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Mummy + Me • May 2016

How are we at the end of May already? We have had a busy and fun month and have made a few memories together. We have definetly had a better month this month though.

At the beginning of the month we travelled up to Lydden hill to got to the BHP show we had fun watching the cars and camping out for the night. It wasn't as good as they had stated but we made the most of it and Lilly loved the cars, she is a complete car fanatic.
Also this month our local pier was re opened after an awful fire, we visited Hastings pier not long after it opened and Lilly had a lovely couple of hours enjoying everything on there.
We gave also been doing a lot of messy play this month, making the most of materials around our house to teach Lilly and play with too.

We are not at the end of the month and are entering the half way mark of 2016 already! I seriously want time to slow down and to enjoy every moment possible. 
We have had a lovely month together and hope to make more menories this year especi…

A Letter to my Man • 8 Years

To Liam,
Today marks the day that we became a couple, we have been together 8 years which is completely crazy and doesn't seem real at all. 
We have been on so many adventures and been through so much together, we have experienced first's and grew up together really. I was only 16 at the time. 
You have stuck by me through thick and thin and have helped me get through some difficult times in my life. You have been my rock throughout our whole relationship and you have fought for me many times. 

I know we don't always see eye to eye but you do mean the world to me and I love you more than you'll ever know. With every argument we have we always come out stronger and work through it. 
I am very gratedul for you and what you do for me and Lilly and I am proud of how far you have come as a Dad, you are amazing with her and treat her like a princess.
I hope that we continue to grow together and as a family and I hope our future us bright. 
Your girl Viki

Hastings pier • Rebuilt from the ashes

I'm sorry there wasn't a blog post yesterday but I wanted to share this on the day of the official opening. Our local pier, Hastings pier has been rebuilt from the ashes. 
We visited the pier on the Monday just gone and really enjoyed a couple of hours on there. We had a lovely smoothie from a little drinks shack on there, some chips and curry sauce from the chippy and Lilly had a go on the chareoplanes at the front on the pier, where they have a few rides.

The pier was burnt down back in 2010 to just a frame but the fireman saved as much as they could. We as a town could not be more grateful to all those that helped that night.
The one fully intact part was the building at the front of the pier that used to be shops. This has been saved and restored into a restaurant and bar. I am so glad that they decided to keep this part.

They had little tributes to the late pier in different places, this was my favourite tribute, metal footsteps to do a little dance where the old ball ro…

Corn flour slime • Sensory Activity

I love doong sensory play with Lilly and this is one that we have dine recently, cornflour slime. This is so cool and so easy to make, it is also quite easy to clean up too.
You will need
- Cornflour - Water - Food colouring (extra)
All you do to make the slime is put some conflour onto a tray or plate and slowly add  a little water, mix together until it forms a thin paste. You can add the food colouring here if you wish.

I love this myself as it kind of forms a solid when being played with but will settle as a liquid. We like to make a fountain of our hands and let the liquid form run through oir fingers. 
This is a brilliant messy play for toddler and you could always add bits to teach things or we have used to put over toy animals in the past to learn what certain aninals look like. It's also a great way in introduce the idea of solids and liquids to them
I love doing this messy play with her and she absolutely loves it. 

My First Car

This is a post I have been meaning to wrote for a while but kept forgetting and also wanted to get my car washed before taking pictures of it.
This is my first car, my little yellow banana car which has been named 'Mater' as in the tow truck from Cars. This is because Lil's loves cars and originally wanted to call it lightening McQueen ha ha. 

For my first car I wanted a reliable, clean car yet not have to pay to much for it and not be too expensive to run. I kept saving and kept looking and finally came across a few. Most had gone by the time I got there but this one was still available. 
It came with a folder for of history and has only had one owner from new before me. It has been looked after and was just a cute little car that would suit me. 
I check the insurance before even asking to look at the car, luckily it is a very reasonable price and with a good company too. It is so cheap to run with a full tank being only £20 and only being a town run around really it doe…

BHP Show 2016 • Lydden Hill

The last time I visited the BHP show I was pregnant with Lil's and it was only a one day event. This year I got to take my baby back to see it for herself and enjoy two days there instead, including a COLD night of camping. 
The BHP show is (I believe) a yearly event which takes place at Lydden Hill Race Circuit. This is about 1 hour and a half drive from our house so not too far for us to go, Lilly was as good as gold travelling both there and back, but then again she slept the whole way back. 
The show wasn't as good as back in 2012 due to the lack of demo's but the Drift Allstars team were amazing and made Lilly scream with joy after a silly 5 minutes of being scared. 
On the Sunday we took a look around the pits, that's a big reason why we like Lydden hill is because of the open pits. There were so many nice cars both drift cars and track day cars too. Lilly was very excited especially aboutt the purple one pictured below. 

There was a giant Corbeau seat which me …

Learning letters with bath paint

Lilly has been learning about letters at school and is learning how to write her name, so last night I decided to use our bath paint mentioned in my April favourites post.

We started off with spelling and writing her name on the wall, I wrote it as the bath paint isn't the easiest to use. She seemed to enjoy watching and learning through this so decided to start writing letters on the wall and getting her to tell me what letter it was. 
After she told me the letter I got her to try and think of words that begin with that letter which worked really well. Se was able to come up with some words for all the letters I wrote down for her. She did get a little confused with C and K, when I asked her for an animal that began with C she said Kangaroo but I explained as best I could and told her that it was a good try too.
We played with the paint for a good 20 minutes which kept Lilly ammused and was teaching her at the same time. It was so nice to see her enjoying learning and it's s…

My breastfeeding story

I think this is an important for me to post as it took me a long time to accept that it wasn't going to work out for us. My story is a very brief one that only lasted two weeks. 
I struggled from the offset and had a lots of tears that went with that. When in hospital and the first few days home I was souly breast feeding but she would struggle to latch or would be onnfor such a short amount of tine and then be hungry a few minutes later. 
When in hospital I remember getting very upaet and another Mum on the ward reassured me and said that it was a struggle with her too, this helped a little until that night. Lilly had been fussy since Daddy had left and wouldn't latch at all. In the end a lovely midwife came over, got me to lie on my side, got Lilly to latch a told me to close my eyes and gdt some sleep. She said that she would check on me soon and move Lilly if need be. I woke about 3 in the morning to find Lilly fast asleep in the cot. That was the only midwife in the two day…

One stressed Mummy!

Do you ever feel like someone above doesn't like you so throws everything they can at you? That's how I feel right now.
The past month has been awful! We have had no end of money issues, I hit a pot hole and damaged my car (fixed now) we have all been ill in one way or another and to top it off Lilly is acting like a threenager.
I partially mentioned this in my Mummy + Me post but it just seems to be getting worse. The past few days she has had strange mood swings, she has started throwing toys (which she knows not to do), she says NO constantly and strops when something doesn't go her way. If she's like this now, I dread to think whar the teens are going to be like (I may pack my bags before then haha).
I must admit I do over worry about things and hold things in to much which she may pick up on but I have always been like that and unsure how to get myself out of that frame of mind. I do try and hide my trials and tribulations from her as much as possible as she has…