bit such as the strange M&M's, reeces bars and hershey's bars too. Thes…

My week in pictures | 16th - 23rd August

My first one of these and not a lot of pictures to share so I did add last Sunday too.

We decided to go and take Nanny's dog buddy for a walk, the view from our local country park is beautiful and you can actually see France some times. 
Everytime we asked Buddy to stop and wait Lilly would sit her hum down and wait to. She looked so cute hidden in the grass.

I noticed that I didn't have a lot of pictures with my sidekick lately so I got my phone out and did some silly selfie with her.
She pulls the funniest face but this was my favourite picture of us both.

Lastly I have had a splitting headache for the past two day so my wonderful other half took me to the shop for some paracetamol and lucozade and also picked up Girl Online for me too.
I am so happy to actually have my hands on this book and cannot wait to start reading it. 
I know there's not a lot of pictured but I would like to make this a weekly thing so keep and eye out.

Lydden Hill | King of Drift

To finish our busy weekend we went off to Lydden Hill race track to watch King of Europe drift. It was incredibly hot but we still had a fantastic day and not a but of sunburn in sight. 
It was an early start with us getting up and 5am to gat awake and ready and waking Lilly up a 5:45 to get her ready to go. We left a about 6am and got a couple of bits from the shop to wake us up. 
The night before (after the carnival) I cooked loads of snack bits to take with us such as pizza, sausage rolls and chicken nuggets but they weren't very appealing at 6am lol.
We stopped at MacDonald’s jusy before we got to the race track for a bacon roll and a coffee, Lilly had porridge.
We got there very early so we sat in the car for a while and then took a trip around the pits to look at all the cars competing, This is one of the best things about Lydden Hill is that is usually an open pit.

Lilly got to sit in a drift car which had pink wheels and a pink roll cage, sadly we didn't get a picture…

The Postman pat effect | Hastings Carnival

The weather was so hot but it was a fantastic day. 
My Dad made a carnival float out of my mum's mobility scooter and turned it into postman pats van. This has taken about 5 months to complete with the finishing touches. 
Me and Lilly were part of it too, Lilly dressed as Jess the cat and I was Mrs Goggins (exept the wig almost fell off).

My brother was also in th carnival with the old drumming group that I used to be with called Section 5 drummers.

How crazy do I look? Lol. But I don't think I made a bad Mrs Goggins. It's also fun to do and we raise a lot of money for local charities.

This was one of my favourite, it must have been hot under that dome of his. He was completely in character and was so kind to Lilly with getting her to come over for a photo even with his mentions of 'taking over the world'. 

This was such a cool float with swings and bars for the gymnasts to swing on whilst travelling around the carnival route, and was such a good idea with the mon…

Fun day | Punch and Judy and Lots more

It was carnival week last week and we took advantage of the good weather and things going on around us.
On Friday we went and saw a live punch and Judy, it was so good and funny, the only shame was is there was no crocodile :( but I spoke you can't have a live crocodile in the show lol. But again it was still good and Lilly enjoyed watching it too munching on her ice lolly. 

On the same day there was a fun day on our estate so we enjoyed some music and displays, my mum and dad came up too. Lilly painted a picture and made a couple of clay things. 

Lilly also got to sit in a fire engine again, she understood a lot more this time though :). She choose to have her face painted like a butterfly and just before we went in she was building some robots with consortina style arms and legs and strange heads too.

It was a nice day in the sunshine and we had lots of fun making and doing.

Rocky Road | Recipe and Method

I have found a huge liking to rocky road bars, they are so yummy and are perfect for a sweet tooth like me. I also loved making these with Lilly as she could pretty much help me with everything but melting the chocolate. 

150g Dark chocolate 150g Milk chocolate 100g of any extra items eg. Raisins, GlacĂ© cherries. 200g digestive biscuits, crushed. 180g Mini marshmallows 3tbsp Golden Syrup  125g Butter 50g White chocolate
1. Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup together in a bowl over a boiling saucepan. 2. Mix the crushed biscuits, cherries and marshmallows in a bowl. 3. Mix the melted chocolate mixture into the bowl and make sure everything is well covered. 4. Place mixture in a lined tin and smooth out. 5. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours

Again I will say it is so easy to make and pretty cheap as well and did I forget to mention tasty.