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Blogmas day 16 • Homemade hot chocolate cones

For blogmas day 16 I thought I'd share a way of saving some money and doing your own. 
I have been contemplating buying some of these hot chocolate cones for Lillys Christmas eve basket but people are charging up to £2.50 per cone. I thought about checking the price on the cones on eBay and to my surprise they were only 99p for 10 cone bags.
The cone pictured below is 3 scoops of hot chocolate and some marshmallows for the pefect cup on Christmas eve. It took me not even a minute to fill and tie it up and is ridiculously easy to do at home rather than paying way above the odds for it.

I hope you like this simple idea for a cute little stocking filler or Christmas eve box.
Happy blogmas

Blogmas day 2 • Christmas cake • Recipe and Method

Blogmas day two is a Christmas Cake recipe for you. I make my cake in November to make sure I have time to feed it, but you can just soak the fruit and leave a week before icing the cake.

I made a 7 inch square cake to cut in half. and here is the recipe for you all.
- 965g Mixed fruit - 50g Ground almonds - 100g Glace cherries - 200g Plain flour - 1tsp Mixed spice - 200g Butter - 200g Brown Sugar - 1 Lemon rind and zest - 4 standard eggs - 100ml rum/brandy/sherry

- Preheat oven to 200oc/ gas mark 6 - Line sides and bottom of cake tin with double parchment paper - Cream butter and sugar until fluffy - Beat in eggs one at a time, if starts to curdle add a little flour - Add rind and juice of the lemon - Mix flour, ground almonds and spice together - Toss mixed fruit and cherries into flour - Add fruit and flour to other ingredients a little at a time, add half the rum ( or soak the fruit in alcohol overnight) Save some to feed the cake
Gets a bit complicated here
- Place mixture …