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Style Sunday | First pigtails

So I thought that I would do a style Sunday for you.Lilly is wearing a simple green Ladybird dress with white poka dot. She also has some cute little pig tails for the first time ever. Such a nice summertime outfit as it is very airy material. She looks so cite I'm the outfit too. Sorry about the blurry pic and curly hair.

Toddler Tuesday | Toddler Apps.

It's hard keeping toddlers amused. So here are a few apps we used on our android tab. 
Toddler counting 1 2 3
This soon is brilliant. You get a picture to click which then speaks the numbers, spells the numbers and shows the number too. Lilly loves talking along to the numbers and tapping the screen.

Peppa pig's paint box 
A lovely arty soon with painting, stickers, sounds and pictures to colour in and add to. Lilly loves being able to choose what character she can draw with and loves copying the noises.

Cbeebies playtime 
This app has many games for children from I'd say 18 months up. Drawing, popping bubbles, and more activity games too. Lilly enjoys the drawing games and the popping bubble games. She has her own profile on so it is brilliant for families with more than one child.

I hope this is insightful for you. And help you choose some good apps for your toddler.