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You've Started School

   I don't quite know what to say apart from I miss you. You have started your new adventure as a school child and I couldn't be more proud of you. I have seriously felt lost these past couple of days and the days seem to have dragged so badly for me. 
   Your first day was yesterday and you seemed to do so well, you made friends, smiled when you came out and even ate some of the school dinner that you were given (cheesy potato hotpot). You looked so smart in you uniform but it's still only a 3-4 size jumper (so tiny).
  Your teacher is Mrs Goodchild and she seems so nice, you said you liked her which has made me happy. Your teaching assistant is Miss Hardcastle, she is lovely and has been so helpful already, I just hope no-one makes you cry or hurts you.
   I have so many anxious feelings right now and even more so yesterday but I know in the back of my mind I shouldn't as I know you have been ready for this move for so long. You love reading and writing and a…

Mummy and Me | August 2017

How is it September already, we have had such a busy month with lots of fun days out and weekend away. The beginning of August we took a trip to Pets and Home for a little workshop, she got to hold two beautiful bunnies and was made up with life. Straight after we headed to our local town for there carnival, my Dad was involved by creating a carousel around his mobility chair. We also wore sailor hats in memory of my Dad's friend and a local man who everyone loves, he used to dress like Popeye and was also able to pull the face too.
We have then been on two weekends away in a caravan, at Rural Past Times and also at the Festival of Transport, these are two local events which we are involved in. Lil's had a fair few late nights and two nights dancing with the family. We have made amazing memories and have become closer as a family. 
We have a fair few adventures in the this coming month and I seriously cannot wait for all the new experiences and routines that we are going to h…