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Mummy + Me • November 2016

Wow! We are so close to the end of 2016, just one month left and here I am writing my Mummy and Me for November. We have have a lovely month we a couple of little outings and everything kind of falling into place.
We attended our local Christmas light switch on a couple of weeks back where Lilly also saw Santa, she wasn't too sure of him and just did a tiny wave, she also went into a human snow globe which she was super excited for. Its an inflatable dome with fake snow in and a festive picture at the back, she loved jumping around and throwing the snow around too.
I finally feel like I have gotten there with sorting the house and bills out for the next month which has taken a stress off of my shoulders, the only thing is that I still have my car up for sale but hopefully soon it will go so I can get a new one. I luckily have amazing friends who take me and Lil's to nursery in the morning and Liam takes me to pick her up.
You can certainly tell it's November with the weat…

I can't play with's for boys

Lately Lilly has been coming out with the idea that she can't play with something because 'It's for boys' and this really gets to me.
She has always loved her toy cars and we have always let her play with them, it keeps her entertained for ages but lately she has been reluctant to play with them. We then asked her why this was and she told us that she didn't want to play with them as they are boys toys.....I was so shocked and upset for her to think that.
Another time she has mentioned this is after nursery one day. She had been playing with babies (as usual) and told me that one of the boys wanted to play with them too, she told me that she didn't think that he should of because he was a boy and dolls are for girls.
both times I have explained to her that she mustn't think like this, I hate gender prejudice and I didn't think that I would have to deal with explaining to her at such a young age (only 4). I will always let my daughter play with toys that…

A Day at Port Lympne

Back in September we visited Port Lympne Animal Reserve in Kent for Lilly's 4th birthday and wanted to share our day with you all.
We booked the tickets online the day before as it was cheaper to do so but for the three of us it was still £58.67 which to me is quite expensive, that does include the safari truck adventure to the African experience. 
On her birthday we wanted to make a full day of it so we left at about 9am to get there for  close to 10am which we did.
When you first arrive you have to cross a bridge across the road to the main entrance where you walk past a small baboon enclosure with one in, he seemed very happy to be sitting there watching people come in and out and Lilly got very excited to see him. 
Once in the park there are two enclosures which we thought were closed but at the end we found out that Liam's favourite animal was hiding in there.....but we'll come back to that. 
We sorted everything out and did the toilet business, Lil's had a play …

We Will Remember

We will remember....
This time of year is so important to me, I not only pay my respect to the fallen and remember.
I will remember the stories of my Grandad fighting and being in a prisoner of war camp which to me is heartbreaking.
I will remember the photos and stories my Dad has shared with me from his time as a soldier.
I will remember the news stories from when I was younger with all the soldiers in Iraq and the terrifying scent shown.
Each and everyone one of them in my eyes is a hero, they deserve respect, remembrance and a huge thank you for what they have done.
So today, when the clock struck 11am I served two minutes silence in respect to each and every soldier from past present and future.

Lilly's favourite books • Aged four

Me and Lilly have a few minute's together every night to read a bedtime tale and every night I get her to pick her book. As she seems to pick some of the same ones often I wanted to share her favourite books with you.

Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
We both love anything to do with the authors/illustrators of the book but Monkey Puzzle seems to be the one she turns to at the moment.
Monkey Puzzle is a story about a lost monkey and a butterfly who is trying to help. It is a rhyming story which helps children learn about animals through size, colour and characteristics.
The Dinosaur that pooped a lot by Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher
This is one of my favourites too, the story was part of last year's 'World Book Day' so was only £1 when we got it. 
The story is about a boy and his dinosaur travelling through time and space but unsure how to get home, we find out how at the end. The story obviously contains the word Poo and pretty much every chold see…