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July Favourites

My July Favourites

First I am going to mention my Nivea in shower body moisturiser again. I am so in love with this and am amazed at how good it works. The smell is amazing and it feels so silky to the skin. An unbelievebly good product.
Next is another Nivea product which is the stress protect anti-perspirant. I have been starting to look for work again and with interviews being quite stressful this works well to keep me from sweating to much. It looks slightly like a bar of soap but still goes on the skin well. I also like the little protector bit that punches Nivea back into it after you use it.
Next was my sample of Clinique dramatically different lotion+, this I was a little unsure of at first as it seemed to be very greasy and almost stopped using it. I apply this before bed as it give it time to sink into the skin, and the difference in skin quality is very good, not as good as I was expecting but good and you only need a very small amount to cover your face and neck.
Another …

Nivea In shower Body Moisturiser review

So I got these samples through the post and wanted to review it.

I am completely in love with this product and have only used two so far.
I love the feeling of this product when on the skin and a little amount goes a long way. It also washes off so easily.
Once my arms are dry they feel so soft and clean, I am truely impressed with this and this will be my go to to make my arms look healthy again
The bases line for this is that it is an amazing product and is a new favourite of mine.

Weekly weigh ins

Two post on one day!So I have decided to do a weekly blog on Friday's about weigh insI am going to try and get back to a size 10 before my holiday next May. I have brought a size 10 swimming costume to give me some motivation too. I will do this!So I will weigh myself and mention all the exercise I have done that week.Weight 146.4Target 140.0

Style Sunday | First pigtails

So I thought that I would do a style Sunday for you.Lilly is wearing a simple green Ladybird dress with white poka dot. She also has some cute little pig tails for the first time ever. Such a nice summertime outfit as it is very airy material. She looks so cite I'm the outfit too. Sorry about the blurry pic and curly hair.

Holiday and Fitness

So my Mum has booked a wonderful holiday in Devon to a Haven Holidays camp called Devon Cliffs. We have to want for another 10 months to go as in May but I seriously cannot wait. There are group there for Lilly and she will be almost 3 so she will be able to take part in more things. Were this hanging in the air I plan to lose a bit of leg fat and tone my belly massively. This I will do by sit ups, Ski sits, squats, and some aerobic things too.I have also started to look at holiday clothing and planning. I am also starting to save for the holiday and work everything out that we need too.

A new agenda

Hi, so I know I have been very distant lately.I have decided to take a look at how I blog, I am now not going to have a weekly schedule as I just can't seem to keep up.I will keep doing food ideas but will also include hone hauls, clothes hauls, beauty products, home decor ideas, and a few toddler things.I hope that I can stick to this as I love blogging Thanks xx

Toddler Tuesday | Toddler Apps.

It's hard keeping toddlers amused. So here are a few apps we used on our android tab. 
Toddler counting 1 2 3
This soon is brilliant. You get a picture to click which then speaks the numbers, spells the numbers and shows the number too. Lilly loves talking along to the numbers and tapping the screen.

Peppa pig's paint box 
A lovely arty soon with painting, stickers, sounds and pictures to colour in and add to. Lilly loves being able to choose what character she can draw with and loves copying the noises.

Cbeebies playtime 
This app has many games for children from I'd say 18 months up. Drawing, popping bubbles, and more activity games too. Lilly enjoys the drawing games and the popping bubble games. She has her own profile on so it is brilliant for families with more than one child.

I hope this is insightful for you. And help you choose some good apps for your toddler.