Mummy + Me • November 2016

Wow! We are so close to the end of 2016, just one month left and here I am writing my Mummy and Me for November. We have have a lovely month we a couple of little outings and everything kind of falling into place.

We attended our local Christmas light switch on a couple of weeks back where Lilly also saw Santa, she wasn't too sure of him and just did a tiny wave, she also went into a human snow globe which she was super excited for. Its an inflatable dome with fake snow in and a festive picture at the back, she loved jumping around and throwing the snow around too.

I finally feel like I have gotten there with sorting the house and bills out for the next month which has taken a stress off of my shoulders, the only thing is that I still have my car up for sale but hopefully soon it will go so I can get a new one. I luckily have amazing friends who take me and Lil's to nursery in the morning and Liam takes me to pick her up.

You can certainly tell it's November with the weather this month, so many wet, cold or windy days especially last week with Storm Angus hitting at full force, We are right on the South East coast and the wind was dreadful. We lost our wheelie bins but luckily nothing else this time. Did the storm affect you at all?

I hope you have had a wonderful November and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. I cant believe how quick this year is going either! Such a lovely photo of you both #MummyandMe xx


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