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Mummy + Me July 2017

So today marks the last day of July, This month seems to have been the slowest so far but its nice as I have spent some quality time with our girl over the last week and a half. We're in full swing of the summer holidays now and have already had a lovely few days down the park and enjoying the concoctions of weather.
I have been struggling a bit with my emotions over the past couple of weeks but have a huge support network around me. I have just been missing mum a lot and can't quite explain to some people how I feel as I don't really know myself. 
We have a lot planned for next month, we have camping trips, a carnival and a special trip to pets at home coming up. I want to enjoy these next 7 weeks with her as when she start school in September I know she is going to grow and change so much while she is at school. 
How has your month been and what have you got planned for the next few weeks?

Things to do in the summer holidays

Summer holidays can seem quite daunting even when you little one is only at nursery, we have an extra two week to before Lilly and her school go back. Eight weeks can be a long time to keep a child entertained so I wanted to share a few things that we have planned for the next few weeks.

Summer Reading Challenge

We are taking part in the summer reading challenge which is linked to the library, this is for children aged 4-11 to encourage them to read. over the holidays they ask you/your child to read 6 or more books from the library and earn stickers along the way to solve the case with the Animal Agents. We were given this leaflet at her last visit which has 3 scenes inside, every trip you get a new sticker to help solve the case, some of the stickers are scented too to make it more fun for the children.
We have read two books so far and will be going every Saturday to our local library to change books out and receive her stickers. Our local library also has a dog trainer going in wit…

Your last day of nursery ever

    Today was your last ever day at nursery, how can this be? You have been there two years, had four incredible key workers over that time and have been a real super star by taking everything in your stride. You have grown so much in more ways than one, you can write so many letters and are starting to try and read, which makes me swell with pride.
    The day you started, the day after your 3rd birthday was so scary for me, for the letting go of the child I have never been apart from. You did amazing from the start, not even a turn back after a week, ever since you have got more confident by the day and are so ready to start your new adventure.
   I now have 8 weeks to make memories with you until you start in reception, until you are away from me for a whole 6 hours a day. It seems such a long time and I still have no idea what I am going to do with myself. I am so excited to hear all your stories of what you have made or what you have managed to write. I can't wait for…